Pet Memorials
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5/30/2009 - 5/13/2016Last Saturday we had to say goodbye to you, Phinn. You have left us with so many wonderful memories in the short time we had you. You were the most lovable handsome cat. I am glad you are no longer suffering and in pain. We will never forget you and I hope you are watching over us and some day we will be together again. We will love you forever!Joy FlemingPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 21, 2016
7/19/2003 - 5/12/2016To my loving baby girl. You are missed more than you will ever know. We've been through so many good times in your life and I treasured every single day with you. You touched my heart from the very first day I saw you and forever left your mark on me. We had many struggles and health issues in your time, and we shined through all of that. I still can't believe everything happened so quickly and it brought so much sadness to my heart, but I know it was your time as you weren't doing well. Not a day will go by where I won't be thinking of you and looking at your pictures and knowing that you will always be part of me. One day we will meet again and be together forever. You are truly missed my little girl.Palmetto, FloridaMay 20, 2016
7/14/2005 - 5/16/2016We will never forget your gentle soul!
See you over the Rainbow bridge.
Love you forever!
Renee SawyerSanford, North CarolinaMay 20, 2016
5/16/2016Our hawkeye was the sweetest dog that anyone could ask for . He never meet a person that he did not like . he did not have any bad habits to speak of . Dr. Carly made his going over the rainbow bridge a very peaceful and calming time for us and our other furry babies ,. We had been knowing it was time , but tried to hold him as long as possible. As i write this it is thundering outside . That was one of the things he was so afraid of . when the thunder started it was like a sign to us that he is fine and not afraid of anything now . We know he is running to his hearts content from one tree to another and smelling them all . He is a special doggy angel with his beautiful wings . We would like to thank Dr. Carly for making this a peaceful transition for him and us . She is special person to help the fur babies and give them this gift , and us peace in our hearts that we did what was best for him . Thank you Dr Carly of the baton rogue , la..laps of lovelinda scallankenner, LouisianaMay 20, 2016
Winston Byrnes
6/15/2016 - 5/16/2016Hunting dog, to rescue dog, to Leader dog, to delightful family pet, Winston, our Flat-Coated Retriever Mix was a very important part of our lives for thirteen years. We miss him so much, may he rest in peace.Edward ByrnesRochester, MichiganMay 19, 2016
Josephine Marie
3/5/1997 - 5/14/2016Josephine was the most amazing dog I've ever known and probably ever will know. She went everywhere with me in a little denim bag I found at a flea market when she first came. She was found wandering around in a parking lot by my then teenage son. She constantly shook (I later learned that chihuahuas shake) and was afraid of her new surroundings. We never found out where she came from but soon understood where she belonged. Josephine was my best friend. She made my chronic illness tolerable and greeted me every morning with a kiss. She went on all of our trips (even flew in a plane under my seat)and we used to laugh that she had paparazzi wherever she went because she wore doggles and a hat and she wore them with pride. I know my life will never be the same without her and I look forward to the day when we are together again. God Speed, my little chicken, fly free.Maureen WhitePhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMay 19, 2016
1/14/2002 - 5/9/2016Dear Norman,

It has been one week since you left. The decision to let you go was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I miss you so very much.

We were together for 14 years, almost a third of my life, and nothing feels right without you being here with me. Louis and I were away for a few days for Aunt Holly’s birthday weekend so we haven’t been home and have been around people a lot, people who love us. I think it was the only thing that made missing you bearable during these first days. Still I have cried so many tears. And I have held back twice as many.

And now I am home with Louis and we are both heartbroken and terribly sad and our tiny house feels huge without you in it with us.

The vet said that I should consider writing a memorial for you, so I decided to write you this letter. Remember how I used to talk to you, like a friend and not a dog? You were my best friend for so many years and I told you so many things – things I was happy about or scared of, or angry over. We shared days when I thought I wouldn’t make it and days when I felt invincible. I cried on your shoulder so many times, and held onto you when I felt all alone. And I danced with you and made up songs using your name when we were celebrating or taking long walks. So many things I shared with you. Through it all you never judged me and you were always there to comfort me. Thank you.

I didn’t judge you either. Your behaviors and actions made you the dog you were. Some people thought you were difficult – nervous and neurotic and not always friendly. It bothered me for a while that people thought that. I wanted people to like you and see what I could see. But as we both got older I stopped caring. I realized how lucky I was to have earned your love and trust when no one else could. You didn’t give it easily like some dogs – it had to be earned - and that made our bond strong and very special.

When you first came to live with me I had recently lost my first best friend Eliot. Part of me was worried that you wouldn’t be able to replace Eliot and that I wouldn’t love you as much so I shouldn’t bring you into my family. I was wrong about how much I would you – it couldn’t have been more. Our friendship was different than what I had with Eliot but not any less special and while you didn’t replace him, I loved you just as much and can’t imagine how I thought I might not. Thank you for teaching me that lesson.

Do you remember flying to Newark on the airplane? You were so tiny. And when you broke your leg in the flower garden, with help from your brother? And when you swam across the lagoon in Virginia and ran crazy around the cemetery, and then swam back to the house with all of us chasing you? Remember inspecting the rooms in the inn with me and then sprinting down the halls with Max? And the black cat on Franklin Avenue that scared you? Do you remember lying in the sun with me - on the porch in New Hampshire or the floor in the big house or the apartment at the inn or here on the cottage porch? I loved lounging next to you in the sun feeling warm and content. So many changes and so many constants and you were always by my side.

You are Norman, Noon, Newton, Norman New, small dog, grumpy old man, a skitch and a squitch, a funny man, a little brother and a big brother, and a true constant companion.

I wonder how many times I covered you up with a blanket.

I hope there is always someone to cover you with a blanket where you are now. I hope you are happy and comforted. I hope that your legs are strong and you run on the beach with Max and Dozor and outrun them with ease like you used to. I hope you are with your Gram and Pop and all the dogs we have loved so dearly. I hope you get to eat all the cheese and fortune cookies you want and that there is always someone to rub your ears like Papa Tom did best. I hope you go on long hikes in the mountains in New Hampshire and swim in the lake in Canada and that you run in the tall grass and not pavement on all your walks. I hope the thunderstorms no longer scare you and that you have courage to no longer be afraid of anything.

And I hope I will see you again some day, like the Rainbow Bridge says, because you are my dearest old friend Norman. Until that happens, you will always remain in my heart and live in my memory.

With so much love….
Your mom Heather
Heather SchulzeOcean Grove, New JerseyMay 19, 2016
Forever in my heart, you left pawprints on my soul, love mommydebbie mortonland o lakes, FloridaMay 19, 2016
Dilly Freckles
9/18/2002 - 5/5/2016Dilly was a self-sufficient little tabby cat who was a chatterbox, given to nocturnal tendencies, and a bit of a loner. She never missed the opportunity to spook her sister Beagle, Maggie May; and she absolutely loved her human brother, Peyton. She lived the entirety of her life in our home in Apex, and once she was too sick to go on, we were able to help her peacefully pass away in our living room. She was a good cat.Dolly SicklesApex, North CarolinaMay 19, 2016
9/7/2004 - 5/9/2016Our beloved Mugsy (more formally known by his AKC registration; SIR MUGSY, THE FEARLESS) was such a special addition to my life. I come from a large family of dog lovers and throughout my life many dogs and cats have shared our homes and were showered with our love and affection. However, I never connected with any animal on such an emotional level as I did with my Mugsy. When he came into my life my husband's business demanded significant travel. At the time we didn't have a pet in the house so we thought why not get a puppy to keep me company. Mugsy was my constant companion, I took him everywhere, even to my work. To say that we bonded would really be an understatement. While he loved all of our family, his heart belong to me and me alone. Twelve years went by in a flash and before we were ready, my baby's body began failing him on several levels. Facing the inevitable was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to face. I miss him more than mere words can express. I know that he is no longer in pain and his legs once again are allowing him run through green fields "fast as a rabbit" just like he did when he was younger. Rest in Peace baby; Mommy is looking forward to the day we can be together again.Lynn GoforthArlington, TexasMay 18, 2016