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5/11/2011 - 7/2/2020Yesterday we said goodbye to our Lyla girl, it still feels surreal. The house is empty without her but I’m so thankful we got that extra week with her to prepare ourselves and spoil her with all the things she loved. I know everyone feels this way about their dog, but Lyla was the best dog for our family and there will never be anyone else like her. 💔 I will miss her wiggles, her cuddles, her zoomies, stealing any and all carbs off the kitchen counter, drooling by my son as he snuck her scraps from his highchair and about a million other things she did that made us laugh.

She was the best big sister to her human brother. Given that she didn’t have much experience with kids the first 7 years of her life, we were admittedly nervous when we brought our son home from the hospital. Lyla immediately calmed our nerves by transforming into a gentle, loving giant understanding how important he was to us. The bond they created was so special and I’m thankful she turned him into a dog lover at such a young age. Lyla was the first word he intentionally ever said at 5 months old and up until about a year old, every dog we passed he called “Lyla”. He calls for her every morning from his crib so that will be hard for us but he is learning to understand that she is in doggy heaven now. We will make sure he always knows about his big sister.

She was the biggest non-lap, lap dog and if she were here right now she wouldn’t want me to cry, in fact anytime she saw I was sad, she would race across the room and jump into my lap and proceed to cover my face with kisses until she knew I was happy again, it worked every time. I think I’ll miss that the most.💔

Her last week was filled with love, massages, cuddles, ice cream, walks, visits from family members, car rides and balloons (anyone that knew Lyla knows how much she loved popping balloons).

While yesterday was hard for us, I believe it was the perfect ending to her beautiful life. We took family photos in the morning which included cake for Lyla, then we went for a car ride to a picnic by the water with cheeseburgers that she inhaled in one bite 😂. We came home and told her how much she was loved and what a good girl she was and helped her cross the rainbow bridge at home while eating a frosty paw on her bed getting pets and hugs from my husband and I. It was truly peaceful and comforting knowing she was no longer suffering.

Rest In Peace angel girl, you are so loved and missed, and will forever be in our hearts.
❤️🌈🐶 2011 - 2020 🐶🌈❤️
Meg AmisSpringfield, PennsylvaniaJuly 3, 2020
5/21/2006 - 7/2/2020Yesterday Colin and I said goodbye to our sweet girl. The Mische we knew was fearless, determined, goofy, and sweet. She was the kindest, and most lovable cat I’ve ever met, and our lives are so much richer for sharing it with her. We’ll never love another cat quite like our little Pibble-Pish, nor will another cat have quite so many nicknames. Goodbye, Mischa. We’ll miss you for the rest of our days. ❤️Brit LevesqueRochester, MichiganJuly 3, 2020
7/2/2020Masey, our loyal companion for 15 years, passed away peacefully at home today. She will be missed by our whole family, but she was my BFF since I brought her home from a weird rescue situation I stumbled upon randomly. Who knows what she went through before I brought her home when she was about a year old. Just the best dog I could ever have asked for. I will never forget her!Sheila HarmsSt. Paul, MinnesotaJuly 3, 2020
1/6/2007 - 6/21/2020She was just the kind of dog that could convert a die-hard 'no pets' person to a big-hearted man mourning the loss of his girl as he knew she neared her final days. We had grown together as a family and watched her change from the maniacal ball of energy that she was during her youth - tenaciously retrieving everything she could find and chewing anything she couldn't retrieve - to the beloved and sagacious queen of her later years. She was a leader, a cherished friend, and was always up for a fervent belly rub.Deb BushongDallas, TexasJuly 3, 2020
1/1/2008 - 7/1/2020Elric was peacefully released back into the universe on July 1, 2020. His transition was tranquil and took place in his home on his favorite spot on the couch surrounded by his family. Elric was a beautiful, complicated, and dainty character. He possessed a personality and presence far greater than his physical size and was an unending source of comfort, joy, and love. Elric was a consummate dandy and a true gentleman. It was a privilege to have him a part of our family for 12 years. Elric will be sorely missed, but the love he gave will remain with us for the rest of our lives.Steve BursonColumbus, OhioJuly 3, 2020
2/14/2001Bear was my companion and best friend. He was my son’s best buddy! Your heart melted as soon as you met Bear. His face was so loving and kind. I am so thankful for the years we spent together.Elizabeth NagyChicago, IllinoisJuly 3, 2020
5/23/2005 - 7/1/2020Checkers, 15 years old, passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. He was born on May 23, 2005 and joined our family on July 23, 2005. Our family grew up with him. Joey was 6 years old, Bobby 8, and Jamie 10 when Checkers first came into our lives. Joey was afraid of dogs, but he fell in love with Checkers, as we all did.

We are so very sad to let go, but it was his time and we will cherish the many memories of him.
Elk Grove Village, IllinoisJuly 3, 2020
7/8/2006 - 7/1/2020Galileo taught us to pause when you find a "sunny spot" - Take a minute, feel the sun on the belly and appreciate what is all around.

It was entirely our pleasure!

-Mom and Dad (Boo & Dave) & Chaos
Rebecca "Boo" AutenParrish, FloridaJuly 2, 2020
3/28/2020Kody, thank you for such a wonderful life we had together!! You brought so much joy and happiness to my life! You were there to lick my tears during sad times in my life! You were my best friend and protector and I will always be grateful to you for your loyalty! You were such a sweetie lil friend that everyone who met you grew to love! Just know my dear little Kody that life will be difficult to live without you, but knowing you are no longer in pain, nor having any more breathing issues, it makes my heart content! Everytime I pass a McDonald's, I will always think of you and your love for French fries! I hope you enjoyed your French fries and hope that you are having a wonderful time in heaven!! I look forward to seeing you again my special little angel! Until we meet again, run free buddy! I will always love you Kody❤️ with all my heart!! Love daddy!!Mitch ReedClearwater, FloridaJuly 2, 2020
2/14/2009 - 6/25/2020Louie will always be remembered for being such a loving, caring, playful and all around wonderful boy! His eyes of golden copper could light up a room!Jeffrey RandellApex, North CarolinaJuly 2, 2020