Pet Memorials
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10/10/2002 - 5/16/2017Climb High Kota Bear!Paul KuhnIssaquah, WashingtonMay 17, 2017
9/11/2017 - 5/15/2017How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.Shawn Marie MateSeattle, WashingtonMay 17, 2017
4/11/2005 - 5/9/2017Jewel, our precious greyhound. You brought much joy to our lives with your personality plus and all your silly antics! You had many medical challenges in your 12 years and you were always a trooper with the many vet visits, tests, surgeries, etc. You accepted every challenge and met it head on; however, your last challenge you could not win. That darn hemangiosarcoma got you in the end. Making the decision to help you cross the Rainbow Bridge was one of the hardest decisions I ever made in my life. As I look back now I see how ready you were; what a blessing to have Dr. Amanda Page here to help you on your final journey. She fell in love with you instantly while you showered her with kisses. And when your journey was complete Dr. Amanda lovingly prepared you with your favorite bear tucked next to you. Rest well our precious girl, we will miss you every day until we meet again in eternity.Joanne & John CashmanMission Viejo, CaliforniaMay 17, 2017
7/5/2001 - 5/10/2017Sweet Max,
Thank you for giving us the best 15 years we could ever ask for!! We are all missing you SO very much. Bella and Boo are still looking around trying to find you. Bella has taken over your favorite spot under the table because she misses having you there. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. You were always so sweet and gentle with anyone and everyone. It doesn't seem right not to have you here, but we are all happy knowing you are in a better place. We love you and miss you and will never forget you.
Mike and Sarah EspositoSterling, VirginiaMay 17, 2017
Puppo capote
2/27/2006 - 5/15/2017In memory of the Golden Retriever, that made my dream of owning a Golden a reality. You were the most outstanding, loving, caring, funny and spirited Dog, we have ever owned. Thank you for being there, when I was feeling sad and lifting my spirits. I will miss waking up in the morning, and you are not next to us, coming home, and not seeing those Golden eyes through the side glass of our front door, and being with us in the pool during pool times. Family vacations with you, were the best! I'll never forget how much you loved the Jacuzzi at one home we stayed. You were like one of us in the Jacuzzi. When we would visit family in Brooksville, I always loved watching you run like a wild boy throughout the Nursery.
Thank you again, Puppo Lindo, for being the best friend ever! Besos to you in Heaven, God has a real good Angel with him.
Margaret CapotePembroke Pines, FloridaMay 16, 2017
6/22/2004 - 4/22/2017Kalli is a Hindi word meaning “black goddess.” I chose the name before I realized how highly evolved a soul she was. The only hint I had about her nature came from the woman from whom I bought her when she was three months old. “She’s very sensitive,” she told me.

The offspring of an unplanned breeding between a black-and-tan German Shepherd and a white Standard Poodle, Kalli was distinctly “un-doglike” -- especially in the way she related to food. It was not unusual for her to leave some of her dinner uneaten -- and I am not speaking here of dogfood, but of a plate at least half filled with fresh meat. And she never went near the grocery bags (often containing meat) that I placed behind the driver’s seat, right in front of her nose, while she lay on a blanket across the back seat. She accepted doggie treats from strangers just to be polite, but often let them drop to the ground afterwards.

Her own personal favorite treat was pistachio nuts. I shelled them as she sat by my chair -- three for her, one for me -- and she ate them from my palm. The funny thing was how long it took her to chew those tiny morsels before she swallowed. She would sit there and chew and chew and chew -- more like a well-mannered person than a dog. A friend of the family once told us, “She’s like a person in a dog suit.”

She didn’t jump on a sofa or bed unless asked to do so, and even then she stayed only a few minutes, just to satisfy whoever had called her. She preferred the solitude of her own big bed where, in her last few weeks, I often lay beside her. She wouldn’t step in puddles; she either jumped over them or walked around them. And if her ball rolled into the street, she sat by the curb until someone retrieved it.

Kalli was a therapy dog at Pennsylvania hospital for a while, and I was told by a staff member that she was the only dog in the program who would walk over to a patient’s side without being enticed by a treat. All she needed to hear me say was, “Kalli, go say hello.”

Kalli’s physical beauty was remarked on by many, but most people also recognized some indefinable spiritual quality about her. Like the man who often saw Kalli lying out alone on my top step, and stopped one day, when I was sitting out there with her, to tell me that she was “mystical.” Or the five-year-old girl who stood petting Kalli while I talked with her mother, and eventually looked up at me and said with absolute certainty, “She’s an angel!”

And now I face the end of something that doesn’t seem to have had a beginning. It was so natural for us to be together. We just fit -- perfectly! Nothing about her annoyed or disturbed me. If I had had to describe the perfect dog, it would have been everything that Kalli was, and everything that Kalli wasn’t.

How on earth did I ever get on that website where her puppy picture was posted? I have no idea. Why did I make the telephone call, the decision, and the commitment, all within twenty minutes? No idea -- except that I could see her soul in her eyes. Why did the person who was originally scheduled to adopt her back out at the last minute? Don’t know. And how about the fact that, when I called back the next day to find out if she had been born under my own astrological sign, I was told that she was born on June 24th -- my birthday! All that makes it easy to believe what a friend once told me: “You’ve been together many lifetimes.”

No photo can convey Kalli’s beauty, for that beauty was in her presence. And no words of mine can describe her magnificent spirit; that, too, was in her presence.The loss of that presence, and the peace and joy it brought into my home, into my life, is painful every day.

I burn incense in the morning, and when evening comes, I light the candle in front of her photo. But none of that can bring back the feel of her fur under my fingers, or the softness of her face when I kissed her muzzle.

Yet if I were asked to trade even one second of my precious time with her for relief of my grief, I would not do it. It was my honor and my privilege to share her life with her, and, in her last few years, to give her the special care she needed.

I will be forever thankful for the grace that brought her to me.
Lorraine GardnerPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 16, 2017
9/5/2005 - 5/9/2017To Our Beloved Jack,

Our little family of three became two when we said goodbye to you. Letting you go was incredibly hard, but it was the right thing to do.

You filled our lives with joy and laughter right until the very end. Your wet nose insisting on breakfast was the first thing that greeted each new day and petting your ears and patting your head was the perfect ending to every day. In between, we shared two meals, at least three walks, playtime, and treats. You were woven into the fabric of our lives.

Our home is unbearably quiet without you in it—no nails on the tile, no snoring in stereo (just mono now), no post-meal celebrations. Walking alone just is not the same. All of the dogs in the neighborhood miss you gloating about being out for a walk and the birds miss being chased and barked at.

No one celebrated food quite like you. You drank loudly and ate heartily, finishing each meal and snack with a loud belch, a nose-to-nub rub and roll on the carpet, and an insistent demand to be taken outside. Sweet potatoes are now known as “Jack Treats” in our household. Nobody is here to shadow the “Grill Guy” or wait patiently and hopefully under the table.

You were a loyal companion and protective guardian. We miss coming home to you waiting at the door. We still open doors slowly “just in case” you are there and watch where we step during the night. We miss your nightly nose count, making sure your “herd” was all present and accounted for. The presence of the UPS or FEDEX guy is no longer “announced” with the same fanfare. The shower is unguarded.

We hope you are enjoying the other side of the Rainbow Bridge playing with your friends, Spencer and Buddy, and being spoiled rotten by Julie’s parents. Someday, we will be there too with a rope toy to play endless games of tug, new tennis balls to de-fuzz, and a limitless supply of sweet potatoes. Until then, know that you are dearly loved and wholeheartedly missed.

Love, Dog Mom & Grill Guy
Julie & Phil FluhrNorth Las Vegas, NevadaMay 16, 2017
Daisy Mae Duke
3/23/2008 - 5/13/2017Daisy Mae Duke- March 23, 2008-May 13, 2017

My sweet baby girl was diagnosed with nasal cancer on March 8……today she earned her Angel wings… home, surrounded in love…...Daisy spent her last 40 days under hospice care; due to the location and stage of the tumor, our goal was pain management and quality of life for our precious girl. I am forever grateful for the love and compassionate care provided by Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice.

During her remaining time we completed her bucket list….which included lots of Puppachinos from Starbucks, ice cream cones from Dairy Queen, sunny days laying in the yard with me, trips to McDonald’s for cheeseburgers and fries, lots of treats, and a great 9th birthday that included T-bone steaks ……she had special visits from Aunt Cindy, Tyler, Auntie Jo & Michael, the Cascio Family, Grandma Gerry and Tracy. Daisy loved everyone, especially kids, she never met a stranger…. her greatest love was food- she never missed a meal….she was a counter surfer offender on more than one occasion. Daisy loved being my kitchen assistant; always ready to taste test or pick up any food I may have dropped while cooking. Daisy loved hanging with Mike on Saturday’s watching the current season sport with him and loved being Mike's assistant out in the "pit" during BBQ time. I will miss her bossy barking….a consistent reminder that she was in charge…..and her sloppy kisses to appease me.

My heart is broken…..but grateful this crazy, loving, food addicted, bossy yellow lab came into my life on Father’s Day 2008. Daisy will forever hold a special place in my heart… free sweet girl….
Melissa MuellerAlpharetta, GeorgiaMay 15, 2017
4/25/2000 - 4/29/2017Paco you are so very loved. The 17 years that you gave us will always provide memories that will sustain our hearts. Knowing that you were able to pass at home was a blessing.Mark & Lorre WorthingtonGresham, OregonMay 15, 2017
12/27/2003 - 5/8/2017Cocco, our trusted friend, companion, and "little buddy," you will truly be missed, and there is a void in our lives with you not here with you La Mama, & Papa! You will always be in our hearts and thoughts. If you only knew how joyful you made our lives, to have you as our friend and pet was our pleasure. There's not enough words in vocabulary to express the love we have for you, the void in our life without you. Time will heal the hurt but will never erase the memory.Harry and Yolima EberhartLand O' Lakes, FloridaMay 15, 2017