Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/17/2002 - 8/15/2015Shadow,
Thank you for all of the joy that you brought to our lives. For nearly 13 years you lived every day to the fullest and gave us your unconditional love. You stole my heart from the first moment that I picked you up. Your strength and desire to live was shown to us early when you conquered Parvo. From that experience, it's like you knew that you were blessed with a second chance and made the most of every moment. You will forever be in my heart. You are truly an angel and I miss you dearly. I love you baby girl. You will never be forgotten.
Tim DonohueSan Pedro, CaliforniaAugust 24, 2015
7/22/2004 - 8/23/2014How do you tell your best friend goodbye? How do you deal with the loss, the hurt, the anger? Bud, you have been gone a year now and it took me that long to write a memorial for you. The pain was just too much to bear. I miss you as much now as I did then. I have spent a year mourning your loss, but now it is time to celebrate your life. To reflect on the things that made you who you are. You were the best hiking buddy anyone could ever ask for. You would go bounding down the side of the mountain when you heard rushing water and wait there wondering what was taking me so long. You would be so excited to have found the waterfall. And when I took pictures you would wait patiently - usually - for me to get through and if I took too long you would take a quick nap. You knew at the end of the hike we would stop for a cheeseburger and on some days, you just wanted to skip to that part.
I will never know why you chose me to be your person, but I am glad you did. You will be furever in my heart as I continue my journey and I know that one day you will be waiting to lead me to the end of our trail where you will have a cheeseburger waiting to share with me.
Stephanie GamacheNorth Augusta, South CarolinaAugust 23, 2015
1/9/2003 - 8/19/2015Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never had a dog like Sasha. On 8/19/15 I lost my sweet Sasha. I'll miss her happy dance when I get home from work, the way she watched tv, sneezed when she wanted a snack, always looked out for me and how everyday for 12.5 years she gave me unconditional love. I was truly lucky to have her in my life.Wendy EhrlichMableton, GeorgiaAugust 22, 2015
8/1/1999 - 8/19/2015Seven, Buddy, Big Dog, Guitar Kitty, My Little Shower Gaurd
You were such a wonderful, cool, calm, and smart cat. It was so hard letting you go, but we didn't want you to suffer any longer. We miss you very much and you will always be in our hearts.
Lisa SauerweinJacksonville, FloridaAugust 22, 2015
8/1/2015 - 8/21/2015I will miss you more than you know - proud and dignified, intrepid swimmer and retriever - loving and kind. I will see you again. Your brother Linus misses you too.Carole GailorRaleigh, North CarolinaAugust 21, 2015
6/1/2002 - 8/17/2015Bear, you were so loving and caring. I know you were heartbroken when Duke passed on to the rainbow bridge. We will all be together again some day. Until then, we want you to have fun playing with Duke, Max and Buster. Walter, Dexter, Dixon, and your mommy and daddy love and miss you so very much. This house is not as bright when you're not here.Traci NashSan Bernardino, CaliforniaAugust 21, 2015
4/12/2000 - 3/12/2015Duke was a loving dog that brought a great deal of happiness to our lives. In honor of our special Duke, we will continue to help save lives by always adopting from Shelters. Duke came from a shelter and he showed us everyday how much he loved us. Duke was funny, playful, protective of his family whether it was us or his fur brothers.Traci NashSan Bernardino, CaliforniaAugust 21, 2015
1/1/2002 - 8/18/2015Bindi was the sweetest, most gentle cat I've known. I got Bindi when she was about a year and a half old from the shelter I volunteered at. She always hid in a cardboard box in her cage but when I'd take her out she'd purr and cuddle. I thought no one would see how sweet she was since she was always hiding so I decided to adopt her. She loved catnip and playing with ribbons and cuddling with her brother Loki. She loved sitting under the tree during Christmas and really loved trying to steal turkey whenever I'd eat a sandwich around her! She was a quiet cat but would always meow insistently in the morning to let me know she was ready and waiting for her breakfast! Bindi lost her battle with FIP and cancer in her chest on Tuesday, August 18th. Lap of Love helped her cross over peacefully at home and she will be greatly missed. I never imagined how much my quiet, good little girl's absence would leave my house feeling completely empty. She will forever be in my heart.Leah FinstadBoynton Beach, FloridaAugust 21, 2015
4/15/2008 - 8/18/2015Rab brought joy to our lives and enriched our lives with his hugs. We will miss him everyday.Corie AmsdenMaple Valley, WashingtonAugust 21, 2015
Ms. Duck
9/15/2015 - 8/20/2015In loving memory of my best friend and companion for 16 years. You were always there for me during the ups and downs of life. Regardless of my mood you were always patient and happy to see me. You were always by my side. I miss you dearly!Rick WardCarlisle, PennsylvaniaAugust 21, 2015