Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/15/2003 - 12/29/2014Madison was a cat with a LOT of personality! We used to say that she "strutted" instead of walked, and definitely ruled the roost with the two other cats that she lived with. She loved to eat, play with toys, and follow us wherever we went in the house. She was extremely loving, and used to give kisses and "massages" all the time. She was very talkative, and many times would sit next to us, in the kitchen, living room, etc. and meow and squeak constantly. Her big, bright eyes made it seem like she was actually trying to talk to us! She is sorely, sorely missed; she is irreplaceable.Lauren MazikowskiCheektowaga, New YorkJanuary 1, 2015
Captain wow
3/1/1997 - 12/31/2014I know that everyone who has and loves a cat feels there's no other cat like him. I'm going to be one of those. Captain Wow lived up to his name in every sense of the word. Mischievous, intelligent enough to hold conversations with us (neither of us knowing what the other was saying necessarily) and to train us with gestures (he learned to look at something he wanted--a door opened, a can of food, a litter box that needed cleaning--then at us and back at the object until we got it). He was the size of a small fox, with a huge plume of a tail, as beautiful as he was smart. He kept track of us in the house as well, and I'm not sure who was the pet and who was the caregiver sometimes. Right now, the day after he died, our hearts are truly broken, and the loss excruciating, our house far too silent and simply embedded with a thousand memories of him. He defied so many events and illnesses that ought to have brought him down, we had let ourselves imagine he was unstoppable, and no doubt that makes the pain so much more intense. Meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, Captain.Greg FrostMerion, PennsylvaniaJanuary 1, 2015
7/20/1994 - 12/30/2014Cody was the best cat anyone could ever have! He was so smart and seemed so in tune with life that I swear he was almost human! He was an indoor/outdoor cat who never liked using a litter box always opting to go outside instead. He would go for walks with me and my dog following us the whole way. I swear he thought he was a dog sometimes! Cody would make new friends wherever we lived. A security guard at an old apartment I lived in told me that Cody would walk with him during his rounds around the property every night. Cody was such a big part of my life for so long that it will be difficult not seeing his cute face or hearing him say hello every morning!Debbie DePompeiLas Vegas, NevadaDecember 31, 2014
Gig A Byte Knight
2/1/2004 - 12/30/2014Gig brought many years of happiness to our family,he was a tough old dog, wagging his tail till the very end. He will be missed very deeply by all of us but mostly by or son who grew up with him. Gig was his dog, his companion, his sibling with 4 legs. The compassion and kindness of your vet was very much appreciated and for Gig to pass in the arms of the boy he loved so very much and in the bed that his boy bought him for Christmas made his passing all the more special. Thank you feels odd since your services left us with a hole in our lives but we understand it was time and needed to be done so thank you for helping Gig pass painlessly knowing that he was loved.Deborah KnightPembroke, MassachusettsDecember 31, 2014
You were the best beagle I have ever had the honor of parenting. You provided companionship when my mother in law lost her husband. You were sweet and gentle and won over the heart of anyone you met. You never failed to meet me at the door with a big aaaarooo, especially if I was late getting home, and your dinner was late. You were the official plate licker, and patiently waited with melting brown eyes watching every bite till we finnally let you do your job. Dear Maggie you had two speeds sniffing and sleeping. You had a variety of beds in the house, and you used them all daily. Your walks were the best part of the day because you got to sniff new smells. I miss you so very much but I know you are with Grams and having a ball, so I will try not to be to sad. See you on the other side my Sweet Maggie Moo.Dr. Debborah JensenLivonia, MichiganDecember 30, 2014
Sir Rokkie Bart
12/17/2003 - 11/29/2014A blessing from God ! That's what he was.My wife and I were truly blessed to have Rokkie in our life's.He never failed to put a smile on our face everyday 😃.We deeply grieve and miss him ,he was a very good you BIG guy.lap of love are Angels of mercy,Michelle Kahl will always be linked to our family,Her understanding ,caring and compassion to Rokkie during this time was unbelievable.God bless you Michelle.charles and Vickie WilliamsTampa, FloridaDecember 30, 2014
Lucille Lee
5/1/2006 - 12/17/2014Lucille Lee "Lucy" you will forever be in my heart. Katie and I are so lost with out you. I miss you greeting me with kisses each day when I came home from work, snuggling in bed, sitting outside on the patio enjoying just being, your silly expressions and your unconditional love. You were my joy, my smile my Lu bug.Dianna KellerBallwin, MissouriDecember 30, 2014
6/10/2004 - 12/21/2014In memory of Charly. We thought we had rescued her, but she rescued us.Charly (Charlotte Renee) GustafsonWinter Park, FloridaDecember 29, 2014
8/20/1998 - 12/28/2014For my sweet little boy!Fernando GarciaChicago, IllinoisDecember 29, 2014
Cleo Loring
7/24/2001 - 12/24/2014My sweet Cleo "Bugs". You will be missed greatly by Mommy & Daddy. You were our first baby and claimed our heart from the beginning. You were well reserved about your love and didn't just offer it to everyone. Your love was a special treat not many got to experience which made us feel spoiled. We are happy you are at peace now to nap in the sun and eat lots of goodies any time you want. I just hope someone is there turn on the faucet in heaven and maybe has spray butter for you. My little princess had to have fresh tap water. Be at peace my Cleobugs. Mommy & Daddy will miss you so much. RIP.Shannon LoringYorktown, VirginiaDecember 28, 2014