Pet Memorials
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9/22/2008 - 2/21/2021We love and miss you Cedar!Janice SarofeenBraintree, MassachusettsFebruary 23, 2021
10/26/2005 - 2/22/2021I got Butters at the pet store of all places. After having her for 15 years and now understanding dogs, I frown upon that today. But I don't regret going because one of my soul connections was attracting me to her. I actually named her before getting her.
I used to watch South Park religiously (before real life became South Park). So. I named her Butters from the show. She raised me, no question about it. She watched me go from making stouffer's lean cuisine every night to planning slow cook Sunday's. She saw me go through bad boyfriends and somehow nudged me to my soulmate. She helped attract my daughter Alyssa into our life. A little jealous in the beginning, but eventually Butters grew to love her (my daughter is now 6). I truly believe with all my heart that we will attract this soul back into our lives. Our journey isn't done and we will continued building on our synergy in her next life. Or maybe I'll be her dog in my next lifetime :). We will find your soul again Butters, but just, if I had to make any requests, next time go to a breeder.

Love you my little girl!
Lisa VohraVienna, VirginiaFebruary 23, 2021
8/21/2010 - 2/16/2021Cooper’s favorite activities were “stealing” his mom’s slippers, jumping up on the kitchen counter and taking mom’s tea towel and “picking up” stray socks on the floor, or chewing on sticks. If visitors were over, he would take the visitors shoes and happily walk around with them in his soft mouth. He is a retriever; that is what we do he would say if he could talk. He was also the best at ripping a stuffed animal apart because the dentist vet told me “he has a perfect bite.” Did I mention he loved to swim? Did I mention he loved to fetch his tennis ball? He was spoiled too because he had a surrogate mom that would bring him used tennis balls (they still had a lot of bounce left in them). He loved meeting people, chasing squirrels, sitting on the hill out back and watching everyone and everything, driving in the car (he loved that), was great on a long or short trips (as long as we had potty breaks and treats), could be demanding at times if he did not get his way (geez, I wonder why?) but best of all he loved his mom. He was always there to greet her with kisses and a wagging tail. He was my constant companion though life’s up and downs, the moves, heartache, and joy. I loved to watch him run; it was a beautiful sight to see his muscles work thru his fur! He was the best at unconditional love and greeted everyone with his wonderful Golden smile.

Every time I see a stick on the ground, a tennis ball, a squirrel, or even just driving in the car (he went with me everywhere), he will be forever missed and also be forever remembered. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you give your dog/cat an extra amount of love to honor Cooper’s memory.
Diane DanielsSaline, MichiganFebruary 23, 2021
9/18/2007 - 2/22/2021Milo was quite the talker! He had quirky habits; eating plastic grocery bags (I’d hide them the moment I walked through the door), knocking things down from time to time, ONLY drank out of the faucet (no fountain water bowl would work), and in his younger years he loved to play fetch with bottle caps. His absolute favorite thing was for me to hold him, he loved for my chin to rest on-top of his head.Destiny KnowlesOKC, OklahomaFebruary 23, 2021
2/1/2006 - 2/13/2021Mom #1 - He was a special guy. He was the first dog I bought on my own, and he was one purchase I never regretted. I have to thank you for taking him. I do not know what I would have done had you and I not connected when we did. The fact that he made such an impression on you and your family speaks to how you were meant to be his second mom. Every moment I remember with him makes me smile. He was a tremendous help to me as well, and yes, I do believe all dogs go to heaven. ;-)

Mom #2 - I love and miss Eddie so much. That little man did so much for me and my family and I will forever be changed because of him. I am so happy to have been given the chance to be Eddie's mom also. He truly was a gift I didn't expect to get and I will treasure him in my heart forever.
Melissa WMontgomery, TexasFebruary 23, 2021
12/7/2004 - 2/13/2021Henna was such a sweet soul. She brought so much love and compassion into our lives. She was always good with children and other animals. She was so loving and devoted to us that even in her waning years she stayed vigilant in protecting her mom and dad. Henna is now reunited with her sister "Echo". We were proud of her tenacity in being alone the last year and a half, but now she is with her loving family including Butters, Madison, Chili, and Lilly. We will miss her forever and hope to see them all again one day.# Rainbow Bridge.David BrinkleyQuinton, VirginiaFebruary 23, 2021
1/15/2003 - 1/24/2021Bandy was abandoned at Kitty Cottage early in 2006, a rescue where I have volunteered since 2002. I fell in love with her at first sight. She was so scared. I first fostered her then officially adopted her in May- our 4th Kitty Cottage adoption. She was a petite, beautiful "exotic shorthair" with a "smush" face. She overcame her shyness and developed the personality of a lion. If her brothers picked on her, she hissed and took charge like a princess.
Bandita loved her Dad and me and her wet food. She learned to wake me in the wee hours with a tap on my nose, first gently then more aggressively as she began to demand I get up to feed her.
Bandita lived to be the oldest of our cats and we loved her so much. Every day I told her that she was the prettiest girl ever.
She has left us with a deep sense of loss that hurts, but we knew it was time to let her "old" body find peace.
Dorothy RamseyBlue Bell, PennsylvaniaFebruary 23, 2021
11/2/2004 - 2/20/2021What a difference you made in our lives sweet Lucky!! For 16+ years, we were blessed to have you as a part of our family. You were a constant companion to all of us handmade us all feel so important and loved. You were always so excited to see us when we came home from wherever we had been. You were an excellent role model for Dewey who unfortunately passed before you and then for Reggie.
You were a great friend, family member and trooper as we traveled between Seattle and the San Juan Islands. You were just happy to be a part of it all. We will remember you always and keep you in our prayers as you join your brother, Dewey over the rainbow bridge. Now you are free of pain and will be able to run and play as you always did!!
Love you always!!
Cheryl GossmanSeattle, WashingtonFebruary 23, 2021
6/11/2008 - 2/20/2021Maggie has been my best friend and confidant for the last 13 years. She was known and loved by everyone who ever met her. I am so grateful I got to care for and love her for so long. There will never be another. She helped me through being a single mom, raising my two older kids, and was there for the birth of my third. She was also my service dog and helped me get through college. I don't know what I will do without her, but I am glad to know that she is no longer feeling the pains of growing older. I am so grateful she was surrounded by so much love on her day of passing and we all know she is watching us grow from beyond the rainbow bridge, and we know she is using her herding skills on all of our lost little guinea pigs.

I love you Maggie.
Brandee HansenSpringville, UtahFebruary 23, 2021
3/24/2007 - 2/20/2021Buster was the best cat ever. He enjoyed being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, and cuddling on a lap. He will be immensely missed by his brother Frankie, Lily too. Most of all, Mommy and Daddy will miss you most of all!! We will love you always and forever!!Connie GarriganBernville, PennsylvaniaFebruary 23, 2021