Pet Memorials
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Outlaw josey wales
6/13/2004 - 5/25/2017This past Thursday was one of the hardest days of my life. We had to say goodbye today to our once-in-a lifetime, magnificent dream dog, Outlaw Josey Wales. Our hearts are heavy with grief and we are devastated. The pain is almost unbearable. Oh, how we loved this amazing boy. Josey was pure perfection in a dog. He had the most stable, calm temperament of any dog I've ever known and was incredibly loving, loyal, soft, smart, engaging and kind, a true gentle giant with a sweet, goofy personality that made everyone love him. He was gorgeous too. Our vet used to say he was the Brad Pitt of the dog world. Josey loved everyone and he served as a therapy dog through Share A Pet with both me and my husband for 5 years. He was also an Ambassadog at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. He brought much love, joy and laughter into the lives of many people during his years of service. Josey was very smart and quite the entertainer too. He knew a number of tricks; bow, high five, play dead, look sad, and oh my, was he a talker and would "talk" on cue. That always went over big at the nursing home. Josey was 5 years old when we adopted him and we were blessed with the presence of this amazing boy for 7 1/2 years. We felt like celebrities when we were out in public with him. EVERYONE stopped us and remarked on his beauty and size. His huge paw prints will remain on our hearts forever. God speed beloved Josey. You were truly a perfect dog and there will never be another one like you. You took a piece of my heart with you, sweet boy. I know you will be waiting for us on the other side. Can't wait to hear your silly woohooing again.Charlene BabyakPlantation, FloridaMay 28, 2017
Miss Kitty
5/5/2004 - 5/20/2017Miss Kitty was my friend, companion and the reason I could talk out loud so no one would think I was insane. I loved her and am missing her terribly! Knowing she didn't have to suffer and was able to leave this plane in her own home was a blessing. Although knowing the right decision was made and the application of that decision; I didn't realize how much a part my life she was to me and I was to her.... I love that little girl and will always miss her!!!!!!!Pamela FruchterCoconut Creek, FloridaMay 28, 2017
7/7/2017 - 5/22/2017Bear-bear, from the moment I brought him home, let me know that he was very special. For one, he preferred to be inside with air conditioning. He liked to lay in the sun on cool days and in front of the glass door , in the AC on hot days. On the days that I didn't feel good, he never left my side. He intuited things way before I realized. For almost 14 years he has been only a source of unyielding love and loyalty. For these and so many more things, my sweet baby Bear has changed me.Kim GaineyTampa, FloridaMay 28, 2017
Sox Cannon
11/3/2007 - 5/18/2017The best friend. He greeted me at the door everyday. He sat on my lap nearly every time I sat down. He gave me kisses and head-butts every time I tried to read in bed. There was no way to study or pick up a book in my apartment when he was around. Sox demanded, and I was happy to give him all of my attention. He was a very simple cat in that he preferred the same dry food and meowed very little. Cat nip and treats did not appeal to him, but he certainly enjoyed an old shoe string that I would toss around the place for him. He wanted to be engaged with and loved. In that way he was very special and one of a kind. I love you, buddy. You will be missed.Ryan CannonSaint Louis, MissouriMay 28, 2017
5/1/2001 - 5/26/2017Sammy was more than a pet to us, he was our boy. He had a spirit that not many living creatures have. We will miss him tremendously & will never forget the joy & unconditional love he gave us & those around us. Sammy will forever be in our hearts, our minds & our souls. We were lucky to have such a kind & happy soul enrich our lives. We love you forever Sam & no words can express the emptiness we feel since you are no longer with us.
Donna & Michael
Michael GronquistLutz, FloridaMay 27, 2017
Macy Rae
6/4/2003 - 5/25/2017This little girl. This darling one right here. My little Macy Rae "slipped the surly bonds of earth... and touched the face of God" yesterday. My heart hurts as I'm a mama to none now. The house is too quiet. There isn't the pitter patter of tiny ballerina feet. Take good care of her, Boo. You'll both be missed. #TinyDancer Count the headlights on the highway... Mama loves you, sweet girl. xoxo<--Play it for Macy and sing loud for me. **Thank you, Dr. Amanda and Lap of Love. Words will never begin to express how thankful I am for you for making something beautiful from the pain. Bless you.**Keri LynnWesley Chapel, FloridaMay 27, 2017
Rosko P. Davis
2/22/2002 - 5/20/2017A Letter to My Family
To call me a dog hardly seems fair. I know I have four legs, a tail that wags, and I bark so by all outward appearances I seem to be a dog.
But I know what I am. I’m smart, loyal, talented, protective and handsome. I’m always happy and I never complain. Clearly, I am the most perfect member of the Davis family and I’m modest too. I am Mr. Rosko P. Davis and 15 years ago I came to live here. Until then, my future didn’t look so bright.
My former owner used me as a bait dog in dog fights. I guess I was just too sweet and good-natured for that job so he dumped me on the side of the road. Some nice person picked me up and took me to a vet. I was injured, sick with Parvo and all my ribs were showing. They nursed me back to health and of course, fell in love with me. Who wouldn’t? But, you can’t live at a vet’s office so their staff started looking for a place for me. My mom worked with a guy who said he’d take me to live with him in an apartment. My mom said, you can’t keep a big dog in an apartment. So, he brought me here instead. Lucky for me! A big yard to play in! And a loving house to live in!
The first thing I did when I walked in the front door was introduce myself to Rosie, the cockatiel. I lunged at her cage, almost knocking it over. She forgave me and we became friends. We would compete when someone was outside walking up to the door to see who could be the best “watch” bird or “watch” dog. She squawked loudly, I barked, it was great fun! But, truth be told, I always won! That’s because I rule the roost!
These people were great. The first night my sister, Laura, said I could sleep in her room. Mom and Dad weren’t so sure; they had always had outside pets. Well sister won. I slept in her room for a long, long time. Even in her bed with her! So, you see, I’m just a little bit spoiled.
I can tell you who’s the boss around here. It’s me but don’t tell Daddy – he thinks it’s him. I’ll tell you why. As soon as Daddy walks in the door after work, all I must do is be happy to see him and he hooks me up on the leash and we take our walk. Obviously, I have him well-trained! He lets me walk as fast or as slow as I want, stopping to smell all the other pet pee or poop I want. Dad says I’m reading the New York Times! Hey, that’s how I know who’s been walking around my “hood.” Gotta know your competition! Daddy is also fond of saying that he could lock me and Mom in the trunk and when he opens it Mom will be mad as hell but I’ll be excited to see him! And, that’s the truth!
This is my family and I protect them. One night mom was walking me and the fighting instinct I once had kicked in. A great big pit bull flew through the air and was about to knock her down. I flew through the air and hit him before he could hit her and then fought with him so he couldn’t hurt her. I don’t like fighting – I’d rather cuddle, lay on your foot, lick your face or stretch out next to you on the floor instead. But this is family and I’m the head of it, so I had to take care of business. Just once through.
Every night when it’s time for bed, I kiss Mom and Daddy good-night. Then I take my place on the “wall,” well, really it’s just Dad’s side of the bed but we call it the “wall.” That is where I guard them while they sleep.
I like to play outside too. I run up and down the fence line barking at the boats as they speed down the river. But the most fun is when I chase the skateboarders. They come down the sidewalk and I run and spin like the Tasmanian devil. They laugh and holler, “Spin, Spin, Spin.” Boy, is that fun!
Daddy was always afraid I’d hurt myself and wanted me to stop. When I was young, it didn’t hurt at all. When I got older, it did but I didn’t wanna stop. So, once in a while I still get a few spins in. Heck, you only live once, go for the gusto!
I have a great talent. I sing “Happy Birthday!” My family has a tradition to call a person on their birthday and sing to them. I don’t know how they got along doing it before I came to live her – it must have been a pathetic attempt. But, let me tell you when they pick up the phone and say we’re going to sing, I begin warming up the pipes by humming a bit. By the time the phone is answered I’m ready to go – I sing louder than everyone else, thereby making their pitiful, out of tune song sound oh so much better!
One time, I was asked to sing on the phone to an entire restaurant filled with people celebrating a birthday in South Carolina. They put me on a speaker and we could hear everyone roaring with happiness at my great song. Obviously, my talent is known far and wide!
Mom and Dad always tried to keep me healthy with good food. But I must tell you, that being in charge like I am, I could dictate a few “extras” that I really love. Like sometimes Mom would bake me my very own peanut butter dog treats or chicken and rice. And, Dad would add some wet food to the dry stuff. He always gives me several pieces of Oscar Meyer smoked turkey every day. We’ve tried other brands but that one is my favorite and these guys are easy – they can’t refuse – they give me the good stuff. I’ve had my share of delicious steak bones over the years too. From time to time I’d get a craving for fast food - I like McDonald’s cheeseburgers – no pickles please. I know, it isn’t Burger King but I still got to have it my way! All I must do is bark once loudly and Mom and Dad will immediately jump up and get me my “crack snacks.” They’re actually bacon flavored Beggin Strips. I’m not sure what kind of shit they put in those things but I’m addicted. Just call me a “crackhead!” They threaten to put me in rehab but I’m king of the castle and my subjects give me whatever I want.
I’ve been blessed to have been loved, spoiled, cared for and included as a cherished member of the Davis family. They treated me like a person. All my days have been happy ones. I have given you all pure, unconditional love and you have given me the same in return.
Today is a good day to be a dog. It’s time for me to go. And, because I am a dog you can give my tired, old body the rest it deserves. You couldn’t do that if I were not a dog. I thank you for letting me go with love, grace and dignity.
I love each one of you. When you feel your heart thump in your chest, that’s just my crooked tail wagging in there letting you know I’m always in your heart. I am forever yours and I will remain your loyal and faithful companion. Until we are together again, remember, I “Woof” You! Mr. Rosko P. Davis
Cindy DavisTampa, FloridaMay 26, 2017
11/30/2000 - 5/20/2017Love you always, Link. You're ok, now. You're ok.Pauline FernandezHuntington Beach, CaliforniaMay 26, 2017
3/15/2000 - 5/20/2017Dear Corabelle,

The house is now too quiet, too stilll. We imagine you sitting on the table or jumping from one wall to the other or taking a nap in the sunshine or sitting in our dormer window. How we loved driving up to the house and watching you in that window.

We miss you most in the mornings when we read books, or maybe it's nap time or maybe it's at night time when you'd curl up with us, your tail around my arm. Or maybe it's when we walk into the house and you ran to the door to greet us. Really, it's what Ellie said, " I just miss everything about Corabelle." Wisdom from our nearly five-year-old. You enriched our lives and we are so thankful for your presence. It's just trying to get used to your absence that seems impossible.
Jennifer Taylor-PorterDecatur, GeorgiaMay 25, 2017
7/28/2017 - 5/24/2017I had the perfectly imperfect dog. She was so stubborn, smart and absolutely loved me even with all of my faults as I did her. When she laid her paw on my arm as she fell asleep, I really hope it was a genuine gesture of love, empathy and trust. In the past year, I would relay stories using terms such as "used to". She used to grin when she saw me, she used to run to the door when I would walk in the house, she used to love car rides and would go everywhere with me. Now I miss laying on the ground and listening to her breathe and her heartbeat. I miss my friend, my protector and my family member - my Miss Kaylee girl.Melissa RenningerPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaMay 25, 2017