Pet Memorials
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12/31/2005 - 4/1/2017If Kaz had been a kid in school, he would have been elected "class clown". He was always happy, always goofy, always the one to make people laugh with his antics. In the end, the cancer had beaten him down physically, but he still loved with all his heart, gave kisses and said "I love you" in his own, special way. So missed, so loved and thought of every, single day. Dr. Loren was magnificent at getting us through our last goodbye and I will never forget her care, compassion and gentleness with my boy, as well as me.Patricia StanleySeffner, FloridaSeptember 28, 2017
1/28/2001 - 9/21/2017In Memory of Chelsea - 15 l/2 year old Jack Russell/Pug (Jug) She bought a lot of joy to this family and she will be missed terribly. We have so many pictures and memories of her she will be in our hearts and head forever.

Rest in Peace Chelsea - We love you!
PHYLLIS WEBERConshohocken, PennsylvaniaSeptember 27, 2017
12/18/2004 - 9/1/2017Atreides was a gentle soul in a big, floofy body. He loved people, and his deepest desire in the world was to have a pet cat and play fetch all day. He settled with another dog companion (Helo), and two human siblings. We will miss him, forever, and will gladly carry each piece of shedded fur everywhere into eternity.Ellen JackowskiChandler, ArizonaSeptember 26, 2017
Teddy Albach
2/9/2002 - 9/16/2017Teddy was a sweet natured, devoted family member. He brought us love, joy, laughs, and comfort. When we needed a hand he gave us his paw. He gave us endless cuddles and kisses. Teddy had many adventures through his 15.7 years with us. He loved exploring, boating, walks, hide and seek, treats and always took his chirping bird toy to bed. We learned about unconditional love, selflessness and how to live in the moment from him. Teddy is over the Rainbow Bridge healthy, running and playing with his fur family Cody and Fuzzy. You will be in our hearts forever.Janice AlbachSayville, New YorkSeptember 26, 2017
8/5/2005 - 9/23/2017Sunny, you are a sweet and gentle soul. You were full of love and deeply loved back. I never even thought about what it would be like to not have you in my life. The house feels empty without you here.

Sunny, you filled my heart with such joy, and you showed me how to love even more. You showed me a new way to love unconditionally and what it looks like to show up 100%. I hope you know that I never gave up on you and every single thing I have ever done for you has been from a place of love, always love.

I miss giving you kisses and picking you up for a "Sunny hug", even though you only let me hold you for 10 seconds. Every 10 second hug I got meant so much to me. I miss sitting on the couch with you and Saffron as I meditated and you looked out the window at the birds and trees, it was so peaceful and relaxing. Grandma misses how you would "help" her wrap presents by trying to eat all the ribbon. I miss your squinty-eyed little meow as I would walk out the door for the day, it was the best way for you to say "see you soon." I miss everything about you, but I am glad you are in peace now.

You are a part my heart and my soul forever. I know we will meet again and it will be beautiful. Saffron and I love you so very much <3
Lindsay DavisPlain City, OhioSeptember 26, 2017
5/10/2017 - 9/18/2017“Dogs die. But dogs live, too. Right up until they die, they live. They live brave, beautiful lives. They protect their families. And love us. And make our lives a little brighter. And they don’t waste time being afraid of tomorrow.” – Dan Gemeinhart

Wendal loved life, loved people, and loved his family. He was a fighter all the way to the end but in the end, he was so tired and with the caring, comforting assistance of Dr. Laura at Lap of Love, we helped him get his angel wings so he could soar again.

RIP our sweet boy, you will forever be in our hearts and in our souls.


Mommy and Daddy
Dana and Aaron PulverFarmington Hills, MichiganSeptember 26, 2017
2/14/2002 - 9/18/2017Since his given birthdate was around Valentine’s Day, I renamed him Chet (Baker). So many songs of love and loss, but these are the two that best express feelings for my sweet boy..


I will watch over you tonight, only for you
Sweet baby, I will tell you I will soon be back
Without you, I feel cold in my heart

I search only for the illusion of having you here with me...
The stars will be back for me in my sky without clouds anymore
Sweet dreams, they fall down lightly over you
Sleep my dear, that tomorrow with the sun I will kiss you...


Nights are long since you went away
I think about you all through the day
My buddy, my buddy, no buddy quite so true
Miss your (bark), the touch of your (nose!)
Just long to know that you understand
My buddy, my buddy, your buddy misses you

"Chetty B", we miss you so much, though I still feel you here with me. As I promised you and your brothers, I will carry you with me in heart and soul, forever my baby boy.

Laura (& family)
Laura ThompsonLexington, MassachusettsSeptember 26, 2017
3/13/2014 - 9/19/2017As our sweet baby girl was crossing the rainbow bridge In my home on my lap, my husband stayed outside with our other dogs. He took a picture of this rainbow in our back yard. It was amazing! There hadn't been rain for days, but there it was, Molly's rainbow. If my husband didn't take the picture, I don't think I would've believed him. Truly amazing! I will never forget this day and we are lost without her. My sweet Mamma Girl!Kim HenrichOley, PennsylvaniaSeptember 25, 2017
4/16/2017Best dog ever!Christina Paxton LoPaloWest Islip, New YorkSeptember 25, 2017
4/14/2008 - 9/23/2017Wilson, getting another dog was the farthest thing from our minds. After the pain I went through with Spot, my peanut spotted Dalmatian 17 years ago; I swore I’d ever get another dog again. It must have been fate 9 years ago when we tied up alongside other boats and with a friend one 4th of July and they had a new puppy, a black and tan Cavalier King Charles named Hinckley. Hinckley sat in Terry’s lap all evening and she fell in love with the breed there and then. I found an ad in the paper of a breeder not far away in Wilson, NY. I called and made an appointment to come see the last of the puppies available. It was love at first sight. We didn’t know to ask about history or common ailments with the breed, we only knew you looked at us and we knew it was to be; we could not resist that face and those eyes!
On the drive home, I stuck out my hand palm up and you rested your little head in my hand and fell asleep, sweet little angel. We stopped at Walmart to get a bed, collar and some puppy food on the way home. It wasn’t more than a week or so and you knew to go to the back door to go outside. Within a few months of training and you would sit, stay, come, stop, heal and became the perfect dog we both wanted! Terry wanted a dog to walk with on nice days. It figures shortly after you came to live with us she needed knee surgery so you had to stay home with her all day. I felt bad and said, why not take you to work with me? Well one day turned to 2, 2 turned into a week, then into a month and you became the everyday boat yard dog. I remember you going down the boat ramp to the dock in your turtle walk with your belly almost on the walkway. Within a few weeks, you would run down the ramps and down the docks fearless of the water on each side! You also loved to chase the Geese. Those pesky Canada Geese who pooped all over the marina. What a great goose chaser you became! At first we had hundreds of geese to where, after 8 years, each spring there were less and less. The word was out to the winged poopers of the dog who would chase you away from laying your eggs in that marina! You also were the official greeter at the office. Customers would come in to pet you, say hello and enjoy your always wagging tail and sweet smile. On warmer days you’d sleep on the top of steps waiting for someone else to come by and say hi Wilson! When it was time to leave, you’d hop in the car, lay your head on the center console and go to sleep until, somehow you knew when we were turning the last corner to our street and into the driveway.
When you came to us we had 3 cats. You and BC became best buddies curling up to each other and sleeping that way for hours. The other 2 would tolerate you but, kept their distance, I don’t think you cared. It never bothered you to go outside in rain, snow or wind. You would run through the marina even in a blizzard. I have video of you chasing the herd of deer that live here in the winter; you thought you could catch them but, the snow as too deep for your short little legs! Funny to see these 200 lb deer with big antlers running for an 18 lb dog, they thought you were a wolf, you thought you were too, walking back to me with your head held high and tail a wagging!
What I remember the most is how you were always so gentle with babies, kids, customers, even the way you would take food or treats from someone’s hand. Never a bite or snarl, always a gentleman! You would have made a great therapy dog if only you could walk by food on the floor and not stop to pick it up, not a bad flaw though, can’t blame you that, you are a dog!
For all of these years at 6:00 am you would come into our room, go up on your hind legs and scratch at the side of the bed to get me up. If I didn’t you’d come back 15 minutes later and do it again like a snooze button! Even with the time change you had the time right, how did you know?
When we first found about your heart murmur, we found the best Vet in the area who could take care of your special need. Dr. Tamki and her assistant Lynn loved it when you came to visit. They see many dogs throughout the day but, knew of your special nature and gave you the extra time and attention you deserved. Whenever we called for new meds, Lynn always said Wilson is one of our favorites! This last year with you MVD and medications curtailed your ability to run around like you did. This past spring when it finally was warm enough to take you and the other 2 for a walk, we knew it was too much for you so Terry bought you a doggie stroller so you could join us and not be left at home. You seemed to enjoy getting ride and getting attention from the kids in the neighborhood asking how old is your puppy, he’s 9!
Speaking of your 2 brothers, Louie, a Tri CKC who we got as a rescue last year, tried to cozy up to you but, being the only child for so long, it wasn’t so much him not trying but, you just being more of a loner. When I took you to the dog parks, you’d hang out on your own not interested in other dogs. But, dogs you knew from the marina customers were cool to hang with. Chipper, Bud, Murphy and others; Once you knew them it was ok to sniff them and show them the latest where the newest varmint in the yard was hiding! Then we got Barney in March, a 4 month old puppy Blenheim CKC. He was afraid of you at first but, when he realized you were the top dog, he cuddled up to Louie more. You were fine with that, don’t bother me little doggie, I was here first you’d tell him! Mom and I love to see our 3 boys running in the fresh snow, rain and springtime and summer warmth. All 3 of you are so photogenic, you knew when I took out my phone it was for another group photo op!
Your recent illness and discomfort pains us greatly to watch. My companion, my navigator in the car, my walking mate, ever present shadow and the best anyone could ask for. It’s a good I’m writing on a computer, for if it was a typewriter, the pages would be soaked with tears. Thinking of all the memories and fun we’ve had in your short 9+ years, it’s never enough. I will miss you terribly my friend, you have been my constant sidekick, always nearby and ready for what adventure I was on you would be tagging along without ever a complaint. I will never forget you Wilson and until we meet again on the other side, you will always have a piece of me and of my heart forever.
Rick LenardWilliamsville, New YorkSeptember 25, 2017