Pet Memorials
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4/10/2007 - 5/20/2017Max you were such a loving good boy. You filled our home with love, excitement and joy.
You will be missed.
Parlin, New JerseyMay 23, 2017
5/20/2017Bob was a loving boy with a bob tail. Black with a spot on white on his chest he was always eager to please. He couldn't meow but he had the loudest purr. Everyone said he actually sounded like a dove and was the hit with everyone. I love bob and he will be missed dearly.. Go rest in peace.. Your daddies will miss you everyday..jeff joneslexington, KentuckyMay 22, 2017
12/17/2005 - 5/19/2017Zoe, we will miss you sooo much. You turned out to be better then we could have ever imagined when we rescued you all those years ago. Our house will never be the same without you here. Thank you for all joy, love, companionship & security that you gave to us. I am especially going to miss those quiet morning walks down at the beach or around our neighborhood after the morning rush had subsided. Your spirit will be with us forever.Brian MariusHuntington Beach, CaliforniaMay 21, 2017
10/15/1999 - 3/23/2017It's been 8 weeks since we said farewell to our wonderful cat, Winston. It is still difficult to write this memorial without tearing up. He was such a grand cat in so many ways, but now we are ready to honor him by sharing some of his special qualities that made him so very dear to us.

Winston was a beautiful grey tabby with a bit of Siamese in his heredity, which accounted for his unique personality. He had beautiful markings and very large blue eyes. He was quite the extrovert, loved attention and gave a lot in return. He was very fond of snuggling and crashing between us on the sofa, getting double the tickles. His purr was loud and frequent, as was his snoring. He was very vocal and loud, making his needs, greetings, and complaints known. When we spoke to him he spoke back. He had much patience with our young grandsons who were always in his face, wanting his attention, stroking his head and grabbing his tail. His love and appreciation for us was so evident in his gaze, and he was always there to comfort through hard times by always being available for petting and giving loving looks. He took his role seriously.

The house feels quite empty now without Winston. We are so thankful he was with us for so many years, this loud, affectionate, sassy, smart little guy! And we are also very thankful to have discovered Dr. Dawnetta who helped us so kindly, and Winston, through his final moments.

Jan and Ron Pennington
Jan and Ron PenningtonGlendale, MissouriMay 20, 2017
1/5/2005 - 5/16/2017Oliver, you were the best little boy and companion. You were funny and often such a "little stinker" and stubborn and like a true doxy.
You took over my heart and if my love could have healed and kept you with me, you would be here still. How empty the house is without you. I cry each day and sleepless night. My heart hurts so and I will never be the same without my "little pookie". How hard it is to open the door and not see you there to greet me with your tail wagging, even when you were sick. Be well now and enjoy laying in the grass sunning yourself. Mommy will love you forever and miss you until we are together again. Give my love to your brothers and sister when you meet them again. Love and lots of hugs always. Mommy
Joanne QuirionKing of Prussia, PennsylvaniaMay 20, 2017
6/14/2006 - 5/6/2017My sweet, precious Emma - how I miss you. I never new it was possible to love a dog as much as I have loved you. I'm sorry that you got so sick so fast, and that I just couldn't seem to stop it. Saying goodbye to you is one of the hardest things I've ever done and it has broken my heart. Little Miley seems very sad without you too. She's been sleeping in your bed.
I pray that you are once again running and jumping and catching the June bugs you loved so much, and eating as much chicken and treats as you want. You were the best dog ever - so gentle and friendly; loving everyone you ever met. None of us will ever forget how you squealed with delight and got Miley barking right along with you every time someone came to visit. I will never forget rubbing your soft, silky ears or that sweet, childlike look you would give me when you wanted a treat or your belly rubbed. I will never forget the laughs and smiles and all of the love you gave to all of us. Life is just not the same without you Emma. Rest in peace my sweet, beautiful girl until we meet again.
Ruth LewellenLexington, KentuckyMay 19, 2017
5/6/2002 - 5/19/2017Buddy was a fighter. He survived three different types of cancer and it was old age, mobility and nerve issues with his spine that affected his quality of life.

It was not an easy goodbye, but we could not see you suffer. Always in our hearts. We love you, Buddy.
Kim GoffHerndon, VirginiaMay 19, 2017
11/16/2017 - 5/12/2017My Love Bug. You came into my life just when I needed you. We were together through some pretty rough times and always managed to be ok cause we were together. You made me laugh every single day by your silly antics. Even when you were 10 months old and got into my purse and shredded $100 worth of 20's. Even when you were 1 and tore your ACL and required very, very expensive surgery and physical therapy. Even when you went to work with me every day (because you had to be crated after surgery) and pooped in the office. Even that time you threw up in my car. You could do no wrong. You were the best of the best and no other can ever replace you. You were my first puppy, my last Love Bug, and I miss you every waking moment.Christina LynchWhittier, CaliforniaMay 19, 2017
8/18/2003 - 5/12/2017We love and miss you so much little fellow. I miss you meeting me at the door when you heard the garage opening. I miss waking up to your little face and feeling the warmth of your little back each night when we would go Nite Nite, your the best Kitty , friend and companion this family ever had, our hearts are broken without you 💔😭Cheryl GasconLas vegas, NevadaMay 18, 2017
10/25/2007 - 5/15/2017Oh Max, how we miss you! You were such a loving dog and so very easy to love. You'd do anything to please us. Everyone who met you immediately liked you! There will never be another dog quite like you. You got sick so fast; we knew you didn't feel like your perky self. We hated to say goodbye but knew it was your time. R.I.P. Maxie - we'll never forget you!!Leslie BradleyWinchester, KentuckyMay 18, 2017