Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/13/2008 - 2/28/2021We are broken hearted with the passing of Stevie. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease last month and there was something else going on the vet could not identify even after every test possible. There has been a slow decline since the fall and the past three weeks have been particularly hard. With no hope of getting better and with her misery increasing every day, we made the decision to do what we thought best for her. Many of you have gone through this and understand. One could not ask for a more stalwart friend, keen-eyed co-pilot, and vigilant guardian. We sure had some great adventures, and a purer heart and soul I have never seen. We will miss her always.Ken GottLeavenworth, KansasMarch 1, 2021
3/25/2009 - 2/24/2021Rascal was a great cat. Each time a person meets him, they fall in love with him instantly. He had a group of people around him at the time of his passing and it was exactly how he liked it, being around people giving him tons of love. You are so loved and so missed.Christina McMurrymilwaukee, WisconsinMarch 1, 2021
4/6/2006 - 2/27/2021Bringing you home almost 15 years is still so fresh in our minds. You were 6 weeks old and the first we set eyes on you we knew you were the one for us. Here we are having to say goodbye and our hearts ache beyond comprehension, the love you brought us and everyone you ever met is truly immeasurable. The pictures and stories keep rolling in, from people who only meant you once, to people were as touched by you as we were. We miss everything about you, from your big ears, your huge grin,, to your tight, endless hugs, and while we will miss those things we have solice in knowing that you are in a better place, free from the pain and suffering. We want to be selfish and keep you to ourselves forever but we know that God has plans for you to run free with all your friends and that we will see you in all your glory when we meet you again. We will go camping, hiking, play frisbee, chill on the patio or simply go for a drive around the neighborhood, but for now we can only keep you in our hearts and memories.

We gave you a great life but make no mistake about it, we are the ones who truly benefited by being a part of your life, and we are much
better people for that. You showed us unconditional love, affection and patience, you truly were an angel.

We will miss you forever,

Dad, mom, Brendan and Alex.
Michael HodelMonroe township, New JerseyMarch 1, 2021
7/21/2004 - 2/24/2021Brady was such a sweetie! He was the best dog ever. He is so very badly missed by everyone who met him, especially me!Sara GreenbergMechanicsburg, PennsylvaniaMarch 1, 2021
2/26/2021Our hearts are broken..Zoey was such a wonderful part of our family. She is so missed but we know now that she is no longer sick and that she has crossed the bridge to a wonderful place ..she is free and has met her 2 kitty sisters .. Always in our heart...she is at peace and that makes us peaceful too. Love you Zoey!!!Dan and Cheryl Sargent SargentLuvonua, MichiganMarch 1, 2021
3/17/2008 - 2/27/2021In loving memory of Red Wagner (Golding), aka Red Puppy. You were the brightest little ray of sunshine to enter our lives. Red was a barrel chested German Shorthaired Pointer. He needed the extra chest space for his giant, loving heart. He made everyone who met him, a dog person. Forever a ladies man, he fiercely protected both his mom for the first 8 years of his life, Lauren Golding, and his second mom for the last 5, Jennifer Wagner. He also closely guarded his tiny humans, Jace and Seth.Jennifer WAGNERTonawanda, New YorkMarch 1, 2021
2/26/2005 - 2/27/2021Rest peacefully, angel puppy.
We got Diesel when I was ten years old, and when he was eight weeks old. After years and years of begging my parents (pretty relentlessly), they finally agreed to adopt a dog. When we arrived at the puppy room in North Shore Animal League I felt like I was in heaven- so many puppies, and one of them was going to come home with me! We picked up a small black puppy, and he peed on my mom. That’s how he knew he was ours.
Diesel taught me more about dogs than I have learned in any text book, any dog training course, or any of my dog related jobs combined. His reactivity toward other dogs sparked my interest in dog behavior. When our vet said he looks to be part “pit bull”, I started my journey in animal advocacy. Most importantly, Diesel taught me patience, how to love unconditionally, and how to enjoy the little things. No matter who Diesel met, he treated them the same- with a huge smile and pure joy. He loved pausing to the catch the breeze during his walks, and sunbathing in his favorite spot in the living room. He loved swimming, finding the thickest mud to roll in during our hikes, and our trips to the coffee house.
Diesel lived his 16 years surrounded by love, and exuding love. We will always miss him, and we all have something to learn from him.
Sarah BonomoOssining, New YorkMarch 1, 2021
7/15/2004 - 2/27/2021Our loving boy Gizmo, how hard it is losing you. The only solace for us is that you now run free, free of the pain, free of the deafness, free of the blindness. You now can jump with joy, hear that squeaker noise from the toy, and see that ball (or kitty) to chase. We love you with all our heart and miss you deeply. The pain of losing you is almost unbearable, but knowing you are free from pain now, makes it just a little easier to accept. We will miss you, our son. 16 years went by way too fast and if only we could have one more day together, that would be my one and only wish.Dave and Delora SmithYork, PennsylvaniaFebruary 28, 2021
4/14/2009 - 2/24/2021We lost our dear, sweet Lily girl on the morning of February 24, 2021. Lily, who also responded to Lil, Lily Billy, Powder Puff Girl, Lily of the Berkshire Valley, Baby, Cutie Pie, Goofy Girl, and "You hungry?", brought an endless amount of joy, love and laughs into our lives. Maybe a few extra grey hairs in her younger days, but we will always giggle at those stories. Lily was our canine daughter, granddaughter, our ride or die. Always a loyal best friend, wanting to share the experience with her humans at every moment. Lily was a mix of Red Heeler Cattle Dog, Pitbull and Hound. She greeted every person she met, big or small, with a big smile and happy tail wag. She was (and still is, I believe) a gentle, bright soul, who was so incredibly in tune with her people's emotions. On those sad days, Lily would always snuggle up with you and lick your face to show you that you weren't alone. You always had a friend in Lily. After many years of arthritis and hip dysplasia, she would still follow you into the bathroom. We reflect on how blessed we were to have her. She left such a big imprint on our hearts. We love her and miss her so!Michelle EganOak Ridge, New JerseyFebruary 28, 2021
Mia Rose
11/4/2004 - 2/25/2021We will never forget you, we love you so much.
When diagnosed in August with cancer, they doctor told us we would have limited time with you. They told us 6-8 weeks; but our little Mia was always sassy with a fighting spirit, she was not leaving this earth until she was ready. We had her for 24 weeks after her diagnosis, we were so lucky.

We will always love you Mia girl, I cry with sadness thinking of you and how I still wish we had more time with you, but smile because of all the fun, loveable memories embedded in my mind and heart.
Johanna GillenYardly, PennsylvaniaFebruary 28, 2021