Pet Memorials
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10/19/2006 - 5/8/2016Ripper, you were the Princess of my Universe and you will reign over our hearts forever. The day I got you was one of the best days of my life. You were pure love and I will miss you eternally. We did right by each other and you were the best friend a girl could have. You stood by me with love in your eyes through all things. You had an inspiring zest for life. You made the best of each moment and have taught me to do the same. I will think about you often and with pure love for the rest of my days. May your energy be reconfigured in a manner that is pleasing to you and may your beautiful essence continue on. Love and kisses eternal.
Leslie and Hamilton
Leslie DickersonNorth Augusta, South CarolinaMay 12, 2016
2/22/2001 - 5/9/2016On the evening of May 9th, Marino was peacefully laid to rest with my dad, mom, and myself sitting right by her side comforting her. 10-12 years that is the average lifespan of a lab but it didn't phase our dear Marino. Marino was a little over 15 when she left us. Losing Marino is very hard for our family, but we know that she is most likely having the time of her life up there, running free with no pain, and enjoying all of the treats that she can get a hold of. Thank you Marino for giving us unconditional love and tail wags. It has been two days and I already miss your presence. You have left your paw print on this home and we will never forget you. I love you always and forever.Kasey WilliamsStrasburg, PennsylvaniaMay 12, 2016
6/10/2002 - 4/28/2016Waffles was the light of our life. He had "heart melting eyes" and was a little man of many faces. Waffles never knew an enemy; From his perspective, every living creature was his friend. He won the hearts of anyone who met him. He loved long walks and car rides with his family and was always by your side if you were sick or having a bad day. He loved us unconditionally. Waffles passing has created a void no one else will ever be able to fill. Tears still fall when we come home and he is not there to greet us or when we eat one of his favorite foods. We miss him so much but find peace in knowing his spunky, fun-loving self is pain free and running freely at the Rainbow Bridge. Our message to our baby is, "We love you and you will always remain in our hearts. See you on the other side!"Cindy RandlSaint Charles, MissouriMay 11, 2016
Dottie Flading
5/9/2016Dottie wasn't just a dog....we all KNEW she was human - lol She was climbing a rock wall to gain entry to our kids playhouse and go down the slide into the pool pretty early on. It amazed us all. There was nothing that the kids would be doing that she didn't find a way to participate in as well. One day when the kids were gone at school and I was working from home I received a call from our neighbor telling me that my dog was "on the fence". I'm thinking that she must be standing at the fence barking at their dog or something...however when I got up from the table to look outside, there she was ON the TOP of the fence walking the fence line looking in all of our neighbors backyards! She looked at steady as a cat walking and as regal as you can imagine. She never jumped down into any one else yard but she sure was checking out what was going on! We decided to get her a playmate when she was three and adopted a yellow lab. Dottie taught her how to use the doggie door and all of the other important things that we asked of her....potty training etc. Made our jobs quite easy with the newest little one. After surprising our kids with a trampoline one Christmas...Dottie ended up getting more use out of that toy than the kids did. Not only did she enjoy it....but had our yellow lab Brandy using it to. Brandy would jump up there with Dottie and Dottie would jump. Brandy at first would get scared. But after Dottie jumped three or four more time...Brandy would join in and the both of them would play on that thing until they couldn't jump any longer. Then they both would lay down on it together and nap. Dottie was definitely a one of a kind dog and I am going to miss being her mom until the end of my days.Lisa FladingMurrieta, CaliforniaMay 11, 2016
Alexis Jacqueline
5/18/2000 - 5/10/2016I am so sad not to have you hear next to me anymore. I miss you so very much little one.Michelle BurkhartOrlndo, FloridaMay 11, 2016
2/6/2008 - 5/10/2016Hampton Reginald Knight was a special dog with a great personality. No matter how often I left and returned home, he would always be happy to great me like I had been gone for weeks. It's funny how even though he could not speak, it seems like we had every day conversations. I grew up with dogs but he was the first one that I raised on my own. He was a good dog and I will miss him but I am so glad to he is no longer in pain and I am grateful for the 8 years we had together. #riphampS. KnightAtlanta, GeorgiaMay 11, 2016
Holly Grace Wood
5/27/2006 - 5/3/2016Holly was just 24 days shy of her 10th birthday. She was the best friend and companion to our entire family. Back in mid 2015 we noticed she had blood in her urine. We thought at that time it was just a urinary tract infection or a kidney infection. She was treated with antibiotics but didn't get any better. Still had blood in her urine. So, the vet decided that holly would need a labiectomy (removal of her extra vaginal skin) because she was an old dog and she felt that the hanging skin was harboring the bacteria from her urine and causing her to keep a urinary tract infection. We put her through the surgery and she didn't get any better. At this point we were just perplexed. Our vet took xrays and told us the most heartbreaking news. Holly had cancer! What? No way! How? We treated her like a family member and took excellent care of did she get cancer? I did some research online and began using frankincense oil in her food and the vet prescribed her some deramaxx to help with the inflammation. Those seemed to be working, but Holly still had blood in her urine. The vet told us that the cancer had spread to holly's lungs and that she had less than a year to live in December of 2015. How heartbroken we all were. I prayed to god that she would just go to sleep and not wake up. I didn't want to have to do the unthinkable and put her down. We made her last 4 months on this earth as heavenly as possible for her. Gave her anything she wanted, bought her extra toys, etc. About mid-April, we saw a distinct decline in her activity. The last week of her life, she did not eat anything. I knew it was time, but really didn't want to say goodbye to my buddy. She was my sweetheart...followed me around the house and sat in my chair with me with her favorite blanket. How can I do this? We were recommended to through our vet. We didn't want to bring her there because she hated riding in the car and hated the vet even more. Dr. Sara Fletcher came to our home and boy was she an angel. So soft-spoken, gentle and caring. She told us that holly was only 24-48 hours from a veterinarian emergency and it was definitely the right time. We were all devastated, but so happy to do this one last thing for our sweet baby. She could be in the comfort of her own home surrounded by her family getting all the love and attention. Dr. Sara was so thoughtful, explaining the entire procedure to us and how things would go. She never rushed us. Our baby crossed the rainbow bridge with dignity. Holly died in her bed surrounded by us all.KIMBERLEE WOODArchdale, North CarolinaMay 11, 2016
5/19/1999 - 5/5/2016We are deeply mourning the loss of our beloved Newton. We were fortunate to have him in our lives for 15 years. He truly was a remarkable dog. I know it sounds crazy but anyone who ever met Newton was touched by him - from people who normally are afraid of dogs to people who normally "don't like little dogs" - anyone who ever met him once was immediately smitten. Walking Newton was like walking a celebrity. Everyone wanted to know what kind of dog he was, everyone wanted to pet him, everyone wanted a piece of him :) and everyone and I mean everyone, thought he was a puppy. Even up until the very ripe old age of 14, people still thought he was a puppy. Not only did he look it, but he acted it!! He always had a bounce in his step and that happy little face like he didn't have a care in the world. And I don't think he did. Everyone was his friend. Everyone was lickworthy. And he had the best temperament. Even up until his last days, he always seemed like he didn't want to bother anyone - or be a burden. Although I know he must have been in pain these past few months with his sickness, he only cried a few times and that was only because he made a mess in the house. He was so brave and proud even until the end of his life.

Newton, I am so thankful for the many many years that I had with you and our lives were better because you were apart of them. There will never be another dog like you. We will miss you forever.
Gretchen GollerBerwyn, PennsylvaniaMay 11, 2016
4/16/2001 - 5/9/2016Soo many memories.How do you pick one when he was part of my every day for soo long. If I have to pick one, Its zeus and Tsuli( a merle great dane),riding in my convertible with the top down HUGE doggie smiles riding with the wind in their faces when we would go pick up my son from soccer practice. Whst a site to see and a picture I wish i had .I will always miss you my fourlegged son, but I smile at the thought you are free to run with Tsuli and Apollo once more.Anastasia MavCharlotte, North CarolinaMay 10, 2016
10/1/1999 - 5/9/2016Lizzie was my very best friend and loyal companion. She brightened everyday of my life. She was like my little shadow and followed me everywhere. She would wake me up every morning meowing to pet her and feed her. Then she would wait (sleep) all day on her kitty stoop in the window waiting for me to get home, as soon as she saw me, she would jump down and be at the door meowing and rubbing her little kitty face against me, as if she was saying "I've been waiting for you all day, I missed you!" I loved seeing her there, always so happy to see me. I know I will see her again, I hope she is waiting for me at the gates of heaven, meowing and wanting to rub her little kitty face against me and then, we will have forever together….Cheri GreeneOrlando, FloridaMay 10, 2016