Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
2/12/1998 - 2/12/2014Annie was a Corgi, probably Sheltie mix. We always said we didn't know how we would go on without Annie. But here we are. She had a long life and a long old-age. She loved us very much and we adored her. She was very easy and made having a dog such a pleasure. Our time together went from long, joyful walks together to sniffing excursions up the block. We always told her we would take care of her forever, and we did. What a gift her life was to us and to all our friends and family who knew and loved her.Denice and Nancy Lombard-WohlforthWashington, District of ColumbiaFebruary 24, 2014
2/22/2014Soft and delicate, great synthetic mouser, quiet and friendly but never a pest, always a princess.Beth KeenaPittsboro, North CarolinaFebruary 24, 2014
8/12/1998 - 2/23/2014Sassy was a feisty happy Cairn Terrier. She was truly a character. She loved to play with us. She loved her toys, she loved to look for lizards in the yard, then dig a hole where they were. Happy she was when she found and caught one. Then it was on to the next lizard. She loved to chase squirrels, bunnies. She entertained herself for hours looking for lizards. She loved her long walks, and for 15 years, she had walked a many a mile. She was full of love, happiness, and shared that unconditionally with me everyday. She was queen of her domain.Lisa HarrisonOxford, North CarolinaFebruary 24, 2014
5/27/2002 - 2/15/2014He was a great companion, the best! He lit up our lives for almost twelve years. We will miss him everyday and always wish we had another day of his company.Jesse & Michelle PrenticeBlue Jay, CaliforniaFebruary 24, 2014
1/5/2000 - 2/21/2014.....a loyal and loving were a blessing to me for 14 years.......Ruth TildenTampa, FloridaFebruary 23, 2014
Gabriela Zueck
12/13/2001 - 2/22/2014Mommy and Daddy love you so much Gabs! You were the best dog. Sweet and loving!Lynn ZueckClayton, North CarolinaFebruary 23, 2014
8/4/2001 - 2/22/2014Thank you DR. Brad for coming out on a short notice. Nanook took a turn for the worse on Saturday and could not wait to be euthanize during the week. You made by sadness a little bearable. Thank you for your kindness and letting my Nanook leave this earth in a calm and peaceful manner. You are truly an angel. Thank you for all that you do for our animals.
Forever grateful,
Tuesday Moebius
Tuesday MoebiusPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaFebruary 23, 2014
2/14/2001 - 2/10/2014Cory, we miss you so will be in our hearts forever. You were the best dog. There will never be another one like you...Depew, New YorkFebruary 23, 2014
3/28/2001 - 2/22/2014One of your many fans said, "you're one in a million" and we couldn't agree more. With the exception of you eating poo from the kitty litter box when you were a puppy, everything about you has been a joy. A total lover who would wake us up with kisses of hunger, a daring athlete who would jump onto - or off of anything, and also a bit of a cranky pants who didn't want to be bothered when on a walk, you will always be unique among pugs and thoroughly missed. While you could have been nicer to your little brother Thurston, we know he wasn't your choice and you did cuddle up to him quite well. Your love of fruits and vegetables is stuff of legend and the video of you two eating green beans will always bring us joy. You made our lives fuller, and brought a smile to (nearly) everyone who met you. Letting go was so incredibly hard - especially when outwardly you seemed fine. You never willingly missed a meal, never lost track of where we were, and enjoyed a fine walk to make sure everything was in order. The tumors came so fast and so hard that it still doesn't seem real. We are all so happy that you were still the frisky, pushy and demanding boy you've always been right up to the end. Holding on longer would have been purely selfish, and put you at risk of such unpleasant complications. We could never had too much time together and you'll never know how much you'll be missed. May there alway be a banana whenever you want some. We wish you a gentle rest little man.Stephen BarnesChicago, IllinoisFebruary 23, 2014
9/10/1999 - 2/20/2014My dear Zoe has passed. Even though I knew it was coming I am still shocked that she is gone. She passed on Thursday, February 20th. I later found out that the 20th was national love your pet day. Very fitting. I loved her so much and it was time to let her go. She was 14 years old and had been struggling to walk on her own for some time. She was very sick that morning and I knew it was time, but it was so hard to let Zoe go. She was my baby for 14 years. I called Dr. Katie and she came right over. Dr. Katie made me and Zoe feel at ease. Zoe passed so peacefully and I can't thank Dr. Katie enough for that. I know Zoe is with her sister, Sydney, in heaven playing ball and running around the lake.Lark RobertJacksonville, FloridaFebruary 23, 2014