Pet Memorials
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6/2/2005 - 7/14/2016I just wanted to say I loved scrappy. He was my first fur baby, and he was so well behaved so smart and he honestly was a part of my family, we miss him every day and losing a pet to our family was as tragic as losing a loved one but at the end of the day we know that we did what was best for him and he is in doggy heaven now running around free of pain and i'm sure that when i running through his favorite parks his doggy spirit is running around with me.liliana diazOntario, CaliforniaJuly 19, 2016
3/11/2004 - 7/9/2016Our final goodbye to such a good boy. You were rough at the beginning, endlessly attacking books, phone cords, furniture, and the kids shoes or slippers. After you got past this phase, you did what you did best- to watch and protect your yard and your family. You always enjoyed to scratch your back on the chaise and get your tummy and neck rubbed. You will be enormously missed and in our hearts forever, our dearest Simba boy.
Love Mark, Janet, Leticia and Nick
Janet SalasMargate, FloridaJuly 18, 2016
2/28/1999 - 7/16/2016I often hear that the animal chose their human, however that was not the case with Merlin & I. We willing accepted one another sight unseen. But there was no doubt that he was my soulmate and God sent us to one another.
Merlin was handsome but his personality is what made him gorgeous. He was calm, inquisitive, and loving.He was able to make "non-cat" people love him. He had a spark that couldn't be missed.
He was always by my side, seeing me through breakups, mistakes, moving, lose of a friend and a father. He loved me even when I couldn't love myself. He could see into my soul and loved me even more. He taught me that true love doesn't have to be romantic, that I have been surrounded by it all along.
I can't imagine life without him, the house is already emptier with out him. I will miss his love taps to my face to pet him. His cuddling into me so that I could't move. I will take everything he gave me and honor him by giving it back.
Merlin- you sure were a magician, and brought magic into my life.

I love you Baby.
Heather FortierChicago, IllinoisJuly 18, 2016
10/10/1999 - 6/17/2016Margie was a part of our family for 16 years. We brought her home from the Marin Humane Society on October 10th, 2000, and re-named her Marge from her shelter name of “Jenny.” It took me a long time to convince my parents to let me get a dog but I’m pretty sure everyone is glad they caved. Margie was there every day when we came home, with a wagging scruffy tail and a big smile on her face. She barked at strangers, but always let little kids pet her on her walks. She loved to play Frisbee and would dig the Frisbee into the ground until her paws and snout where dark with dirt. She would get into a “crazy” mode and run all around as fast as she could and spin on a dime to change directions – and if she went “crazy” in the house, she would jump from carpet to carpet so as to not touch the hardwood floors. She liked the beach but as she got older she only liked the harder sand near the water, so we would carry her from the deep sand to get there. She hated dog food. All dog food. So she trained us to feed her human food on top of her dog food to “jump start” her eating. Her favorites were filet mignon, pork tenderloin, and tri-tip. As Mom says, she was a terrier so she wanted more “gamey” foods – no chicken.

Margie liked to ride in the car with her head out the window and her little ears flapping in the wind. We loved her ears – they flapped up and down as she trotted down the streets of San Francisco, and although the rest of her body was covered in coarse wirey-hair, her ears were always so so soft. She liked to go on walks through Golden Gate Park, and she knew that in the Rose Garden, if her tennis ball went into one of the planters, she had to wait for me to get the ball out. She once won 5th place in an ugly dog contest, but we never really thought she was anything but adorable. And when she had a little dog smile on her face, everyone would stop to remark how cute she was and how young she looked, even when she was 13 or 14.

Margie was our girl. I told her every night that she was the best dog in the world, the cutest one. She was smart and sweet and she loved us all unconditionally. We loved her just the same. We will always miss her. Margie, thank you for all the adventures, the pleasure was ours.
Alicia YocomSan Rafael, CaliforniaJuly 18, 2016
11/7/2005 - 7/17/2016Max, the big white fluffy polar bear of a Pyrenees, we hope you run free today, find lots of big sticks to run hopefully a place that is nice a chilly!LesKathySuz WagnerWimauma, FloridaJuly 17, 2016
9/30/2004 - 6/18/2016My beautiful, sweet baby boy, Tyger, will always live in my heart. His soul forever apart of my own. He was a wonderful brother to his siblings. His litter mate brother misses him greatly but knows he is with their sister playing beyond the rainbow bridge.Elizabeth GeorgeChapel Hill, North CarolinaJuly 17, 2016
2/1/2001 - 7/12/2016Jim our little girl...yes girl! She was so big and fluffy when we first met we thought it was a boy, named him Jim only to find out HE was a SHE!! She was with us for 15 loving years! Never outside but she loved to watch the birds in the morning and bathe in the afternoon sun. She was full of life and very frisky as a young adult but in her older years she slowed down and was plagued with thyroid issues and became blind in one eye but she did not allow that to get her down, she continued to live her life like there was nothing admirable! She was our 1 and only baby and there will forever be a hole in our heart! But we know that someday we will see her again! We love you and miss you our little "monkey"

Kim and Ryan
Kim DirksLancaster, PennsylvaniaJuly 16, 2016
Cadence Frances
8/14/1999 - 7/14/2016Cadence, you no longer sleep in my lap or in my bed. Now you have burrowed into a little place to sleep in my heart. When you occasionally wake, I will take time to nourish your spirit and take a walk through our memories together. I thank God for your little spirit and for all the love and loyalty and kisses that you gave me.Vincent MelgarejoHouston, TexasJuly 16, 2016
7/28/2004 - 7/14/2016miss you much Zeus bear!kathleen quernerspringboro, OhioJuly 16, 2016
7/14/2016Chester, you were my first unconditional love in adulthood. You taught me that unconditional love is giving your best at all times. Best does not mean perfect. It means what you could give in that moment, at that time. You were my little boy. My best friend. My strength. My companion. My partner. My home. Of all the states we lived in and journeys we took together, wherever you were, you became my home. We were a team. You got me through those sleepless all-nighters in law school. Sitting in my lap, purring away, staying awake with me. You got me through the toxic relationship. You soothed me through the loss of my close friend. We found a cozy new home together here in Houston--a fresh start from all the other starts. I felt my life took off and every time I came back from the stress of life outside our home, I was always met by you at the door, rubbing up against my legs, greeting me. I would sit on the couch and you would cuddle into my neck and purr up a storm. You would nuzzle your nose into my hand and say "Mommy. I'm here. Be here with me." That white noise of life didn't matter much. You were that reminder. Always. In the last two years, I would leave for work everyday and get into my little car, and I would say to God, "Thank you, God, for my life." Thank you for my health. My parents' health. I have my great job, my cute little car, my cozy little home, I have my loving boyfriend (who got me through this today), and I have Chester. You have always been a huge part of my blessings. I hope you felt my love for you. I did my very best. You deserved the very best. A once in a lifetime soul crossed paths with me. I am so very lucky. With love and chin rubs and cuddles one last time, you went to bed on your favorite blanket in my lap, with Wim telling you how loved you are, for the most yummy, comfortable, restful nap. And I will be forever grateful that you told me when the time was right. Thank you, God, for my life. Thank you for Mr. Chester Loon Totman. Thank you, God, for Chester.Elizabeth TotmanHouston, TexasJuly 15, 2016