Pet Memorials
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8/8/1999 - 5/22/2016I love you Shady!Gail VizziNiagara Falls, New YorkMay 24, 2016
Gabrielle (gabby)
7/8/2000 - 5/15/2016Rest in peace Gabby, you will always be loved and missedCarl WatsonDallas, TexasMay 24, 2016
5/22/2016My little Minnie has gone in peace. I had her in my life for 15 years. She was a tiny little girl, but gave me & my son alot of love. She was independent in alot of ways, but then she had her moments when she wanted to cuddle and be with me. It's only been one day, but I miss her so. My son & I miss you dearly Minnie. You were a big part of our family. Jack is looking for you and is not himself. I cry for you and the sickness you endured, but I know you had a wonderful life and I am happy you spent it with us. There is no more pain, you are now at peace with Fluffy and all the other animals at the Rainbow Bridge. Love you & miss you so. Minnie xoxoxoFrieda HenehanBrick, New JerseyMay 23, 2016
3/14/2003 - 5/14/2016In true Isabelle fashion, she brought Lily home in a spur of the moment decision, one of incredible passion and love. They had an instant connection, due both to their shared love for long walks to the fridge and watching Netflix while snuggling, and to a deep-rooted understanding of each other. Despite her unanticipated arrival, Lily quickly became a part of the family. That not-so-little princess wiggled her way into all of our hearts and was an incredible joy and blessing. She was beautiful and stubborn, and was the sweetest girl and an incredible friend (much like her mama). Even though she came to us much later and left us much earlier than we would have liked, we are so grateful for every moment we had with her; from beach days with Caroline, to shopping for Christmas trees as a family, Lily always had a smile on her face. She loved car rides, tolerated being dressed for holidays, and was so steady in the purity of her love. Every single member of our family and everyone who met her was touched by her incredible soul. We know that our beautiful princess is looking down on us, and we are so blessed to have had her in our lives.Rachel CallahanWinter Park, FloridaMay 23, 2016
11/18/2001 - 5/16/2016Henry was the perfect gentleman and loving family member. He was an exceptional dog. A world traveler, a generous and caring soul, a friend to all he met, a true companion. The hole he left will never be filled. He will live forever in our hearts.
Thank you so much to Lap of Love for making his passing as peaceful as possible.
Chapel Hill, North CarolinaMay 23, 2016
5/20/2016It's with a heavy heart that we say had to say goodbye to our golden retriever, Duke. He gave us his unconditional love for almost 13 years, but knowing he's free now to run and chase at Rainbow Bridge helps our healing process. We could not have done it without Dr. Michelle. What a sweet angel the Lord sent us when Duke's time had finally come. Dr. Michelle walked us through everything, and was patient with our long goodbyes. Her gentle touch to Duke, and calming demeanor was that of an angel. She didn't even think twice when asked if I could give her a hug to thank her. Lap of love is truly the best thing we could have done for Duke, and I know in his eyes, he was thanking me for making his transition to Rainbow bridge a peaceful one. To be surrounded by family and to be in his own home, truly made Duke's passing easier on him and us. Thank you so much Lap of Love, and a big tail wagging thank you to Dr. Michelle. You're the best!!Dawn LussowLake in the hills, IllinoisMay 23, 2016
3/6/2002 - 5/20/2016Andy was such a special, handsome, sweet and gentle soul. He was always happy, especially if he went for a truck ride, swimming, playing with sticks, anything and everything Labrador Retrievers do. He touched everybody's heart he came in contact with. He gave us so much joy and laughter and love. His passing has left an empty place in our hearts and home, and many tears have been shed.. But we know he is enjoying life running around, swimming and doing all things he couldn't do for the last couple yrs of his life. It is always an immensely difficult decision to decide when is the best time and there never is a best time. No longer by our side, forever in our heartsCindy JonesRochester Hills, MichiganMay 23, 2016
6/1/2000 - 5/20/2016On May 20,2016, we had to say our goodbyes to our beloved and faithful companion for 16 years,Sammy. You were very much loved by our family and left us with so many wonderful and cherished memories. We are glad you are no longer in pain. As a cherished member of our family, you will always be missed. We love you Sammy.Ana DELGADOFORT LAUDERDALE, FloridaMay 22, 2016
5/13/2016My champion of 15 years proceeded to a better place. Her face is in the wind, with a smile on her face. She is with her sister Momo. How was my daughter's pet.Floyd HarlanAuburn, WashingtonMay 22, 2016
5/12/2016Last Thursday we said farewell to one of my best friends in the world. She crossed over quietly in the yard in one of her favorite napping spots. Her best friend Zami and her parents at her side. Blaze was devoted to her family, and was so loving until the very end.

Blaze had one of the best personalities or “dognalities” that I had ever witnessed in a pet. She had a spark of liveliness and mischievousness that knew no boundaries, the ever so subtle snort when she didn’t agree, the powerful snort when she really disagreed. You could always count on Blaze to greet you with her big ole smile and a wag of her tail. She even had the ability to answer questions by using 1 bark for yes, 2 barks for no. She was an all around "Good Girl".

When we rescued Blaze she was called “Freda” at the Durham Animal Shelter (13 years ago), we saw her sitting there and she was so adorable. I picked her up and put her in Kristi’s arms and the rest is history. Blaze was an odd one at times...walking along the river, she would bark constantly at the turtles, or the times when she would just stand out in the rain. One of the funniest moments ever was seconds after Kristi had just scolded her…. Blaze immediately went to the closet and found a “lost” bracelet, picked it up, and promptly dropped it in the toilet. Then looked up at Kristi as to say “take that”.

Blaze’s presence in the house will most certainly be missed, but I know she was met by Bo and Anna as she crossed over so peacefully.

As they say in Cherokee – “Donadagohv” till we meet again!
Ron VilesDurham, North CarolinaMay 22, 2016