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1/18/2002 - 5/24/2016although we are separated... you will always be in my heart, soul and mind.. my best friend for 14 years...someday we will be together again.. to share the glorious company of each other... love you, always... mom.Allecia ClemonsKent, WashingtonMay 26, 2016
8/6/2002 - 5/25/2016Oh Lance. My sweet bubba. There will never be words to express how much I will forever love and miss you! A huge chunk of my heart passed with you today. And while I know that you are now 100% pain free, it doesn't make it any easier - not seeing your precious face or getting sweet kisses. You have been my cuddle buddy, running/swimming partner, travel companion, protector, shoulder to cry on, and the first face I see in the morning and when I get home for almost 14 years. I don't remember my life before you and it will never be the same without you. I know I was your everything and I just hope I did enough to show you that you were mine. I love you Lancer Pancer!Susan ByromRowlett, TexasMay 26, 2016
8/26/2004 - 5/23/2016My little girl, so sweet I don't have words to express how much I miss you and love you. We will be together again some day. I know you and Casey will play and take care of one another. Share your pillow with him.Allison TuckerCincinnati, OhioMay 26, 2016
6/28/2002 - 5/23/2016We miss you dear sweet boy. We will all be together again someday. It has been way to quiet so you will have to give us a little bark sometime to keep us in line. We love you always.Allison TuckerCincinnati, OhioMay 26, 2016
Griffin Lynn
11/1/2002 - 5/24/2016Hi My name is Griffin Lynn, I woke up Monday morning just like any other day not knowing it would be my last 30 or so hours on earth, but my Mom made those 30 hours as special as they possibly could be.

But before I tell you about that, let me tell you a little about me and my glorious journey here. Mom adopted me when I was a very young pup and welcomed me lovingly into her new home, just a few months later she welcomed another sweet puppy into our family, Bailey immediately became my best friend ever!

Mom, Bailey and I had an amazing 11 years together filled with so much love, great adventures, and so very much fun. A few of our favorite things were dog parks, boating and swimming, and the hours and hours and hours of wonderful hikes all across the country. You see I had such a wonderful time exploring the country, can you believe I had been to 14 states in my life? Sometimes when Mom had to travel for work, Bailey and I would have a ton of fun at Doggie Day Care too. One of my favorite memories was our camping trip together to Mammoth Lakes, California. But without a doubt, my favorite day ever was spent at Dog Beach in San Diego, California.... this was my Doggie Disney World.

But on a sad and unexpected day, 27 months ago Mom and I lost our beloved Bailey, and I really don't think I have been the same since. And then 8 months after that I got the dreaded and sad news that I had cancer. Mom thought our time together would be brief, but we had 18 good months more together. But as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months, my body just couldn't keep my with the rest of me... I was getting more and more tired and more and more weak.

For a while now Mom would whisper to me when she tucked me in at night, "Sweet Griffin girl its OK to leave and go be with Bailey," or "if you need to go tonight its OK." But you see it wasn't OK, I couldn't leave my Mom. I had been here for her through her entire adult life, I was her pillow when she need to cry and I would gently wipe away her tears. I was her protector and always by her side. I couldn't leave her here without me, so I would hide the pain and fight on. Thankfully, my Mom saw that my time had come, and I am thankful she loved me as much as I loved her and she made the decision to let me go....

But before she did, she made sure I knew how much I was loved (though trust me I never doubted that!). After our typical morning walk, we loaded into the car - I LOVE CAR RIDES, but we don't seem to take them as much as we used to probably because I couldn't jump in or out of the car anymore. She rolled down the back windows so my ears could flop in the wind. And we parked at a lake, she let me roam around off leash (despite the posted signs) and splash around in the water. We got home and she made me BACON (My Mom is a vegetarian, so meat was a rarity for me, but she knew how much I loved it). I was smothered with cuddles, scratches and extra loving! And then I dined on a perfectly medium rare steak and mashed potatoes. YUMMY. She also poured me a Coors Light, but I wasn't very interested in it. I did however, love the Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream she gave me for desert. She blew up an air mattress that night so she could sleep right by my side. The next morning we took our usual morning walk and then had a coffee and doughnut date, followed by one last bone. She gave me one last chance off leash at the dog park, but I was hot and tired. Our afternoon (and life together) came to an end as she made me an Egg and Bacon Brunch, my last meal! I gobbled up and retreated to my comfy dog bed in the living room where I would stay.

A short bit later, a lady came to visit me, I hadn't met her, but she was gentle and sweet to me and she stoked my head as Mom stayed by my side. She gave me this shot, that I wasn't very happy about, but quickly my pain was gone and I felt pretty sleepy. I decided to rest my head and take a nap, I was so comfortable in my bed - in my house - with the smell of bacon still in the air - and most importantly Mom at my side stroking my fur. It was in the next few moments that I would take my last breath, with Mom still right there by my side!
Jillian CombsDurham, North CarolinaMay 25, 2016
4/17/2003 - 5/19/2016Words can never express the loss we feel in our home without our Chloe. Aka Monkey Business, aka Punky Punk, aka Chlobert, and many more aka's. I did not imagine how difficult it would be and thought I was better prepared. But I am so very grateful for Lap of Love. They were so thoughtful and considerate and available during this process and, on short notice, helped our Chloe pass peacefully at home in her favorite chair. We should all be fortunate enough to go this peacefully. I have to remind myself daily that she had a good life and that it is a blessing that she is no longer suffering. However, everything reminds me of her and the lack of her presence. I realize only time will help us get used to this new norm. I will forever miss her.Danielle ToweryGainesville, FloridaMay 25, 2016
8/24/2007 - 5/23/2016Duffy, our sweet, independent, tough pup, you are forever in our hearts!Leanne CastellanosPalm Beach, FloridaMay 25, 2016
Abby May
3/7/2002 - 4/24/2016Abby May Amos taught me to be a better person through her example of loyalty, selfless service, forgiveness, and unconditional love. She was a very special part of our family and we miss her everyday. There is a place in my heart that will forever be empty. I lost a best friend the day she was set free from this earth. My comfort comes in believing I will see her again someday in my eternal home, Heaven. Run free in the fields of glory my sweet Abby! I love you.Carla AmosLake Saint Louis, MissouriMay 25, 2016
5/13/2016Until we meet again my sweet girl.. You were my best friend for over 16 years and you are missed beyond measure.

February 2000- May 13, 2016
Tori OropelloRaleigh, North CarolinaMay 24, 2016
2/7/2000 - 5/10/2016Ginger you were the best friend we ever had. You gave your love unconditionally. You were a part of the family from the start. We had you for 16 years and you blessed our lives in so many ways. Thank you for being my walking partner for 16 years. Thank you for being the best dog for Michael and Amanda to grow up with. They will always love dogs because of you. You didn't have a mean bone in your body. You would never hurt anyone. You let the cats eat your food and were so good to them. You never attacked other dogs, even when they were aggressive to you. You slept next to my bed every night. When you could no longer do stairs, you waited at the bottom of stairs and greeted me each morning. The spaces are vacant now and so is a place in our hearts. Ginger you were so loved. But because we loved you so much we knew it was time to let you go. Time to be a puppy again in heaven. Until we meet again our hand will always be holding your pawjane mackeyFuquay Varina, North CarolinaMay 24, 2016