Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/5/2004 - 6/18/2020To our wonderful kitty Noel...your passing has left a big hole in our hearts. We shed tears every day waiting for you to come to us but you don't any longer. Daddy misses having you sleep in his lap on your pillow each night. Miss waking up and seeing you sleeping on your pillow next to us. We know you have gone to a better place, now happy and able to play once again. Look for our other kitties that went before you. Finally know we have loved you much and so glad you passed so peacefully in your home with both of us by your side. Thanks for the fun and the memories you provided to us. Enjoy your new life Noel and we will miss you forever.Bob HortonDavenport, FloridaJune 24, 2020
8/27/2002 - 6/22/2020My precious Codi:
You were the joy of my life. Taking care of you was an honor I will cherish until I'm with you again. Daddy will always love you and will do my best to honor you with my life. You taught me how to love and trust and to live for something other than myself. Daddy will be with you again soon pumpkin! I love you!
Sean KingOviedo, FloridaJune 23, 2020
12/20/2005 - 6/17/2020I'm not sure how to live happily without you. Bruno I miss you more than words can describe and there is not a moment that goes by that I'm not thinking about you. You made me a better human being. I will find you my son! 😢❤❤❤Barry CarrCherry Hill, New JerseyJune 23, 2020
7/24/2020 - 6/21/2020As we would always say..."if you don't love Bear, you don't have a heart." He was truly full of love and full of heart was larger than his magnificent size. He was his own superstar that was stopped on any walk to flirt and get pictures.

It was truly to short of a life, but he smiled to the end.
Chad PottsSalt Lake City, UtahJune 23, 2020
6/12/2020Our boy Moe, so very missed.
A dear friend sent the most appropriate card with the question asked, "What's the hardest part about having a dog?"
"It's saying goodbye." So very true, even harder having to do this two days after my Mama's funeral, there are no words to the heartbreak and loss. I will remember all the love and lessons taught to me by my Mom and one of my sweetest boys.
Gone but never forgotten, the love of a dog is the closest we get on the earth of God's unconditional love!

Our home is missing you but our hearts are so full with what you left behind.
Bonnie KaysGreensboro, North CarolinaJune 23, 2020
5/5/200416 years ago Cherish, we adopted you. On June 21, 2020, decided you were ready for the Rainbow Bridge. You overcame meningitis as a pup and most recently IVDD. You adapted like a pro to your cart that I had made for you. Thank you for being such an amazing part of the family. Your unwavering love, companionship and loyalty will always be “cherished.” Heartbroken cannot describe how we feel. RIP my sweet angel aka “my little pea.”Peter GCalverton, New YorkJune 23, 2020
6/15/2020Margie, my love.Diana HitchcockCincinnati, OhioJune 23, 2020
3/1/2007 - 6/15/2020This is an anonymous poem that pretty much captures Molly's loving nature. Even now, every day, we feel she is with us.

A good dog never dies, she always stays,
She walks beside you on hot mid-summer days,
When goldenrod and buttercups fill the fields and
Autumn's drawing near
Her head within our hand in her old sweet way.
Susan AtwaterSalmon Creek, WashingtonJune 23, 2020
6/16/2006 - 6/20/2020Dear Rosie,

My pretty girl, you saved me. You brought joy to my life in a very dark time. You gave me love and hope and made me smile and laugh every day. And oh the attention you got from perfect strangers when we were out on a walk. I was so lucky to get to bring you to work with me for 9 years! You were the favorite camp dog and you got to run and play and explore ... just living your best life. I will so miss your smile and unconditional love and acceptance. The last few years haven’t been as active but you still got to travel all over with us and we loved taking you everywhere. I’m so sorry you got sick. You fought so hard and always took your meds like a champ. I am so proud that you were mine and I was yours. I know you’re buzzing around with all your buddies now on rainbow bridge and you don’t hurt anymore. My heart hurts but I know I’ll hold you again. Thank you for loving me, I’ll always miss you and will never forget our special bond.
Debbie WalkerCharlotte, North CarolinaJune 23, 2020
7/8/2020 - 6/20/2020My sweet Lucy was a wonderful, loving, and affectionate chonk of a cat. She loved her treats and I always knew when she was happy when she would lay on her back with her feet in the air purring. Lucy was the definition of calm. She was never a runner, and liked playing with ribbons and feather sticks on her back. She was the master at catching flies, just like Mr. Miagi (from karate kid). She would wait for them to come to her and she would catch them between her paws. Being athletic was not her forte, no matter how hard I tried to get her to run or chase toys. She would walk slowly to them, pick them up, and drown them in her water bowl. She flaunted her curves like the queen she was, and looked especially regal while dipping her paws into her water bowl and letting the water drip into her mouth, as this was the only way a true cat queen could drink water.

Lucy was so caring and loving, and cleaned her brother Linus every single day. He will never be as clean again without her. Linus will miss her, and meows a little differently now. She knew when I was having a bad day and always came and sat with me.

On Lucy's final day with me, she clearly had a conversation with Linus as I found them sitting face to face staring into each other's eyes. Lucy laid in her favorite spot on the windowsill and watched the birds as she drifted away peacefully. She is now with my mom who will love her just as much as I did. She will take care of Lucy until we meet again.

I am so thankful for Dr. Christie for helping me through this process.
Mary cargerChicago, IllinoisJune 23, 2020