Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Payden Tequila Rose Patterson
5/19/2003 - 10/5/2013Payden is laying on her favorite porch today, looking over the yard she never wanted to leave. She will have all her little animal friends to keep her occupied as she waits for her family to visit her spirt in OurWoods.Robert -n- Alicia PattersonSt. Pete, FloridaOctober 7, 2013
12/7/2001 - 10/4/2013KC, you were my baby boy, my orange bear. You were my shining light, my clown, my crazy boy. You knew how to make me smile during my darkest days and made my brightest days even brighter. You taught me patience and how to love. I feel as though a piece of me has died. I love you my golden boy and miss you dearly.Tara StanleyGlen Burnie, MarylandOctober 5, 2013
Aurora "Amber-kitty
4/14/1994 - 10/4/2013Aurora "Amber-kitty" was peacefully put to rest last night. It was her time...she was more than ready to go (after nearly 20 years of companionship). We are profoundly grateful to Katie Billmaier, DVM for her tenderness, compassion, and flawless performance. She opened heaven's door and was kitty's Angel of Mercy. People say putting a pet to rest is one of the hardest decisions to make. For me it was easy, knowing I could end her suffering and release her with love. My only regret is having not done it a day sooner (she went downhill fast). I'm so relieved knowing Amber is free, and I already feel her sweet purr in my ears and her nuzzles around my neck, with reports of how awesome it is in kitty heaven...sunshine, birds, trees, critters to chase, tall grass to pounce in. She is renewed. There is intense joy in the memories of good times and love shared with Amber. She lives forever in our hearts.Shawna Butson-BrodieMarietta, GA, GeorgiaOctober 5, 2013
10/1/2000 - 10/4/2013Wookie was an amazing dog. We had many adventures together-from the mountains to the beach. He was almost more like a person and could read your emotions. I'm going to miss his feet tapping down the hall and his "happy dance" when he was about to get a treat. Me and his daddy will miss him very muchmichelle wrightfranklinton, North CarolinaOctober 4, 2013
10/3/2013Our Sassy lived up to her name for many full of energy and love.....always with eyes sparkling and ready to play. Unfortunately, old age comes to us all and at 18 years old, Sassy was quite elderly and suffering from many of the debilitating effects of aging. It was so hard to lose her, but we are so glad she's free from pain and confusion. We'll always treasure the memories.Dianne LaneMorrisville, North CarolinaOctober 3, 2013
Guy Clark
12/25/2000 - 9/29/ loved women and children and everyone around you. You had a good heart. We all loved you and you will be greatly missed. Your the only one to love tuna fish and meat. You disliked vegetables. You loved to watch the cars go by and greet everyone when they drove in. You watched everyone sleep and would often wake us with your sniffing nose. You loved attention and would often nudge until you received a pat. You are with the angels now.Kelly ClarkGrand island, New YorkSeptember 30, 2013
9/22/2013 - 9/1/2013Teddy, I'm so happy that you have complete freedom with your body and mind at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for teaching me some of the most valuable lessons to be learned. You will always be missed and there's now a huge empty space that you so readily filled.Tamara DormerDurham, North CarolinaSeptember 30, 2013
8/8/1998 - 9/13/2013Bailey ... what a life you lived and what a great companion you were to me. If only there was enough time and space to tell your story, Marley would have nothing on you. Your beautiful white labrador fur will undoutedly stay in the cracks and crevices of this house forever.The many memories will last a lifetime and one day I will see you again my friend. Until then you enjoy knowing you made such an impression on so many people...they all loved you for the very love and affection you gave each and every one of them. I miss you...Michael RagsdaleTampa, FloridaSeptember 28, 2013
9/24/2013Stella will be in my heart forever. She was a loyal companion for 9 years and gave the best love. Her mommy was her favorite, and was picky about the rest of the population. When she ran, it was comical. She looked more like a trotting horse than a speedy cat. She loved treats and catnip, and spent most of the day lying on her back in the sun, stretching to acknowledge you when you walked by. It never failed, Stella would be on the bed right next to me with her head in my armpit and paw draped over my shoulder like it was her way of tucking me in every night and lulling me to sleep with her purr. That is what I miss most. All we had to do was talk to her, look at her, pet her or feed her - and she would start purring. She will never be forgotten - and I look forward to meeting up with her soul again and seeing her spirit live through something else's eyes. You will always be my furry soul mate. I love you!Rachel BlascoTampa, FloridaSeptember 26, 2013
1/29/2001 - 9/11/2013Oh cinnamon furry friend of mine with those petal-soft floppy ears and bushy shark tail -- remember how you would nose around the perimeter of that large deck and when we looked out from the house to try to find you, all we would see was the tip of your long bushy tail? As much as we hated to let you go, I imagine Moxie welcoming you with open paws and the two of you off leash running the beaches of heaven. Cabana & Tiki send their love. Bye, Bentley ... my brown-eyed boy * red panda * boo-boo bear * mr. nosey * (one unmentionable) * the benster * our wolf-boy ... we love you.Julie LongAnnapolis, MarylandSeptember 25, 2013