Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/16/1996 - 6/17/2014To the best friend we could of ever hoped for, you'll be missed more than you can ever imagine.Carrie WeaverChicago, IllinoisJune 25, 2014
1/1/2002 - 6/20/2014We adore you Tanner and miss you dearly. Thank you for blessing our lives and for coming along with us on our many adventures. You were our best friend and we will love you forever. Rest in peace our loyal friend.Zachary MeeksSuwanee, GeorgiaJune 24, 2014
11/7/2003 - 6/21/2014My Antonio...."Oh companion of my soul...we are stronger than the ages " !!!! 0:-)Ida Jean MoscatoOrchard Park, New YorkJune 23, 2014
10/4/2014 - 6/14/2014It has been a very quiet week without our sweet Pepi, who was demanding--and getting-- my full attention. He would make me take a break by bringing a favorite toy to me while I was slaving away at the computer. "Hey, Dummy, get off that thing and play with me!!!"Andrew VothOxnard, CaliforniaJune 21, 2014
11/14/1997 - 6/16/2014Mac was my constant companion having lost his mother as a kitten where he was found in a storm. I never did anything that he wasn't right there and even talking to me. This gray and black tabby said "I love you" all the time. He will be missed and loved having changed our lives forever.Betsey HerdPalm Harbor, FloridaJune 20, 2014
6/18/2014I will miss you my sweet boy! The house is so very quiet now that you're gone.April FalwellThousand Oaks, CaliforniaJune 19, 2014
6/4/2014 - 6/5/2014Precious...the name so becomes you. From the day you were name at just 6 weeks old, I knew just how precious you were. You will always be a very special part of my life and I will hold your memory close to my heart. The unconditional love you gave me all the years of your life lit a candle in my soul and that candle will burn until we meet again. You will be missed my sweet girl! Love always, MomDebbie BarnettCoconut Creek, FloridaJune 19, 2014
9/7/2001 - 6/15/2014I will always be grateful for having Cedric in my life. He was the sweetest boy and was always so gentle with anyone who came into our home. He was also a watchful protector, and took very good care of our children. From the moment each of our daughters came home from the hospital, Cedric was there to be sure they were safe... and clean up food spilled over the high chair. :)

Cedric had a way of capturing everyone's heart, and would look at you with his knowing eyes. He was clumsy and silly at times, and at his core, he was the embodiment of goodness. He left a lasting memory with everyone who met him. My good boy. Thank you, Cedric, for always being there.
Sarah SnowdenRed Lion, PennsylvaniaJune 19, 2014
6/18/2014Our beautiful boy fought the good fight against his structural heart disease for longer than we knew. Once discovered, he bravely endured numerous vet visits and medications, just so we could love him longer. Thank you son, your unconditional love enriched our lives in more ways than we can say. You live on in our hearts!Paula DurfeeNorth Lauderdale, FloridaJune 19, 2014
8/22/2014 - 6/18/2014Bear, you were the best dog I could have ever dreamed of. You were my best friend, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my joy, my happiness, my life; you made me who I am today and we shared so many wonderful memories. I love you more than life itself, we had a bond that everyone could see and we will always be with eachother until we meet again. I love you baby boy!Jessica CinicoloPalm Beach Gardens, FloridaJune 19, 2014