Pet Memorials
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12/5/2003 - 4/25/2017My sweet boy Ranger,
Ranger was my longest relationship with a male 13 1/2 years Ha! But seriously we have been through everything together, eleven moves, 1 divorce, several breakups, welcoming a child into the world and the list goes on. Ranger was my one constant in my life, always there to offer 100%unconditional love. I miss him every minute of everyday. I miss prepping food and not having his big brown "sad" eyes staring at me as if he hadn't eaten in a week. I miss his smell, his kisses, his sweetness and easygoing attitude. Everyone loved Ranger and he loved everyone. He was just LOVE, pure and simple.
Ranger brought so much to this world, most notably he was a therapy dog at Shriners Childrens Hospital. When he came through the patient's room, the child's eyes would light up. He didn't realize just his Being was enough to make someone smile. He didn't have to Do anything. Let that be a lesson to all of us humans.
I can't wait to see my boy when I get to the other side. But for now, he will be in my heart ALWAYS!!!
Thank you Dr Amanda for creating such a safe,comfortable,peaceful space for Ranger to make his transition.
Dr Amanda is truly an angel 😇
Jennifer WilliamsNewport Beach, CaliforniaMay 11, 2017
Brownie Smores Shanks
8/8/2004 - 5/9/2017Brownie was a great pet! He was wonderful with kids and adults. Everyone loved him. People would meet him for the 1st time and say he was a sweetest dog. There is a void in our home and will be there for a long time as we get use to our new normal. We miss him so much.Dashia ShanksDurham, North CarolinaMay 10, 2017
Jersey Girl
3/6/2004 - 4/26/2017“Jersey Girl” was our beautiful and sweet Golden Retriever. She was a wonderful dog and we all loved her. She was a big part of our family and we were part of her pack. I know that my life, and all our lives, were greatly enhanced by having “Jersey” and that we were very lucky to have her. She participated in all our family activities. Whether it was going for walks or swimming in the pool or just hanging out, “Jersey” just wanted to be with us and be part of whatever it was that we were doing (or not doing). She was the best welcome wagon you could imagine, always excited and happy to see you when you came home. She would be at the door, wagging her tail, and would run outside to welcome you home. “Jersey” brought a special kind of love into our family. It was warm and furry and golden. It was constant and never wavered; it was joyful and loyal; and it brought us closer as a family. We will forever miss our sweet “Jersey Girl”, the best doggie it the world (at least she was the best for us) and we hope that someday, somehow, we will be with her again.William McKennaSt Johns, FloridaMay 10, 2017
Sierra King
11/28/2002 - 5/8/2017We have loved Sierra for almost 15 yrs. She has brought such love and joy to our lives. She was a true Italian!!! She loved to eat--- EVERYTHING!!!!! She had the biggest heart and loved unconditionally!!! We've had some rough medical times with her thru the years, but this last year was the hardest. She was starting to suffer and there wasn't anything we could do to stop it. When we brought Lap of Love into our home, we hoped and prayed that they'd say she wasn't ready to pass on yet. That wasn't the case and our lives would be changed forever!!!! There isn't a second that goes by that she isn't thought of. She is felt everywhere in our home as well as our hearts. The pain is beyond unbearable and losing her has been the hardest thing I could ever have imagined. She will forever be in our hearts and I can only pray she is at peace and up in heaven with my Grandma!!!Lisa & Robert KingApollo Beach, FloridaMay 10, 2017
Pokie Pipsqueak
7/7/2017 - 5/3/2017My darling little man, you had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on you when you were just 8 weeks old. Every day, you brought love and laughter to me. I fear I lost much of that when you peacefully left us. You will never be forgotten and will always be in my heart.Susan RothenbuhlerCincinnati, OhioMay 10, 2017
4/5/2005 - 5/1/2017You made every day better! We love and miss you so much!Heidi PilarskiHuntington Beach, CaliforniaMay 9, 2017
3/1/2001 - 4/23/2017You were a big part of our life for 15 years. We miss you daily--in big and little ways. We know we will be together again someday. Be patient. Hang out with Monkey and wait on us. We will be there soon. Love you, my furry son.David HardinValrico, FloridaMay 7, 2017
12/26/2002 - 5/2/2017Chancey was the sweetest dog and so embedded in our lives. He was part of our pack and will never be forgotten.Robert and Leah IslerFair Lawn, New JerseyMay 7, 2017
Oscar Meyer
We rescued Oscar Feb 2007 from King County animal center. He and his siblings were dumped into a dumpster in Issaquah, WA. He had 7 total in the box. A jogger heard them whimper and called the police to retrieve then. Two of his sisters passed. They were totally starving and dehydrated. I called right away and was put on the list. After foster homes I was one of five to get my big boy. At the time I had two Shih Tzu. He was wild and crazy and loved every squirrel on this earth.
We were all on tv when the rescue came true. Oscar was an amazing pet and protector. My grandkids would lie on top of him. He was so mellow and my best friend. He is not replaceable. I cry each day. Even though it will be two weeks tomorrow it seems likes yesterday that I had Lap of Love ❤️ come and put him down on the 24th of April.
My old shih tzu passed on Feb 2this year and Oscar stopped walking in from on the 13th. We bought a stretcher went to 4 doctors and the vca hospital the neurological dept said it seemed he had a tumor in his spine. It got better for a week and he stood and walked slowly. Then a week later his whole body could not move. We had more tests but all orgins were good he ate lots and drank lots. I would sleep with him on the floor. He was 85 lbs I could barely lift him my friend steve would lift him in and out. It was so sad. I did not want to try surgery for he was almost 11 and doctor said not sure it would help. I always said when I now he is in pain I will make some decisions. He starting crying usually only at night. Two nights before I made this decision I rubbed him bathed him on the floor and sun night the 23rd I had to tell him he will be fine and he needs to sleep. I said I would see him at the rainbow bridge. The next day was the hardest. Lap of love and Dr Ashley were awesome.
Gayle A AndersonhEdmonds Wa, WashingtonMay 7, 2017
8/2/2002 - 5/5/2017What do you say about the dog of your lifetime except farewell my friend ...see you again. Here is a poem I wrote for another dog I lost years ago, but is so fitting of many dogs I think: SEE YOU AGAIN ...The Spirit of a child, but with instinct and cunning...Heart of a golden huntress...Eyes of Eternal Love and Forgiveness...Ears that heard every word I said...Feet that were swift to bring me a smile...a Beauty unsurpassed...this Breathtaking creature, surely one of God's Gift of Life and Love...seeing from the Heart those things which are hidden...Courage and Confidence a beautiful Coat of Faith...a Kind Tongue to gently heal the wounds when others had lashed out...Bold and Brilliant with undeniable Excellence...She waits for me my friend...See you again

Thanks so much to Dr Courtney and Lap of Love for allowing my old girl to go home quietly with some dignity.
Chris HagyBurton, MichiganMay 7, 2017