Pet Memorials
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1/1/2006 - 5/27/2017Chuckie was a gentle presence in our household. Kind and loving, even-tempered and easy going. He never growled or showed aggression. "A lover, not a fighter." He was very laid back except in pursuit of forbidden food or pilfered playthings. Then he could become a stealth ninja, quietly swooping in to take the sandwich off of the counter or the soft plush toy or action figure out of my son's room. Walks together were our daily adventure; naps together or having him hog a spot on the couch while trying to watch a movie. Favorite memories: watching him running with abandon through the unexpected NC snow; getting his head stuck inside an empty Goldfish cracker container, stealing the rainbow Afro wig and the "just desserts" that resulted; chasing a ball inside or outside the house in a frenzy of energy; getting "beaten" with socks by my son (a favorite game); his happy twirl when it was dinner time. Chuckie was a gift from God, provided at just the right time for our family. We are grateful for his love and while we grieve his passing, we console ourselves with the belief that he is with God and whole and well and that we will see him again.Diane KnaufRaleigh, North CarolinaMay 29, 2017
Baby Girl
5/11/2003 - 5/23/2017Baby Girl the house is empty without you. We miss you so much. We miss the way you would sit in dad's lap and the minute I sat down you would move to mine. Your dad would call you a traitor. We miss having you here to come home to and the happy greeting we would get from you. I can see you turning round and round because you were so excited. Our hearts are so broken but we know that you are no longer suffering. Instead you are running around pain free like a young puppy again. You were a part of our family and will always hold a special place in our hearts. I thank you for giving us years and years of unconditional love and happiness. Love you Baby Girl!Eddy & Terry CannadyOxford, North CarolinaMay 29, 2017
10/11/2006 - 5/22/2017It's been nearly a week - but it already feels like years. We lost Piper last Tuesday to cancer, even after surgery to remove the one primary lung tumor - it reared it's awful head just a few days later and only gave us about 2 more weeks with this sweet girl. And through ALL of it Piper fought, played, ate (like a horse), welcomed us home every single day just like always, and of course carried her tennis ball or favorite toy around in her mouth - still wanting to follow us wherever we went. THAT was our Piper we came to know and love for almost 11 years. She was definitely your typical schnauzer - fierce, playful, loud, vocal, and attached. She was always ready for you to THROW THE BALL and would bring it right back to do all over again. We are so sad and completely heartbroken at the suddenness, the unfairness, and the outcome - but I pray that one day our sadness will turn to the joy and love and happiness of all those memories, for that's what sweet Piper brought to so many.

Oh Pipe Pipe, wait right there for me - for I'll see you again!
Heidi NewtonKannapolis, North CarolinaMay 29, 2017
7/1/2003 - 5/26/2017These past couple of days have been difficult without our boy Beavis. We miss him dearly. He is in a better place now with no pain or suffering. He was such a great cat and a member of our family. Most of all we miss hearing his meows and his purring. Seeing his beautiful green eyes. Petting his soft coat. Watching him play with his tail. Having him curl up in our lap. His long tail seemed to never stop moving unless he was sleeping! We are so grateful for all of the joy he brought to us. We love him so much.Becky WooldridgeKansas City, MissouriMay 29, 2017
10/1/2002 - 5/23/2017My darling Chemo you made our world a more beautiful place. You gave us strength and peace when needed. You gave us comfort and joy always. Your constant purr was larger than life as was your unconditional love. Every day we will miss your sweet face, your loving kisses, and your big snuggles. You know that loving everything about you was one of my most favorite things to do ever and I will love you always. Rest peacefully on the rainbow bridge my heart.Colleen StiritzLas Vegas, NevadaMay 29, 2017
5/15/2017To our beautiful curly haired Annie.
You brought us so much laughter and joy.
Although our hearts and our home are empty
with your passing, we know that it was your
time to leave and that you are somewhere safe
and special and well-earned, running, jumping
and barking, with the exuberance that you brought
to every day of your life with us. You are free now
from pain and the trials of old age, but not a day will
go by that you are not in our thoughts and hearts.
Goodbye to our little comic Aire Dale, we were your
forever home and we will love you always and forever.

Ginger and Francesca
Ginger EraleBay Shore, New YorkMay 28, 2017
Outlaw josey wales
6/13/2004 - 5/25/2017This past Thursday was one of the hardest days of my life. We had to say goodbye today to our once-in-a lifetime, magnificent dream dog, Outlaw Josey Wales. Our hearts are heavy with grief and we are devastated. The pain is almost unbearable. Oh, how we loved this amazing boy. Josey was pure perfection in a dog. He had the most stable, calm temperament of any dog I've ever known and was incredibly loving, loyal, soft, smart, engaging and kind, a true gentle giant with a sweet, goofy personality that made everyone love him. He was gorgeous too. Our vet used to say he was the Brad Pitt of the dog world. Josey loved everyone and he served as a therapy dog through Share A Pet with both me and my husband for 5 years. He was also an Ambassadog at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. He brought much love, joy and laughter into the lives of many people during his years of service. Josey was very smart and quite the entertainer too. He knew a number of tricks; bow, high five, play dead, look sad, and oh my, was he a talker and would "talk" on cue. That always went over big at the nursing home. Josey was 5 years old when we adopted him and we were blessed with the presence of this amazing boy for 7 1/2 years. We felt like celebrities when we were out in public with him. EVERYONE stopped us and remarked on his beauty and size. His huge paw prints will remain on our hearts forever. God speed beloved Josey. You were truly a perfect dog and there will never be another one like you. You took a piece of my heart with you, sweet boy. I know you will be waiting for us on the other side. Can't wait to hear your silly woohooing again.Charlene BabyakPlantation, FloridaMay 28, 2017
Miss Kitty
5/5/2004 - 5/20/2017Miss Kitty was my friend, companion and the reason I could talk out loud so no one would think I was insane. I loved her and am missing her terribly! Knowing she didn't have to suffer and was able to leave this plane in her own home was a blessing. Although knowing the right decision was made and the application of that decision; I didn't realize how much a part my life she was to me and I was to her.... I love that little girl and will always miss her!!!!!!!Pamela FruchterCoconut Creek, FloridaMay 28, 2017
7/7/2017 - 5/22/2017Bear-bear, from the moment I brought him home, let me know that he was very special. For one, he preferred to be inside with air conditioning. He liked to lay in the sun on cool days and in front of the glass door , in the AC on hot days. On the days that I didn't feel good, he never left my side. He intuited things way before I realized. For almost 14 years he has been only a source of unyielding love and loyalty. For these and so many more things, my sweet baby Bear has changed me.Kim GaineyTampa, FloridaMay 28, 2017
Sox Cannon
11/3/2007 - 5/18/2017The best friend. He greeted me at the door everyday. He sat on my lap nearly every time I sat down. He gave me kisses and head-butts every time I tried to read in bed. There was no way to study or pick up a book in my apartment when he was around. Sox demanded, and I was happy to give him all of my attention. He was a very simple cat in that he preferred the same dry food and meowed very little. Cat nip and treats did not appeal to him, but he certainly enjoyed an old shoe string that I would toss around the place for him. He wanted to be engaged with and loved. In that way he was very special and one of a kind. I love you, buddy. You will be missed.Ryan CannonSaint Louis, MissouriMay 28, 2017