Pet Memorials
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6/10/2006 - 4/5/2021Ginger my sweet baby girl you were the best and smartest fur baby. We will miss you so very much mommy loves you so much. i know you are in heaven now and you are in no more pain. I love you my sweet baby gir.Linda PurvisFairland, IndianaApril 9, 2021
8/3/2009 - 12/11/2021Argos came to me as my little boy of 12 pounds from my home state of Michigan where I flew to pick him up and flew him back to Houston, Texas easily fitting under the seat on the airplane . He quickly became my big boy of 100+ pounds though! It was right after a marriage separation and I hadn’t been alone for 20 years. He quickly became my best friend and protector. I worked at home so we were almost inseparable except when I had to travel for business. He was my road trip companion between Texas and Michigan at least a couple times a year and we both loved it. He loved to go for walks every day, play frisbee, ball, and on rainy days hide and go seek with a rubber Kong hidden with bacon flavored treat inside. He loved my four grandchildren and all other children. He even liked to walk up the steps and slide down the slide with them at the park. He was a very well behaved and gentlemanly German Shepherd. He gave me almost 13 years of love for which I will always be grateful. He will never be forgotten.Melissa WeissLeague City, TexasApril 9, 2021
12/26/2007 - 3/31/2021My darling Subwoofer. These past few days without you have been so very sad and strange. How can it be that my constant companion for 13 years is just suddenly gone? I keep looking for you in all your old haunts, only to realize you will never be found. You traveled with me across the country, from Florida, to Minnesota and Wisconsin, and finally to Seattle. You comforted me through betrayals, breakups, and broken dreams until I finally found a place of security and self reliance. I will forever be grateful that you left me in a better place than when we first met. You were truly a character, you left an impression on everyone that met you: a punk rocker, a brave warrior, a grizzled war veteran, and finally a sweet old man. You were my familiar, a pivotal aspect of my own character. You inspired me with your bravery. You were always a tough guy, grunting and charging at anyone you didnt like, cats, dogs, and even boxing the vacuum if it tried to get in your way. I feel that I am lesser without you, but I take comfort in the idea that where you are now you can finally fully understand just how much I loved you.Laura DavisSeattle, WashingtonApril 9, 2021
Sierra Diesel
12/25/2008 - 4/5/2021Sadly on Monday we helped our baby girl, Sierra, cross the rainbow bridge. She’s been with us every step of the way for the last 12 years and we are so thankful for every moment. The house feels so empty without her here but we have been enjoying sharing some of our favorite stories about something she’s done. We’ve found that we have so many good memories of her. One of our favorites things about her is when she would watch TV. We’ve never known a dog to be so enamored with watching TV. She loved barking at all the animals and of course watching westerns with her daddy. She truly was the best dog we could have ever had and realize that there will never be another like her. Her younger sister Canyon is missing her and trying to figure out what to do without her. 💔
Till we meet again baby girl, run free
Stephanie CrosbyBirdsboro, PennsylvaniaApril 9, 2021
12/24/2006 - 2/24/2021This Dog! Amazing only pup that lives A wonderful 15 years with this family He was A friend to all , loved parties and people ! Loved his Christmas present opening more then any child I’ve even seen! He will Be so missed ! We Love you Bubs! It took me over a month to be able to go through pics of you Elvis We miss you soo much my Hearts hurts but I know you watch over us and your not suffering anymore my sweet one , your Mama ChrisChris WhisenhuntWoodland, WashingtonApril 8, 2021
5/1/3003 - 4/5/2021Sometimes we hear from those who adopt feral and abandoned animals that they sense their gratitude. I definitely sensed that in Sissy. She was very happy to have a home at last. The wildness was just below the surface but the sweetness predominated. She loved a schedule she could depend on. She had an amazing internal clock. She a long life of 18 years and as I've recently learned, a remarkably long life for a previous feral. I miss her greatly, I'm indebted to the wonderful, kind, compassionate care provided by our Lap of Love vet Amanda Gordon.Dorothy HawkinsonVancouver, WashingtonApril 8, 2021
6/8/2008 - 4/6/2021Madison was our big girl. We found her at the pound at 4 months old because she was black and a golden doodle. The breeder didn't want her because of this. We just happen to stop in that day and we went home. I thought about this poor girl and went back the next day and brought her home. Best decision we ever made. She was the smartest, most lovable dog you would ever want. She grew to 85 pounds. She came in with her sisters and loved everyone. She traveled everywhere with us. She loved the mountains and the colder it was the more she liked it. The Florida heat was hot, so we made sure she stayed inside. She would talk to you, always wanted to be loved on. She could catch a rope you throw in the air and never miss a beat. She will truly be missed. Fly high Big Girl, it broke my heart to have to put you down, but your hips just couldn't handle it anymore. You never complained, wined, or cried. You tried your best to hang in there but I knew the time was now. I love you and you will be missed. Ruby is now all alone except for me. Her sisters are all gone and her Dad. Go find your Dad, I am sure he was so glad to see you. Love you Big GirlSusan ArnoldSaint Augustine, FloridaApril 8, 2021
3/22/2003 - 4/6/2021Pistachio, my Sweet Pea who turned 18 last month, joined his brother, Chewy, in heaven on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks to Dr. Shannon, Pistachio passed away peacefully in my lap. He was the sweetest, smartest, most precious, most beautiful, and the best kitty cat in the entire world, as I would tell him frequently. He loved to cuddle with me and especially enjoyed warm summer days napping on the porch and watching deer in the yard. I miss him so much, and I’m glad he wasn’t sick too long. Rest In Peace, my precious Pistachio Kitty Cat, and have fun with your brother. 💔❤️💔Mary PaulTitusville, New JerseyApril 8, 2021
12/14/2021 - 4/7/2021My buddy Max. We always knew this day would come, but no one ever wants it to. You were such a great boy and you made everyone love you. We tried to keep you best interest in heart when making the tough decision. Unfortunately, life got harder on you and we felt you would be happier with your other brothers that you’ve lost along the way. So for now it’s goodbye and remember I will always love, miss and be thinking about you.Karen SadzinskiDunedin, FloridaApril 8, 2021
8/1/2009 - 4/7/2021AvaMike SlawnikowskiShorewood, WisconsinApril 8, 2021