Pet Memorials
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1/10/2007 - 1/25/2017My precious Shelby. You were the kindest, gentle, loving little girl. I miss our snuggle time in the big chair, and miss you greeting me at the door. I fell in love with you and your brother 10 years ago the moment I laid eyes on you both. We had so much fun hanging by the pool and playing in the yard. You were so cute when anyone came to the door, you had to put a stuffed toy in your mouth and tried to bark at the same time. Shelby there will never be another sweet girl like you. Rest in peace while sitting in your Grammy's lap in heaven. I will see you again little girl.
Your Mom
Carolyn FarnsworthLoxahatchee, FloridaJanuary 27, 2017
5/15/2002 - 1/1/2017Spotty boy - We will always love you and we miss you every day. The house is so quiet without you. Your chubby brothers are probably going to lose some weight - they don't "request" food at exactly 6:45 am, 3:40 pm, and 7:30 pm like you always did! I miss sleeping with you, "brother" misses being woken by you, and believe it or not, Beckham and Miles are getting along! You are helping them with that aren't you my good boy? Miles is trying to talk for you, he's not as good at it yet, but help him, okay? He is really trying. And please send Beckham a message that it will be okay, that you will see him again one day - He keeps looking for you still. He pulled all your old toys out of the basket. I don't know if this is in memory of you, or if it's directly to you, but I want to say it to you - I hope you and your big brother Digetts are having fun up there on the rainbow bridge, I know you missed him. Dad, "brother", "aunt", and "cousin" send their love too - until we meet again my sweet boy.....
Human Mom
Lisa JonesAiken, South CarolinaJanuary 27, 2017
5/1/2008 - 1/26/2017Riley was being trained to be a service dog but they found he was a little too rambunctious for that role and had to find him a good home. We were happy to welcome him to our family in March 2009. He was 11 months old and was the most sensitive dog I ever met. If you were sad or mad he would come sit by your side to comfort you. We thought we were taking care of him but he really was taking care of us. His favorite things to do were go to the park, chase frisbees, chew on sticks and play tug of war. His face and bark were menacing but all who met him immediately fell in love once they realized how tremendously sweet he was. We loved him immensely and will forever carry him in our hearts. Miss you, puppy. RIP 😘Teresa VahlLake Bluff, IllinoisJanuary 27, 2017
7/9/2003 - 1/24/2017Gordon came into my life when I was 23y/o after I experienced a heartbreak. I purchased him from a breeder in Georgia. When I arrived to pick him out, several of his brothers and sisters greeted me with much energy, Gordon was different, he was very calm and relaxed. I wanted him because I shared his personality. We got along perfectly and he fit just right into my young adult life. He quickly helped to mend my broken heart and has given me so much more in my life.
Gordon was my first child, he taught me patience and understanding which in return prepared me for human motherhood. He has been with me through ups and downs and has always been by my side. Our family grew together to include my husband, my son, and our fur daughter named Penny. My best friend Gordon turned into my husband's best friend, my son's best friend, and although she doesn't show it at times he became Penny's best friend.
Heather WhitfieldNorth Augusta, South CarolinaJanuary 26, 2017
4/1/2001 - 1/25/2017Bonnie Mae was and always will be Daddy's little girl. She was 16 on her passing. I will always love her and her brother as they always will be in my heart forever. I know now she has joined her brother but both will be forever missed.
Both Bonnie and Clyde were born on 4/1/2001.
Bryan VolantoIrmo, South CarolinaJanuary 26, 2017
3/1/2001 - 1/25/2017Tank was one-of-a-kind (well, all animals are). He was funny, playful, and loved to pretend he could care less about attention (he didn't fool many, but it was cute). People would stop their cars, tough looking men would melt when he walked by. And if someone didn't stop to tell him how cute he was, he would be quite offended. He did not much like other dogs, but grew to like our new dog, Daisy over the past month or so as she would look out for him - telling us when he needed help getting up and opening the door for him.

It really helps to remember the good days. His last week or so he seemed sad, but he had almost 16 years of happiness. We cannot thank Dr. Brad enough for helping us give him peace. Tank is sorely missed. We love you, little buddy.
E AvilaPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJanuary 26, 2017
11/1/2001 - 1/23/2017I layed my beloved son Bootsie to rest 1/23/17 on a Monday afternoon. He gave me 16yrs of unconditional love and happiness. He was diagnosed with feline nasal cancer almost a year ago. They gave me less than 9 mths. He gave me almost 12 mths. Bootsie had a very strong will to live. Boostie hated going to the vet clinic, but was so happy to just stay home and live out the rest of his life with me. So I treated him at home with non toxic therapy and supplements and catered to his every need from helping him up and down on the bed, hand feeding, providing oxygen etc.... It has been a long journey, but he was worth every minute. He let me know it was time. So I had to make a very hard decision to put him to rest. I contacted lap of love.shannon Dclermont, FloridaJanuary 26, 2017
3/13/2003 - 1/22/2017Molly was my loyal companion for almost 14 years. She used to love to run in circles playfully as I chased her. She would let me know when she needed my attention by nuzzling her nose through my arm. Anytime I was upset she was always there to lend a (very soft) ear. I will never forget her hound dog bark as she impatiently waited for her food. Or how she preferred to take her food "to go" (container and all) to her usual spot in the back yard. Molly would wake every morning, walk through the same neighbors yards and circle back home. I suppose it was her cup of coffee in the morning but it always made me smile. Loved how she passed me in the hall and would turn around to go the direction I was. I'll miss her grunt and wine when I returned home from being gone too long. I know any future dog I will have has some big paws to fill.
Rest In Peace Molly. I love you baby girl.
Bonnie MilesDayton, TexasJanuary 25, 2017
2/3/2017 - 1/23/2017My beloved Bogart, you were my comfort when I grieved for loved ones lost, you were my buddy when I was lonely. You were truly "my daily sunshine". My world is a darker place without you, but it is brightened by happy memories of the joy you brought to my life.Marie MastropaoloDelray Beach, FloridaJanuary 24, 2017
12/5/2006 - 1/5/2017I missed you yesterday, and I miss you today. I miss our daily times of telling each other secrets. You are always in my thoughts, your footprints on my heart. I will love you always.Teresa SheppardAiken, South CarolinaJanuary 24, 2017