Pet Memorials
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7/12/2001 - 9/18/2015Rusty was our sweet, loving, faithful friend. Loved us and made us smile every day.
He will never be forgotten. We are so thankful he was a part of our family and thank God for that.
Stephanie VanDerHyderaleigh, North CarolinaSeptember 20, 2015
Jasper Aka Jas Man
6/2/1999 - 9/17/2015A afternoon at the Beach is a 4 pawed Dream bringing great joy to most all dogs !

Jasper had his last 4 pawed day at the Beach yesterday and we both truly enjoyed it to the fullest. ! We spent a long time along together, for him every chance to get out and play in the sand and let his fur fly in the sea breezes he loved it and I would end up laughing watching him have such a good time. Put his noise up in the air to smell the sea air, sniff all the good smells of Mother Nature. Right up until the end today he was happy to go for a walk, a ride, see his many friends.

Don’t Cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. - Dr. Seuss

I Thank Jasper for sharing 8 years of his life with me I feel like I was the lucky one to have been blessed with rescuing such a great dog, companion, family member and Best 4 pawed friend. Jasper died September 17 at age 15 I will miss my buddy Jasper everyday, I have so many Happy memories that he will be a part of me always. We had so many adventures together he was almost always with me from everyday errands to all the fun outings . So many places here in the Seattle Area only know me as Jasper's Mom and I wear that name proudly. Jasper you crazy, fun, loveable, puppy dog you will be missed by so many.

Jasper has been my best buddy through so many things always being there when I needed him and never complaining. He loved to travel with me and I think my Subaru really ended up becoming his large crate on wheels. Jasper joined my life when I was just about to venture out on a long road trip. So not long after joining me Jasper and I hit the road together to see the Northwestern National parks and what ever other things interested us along the road as we traveled for a few months. We lived together in a RV and had lots of fun adventures in 8 states and 2 Canadian Providences.

I so loved the fact that Jasper enjoyed Road Trip as much as I did and he was my companion almost all the time. I’ve been called the National Park Queen and if Jasper was anything he was my Prince he was lucky enough to visit 12 National parks with me as well. We had some great times at those parks while staying within all the park rules. Jasper got to experience more National Parks in his short life than many people do in a life time…. We made many a visits to Mt Rainier, I have so many memories and pictures of visits to that great park we both loved the Sunrise area of Mt Rainier park visiting at least once a year.

Jasper will have his asses tosses over a meadow area at the base of Mt Rainier. So every time I look over at Mt Rainier I will think of Jasper’s Spirit running along the trails of the Mountain. My Jas Man you will be missed……
Karen HemplerSeattle, WashingtonSeptember 20, 2015
Augusta Golden Buddy
1/24/2003 - 9/19/2015Our precious Buddy was the answer to prayers 12 ½ years. He was named by his boys whom he loved so very much. Buddy loved to play outdoors with his boys chasing soccer balls, tennis balls and even snowballs on the rare occasion it snowed down here in the south. He was such a sweetheart and loved to be loved by all. If he felt left out of a conversation, he was sure to let you know he was the most important guy in our family. As cancer spread through his bones causing him to go lame, he never let on that he was in pain until the very end. He was always happy to see his family as he smiled and wagged his tail as we entered the door. He always enjoyed his treats and nightly rawhide bone. Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 19, 2015 shortly after 3:45pm. We have comfort in knowing that he is no longer in pain and that he is able to run and play as he always loved to do. We will forever have his smiling face and playful spirit in our hearts and memory.Anne WattsAugusta, GeorgiaSeptember 20, 2015
9/16/2015Pearl was the perfect in every way! She will be missed!Maria BarcelonaRiver Ridge, LouisianaSeptember 18, 2015
Cooper Pope
2/11/2004 - 9/17/2015His body was ready...we were not. Our precious furbaby crossed the rainbow bridge last night, 9/17/15 at 7:38. He went peacefully surrounded by his dad, mom, brothers (Dawson and Luke), and fursister, Bella the cat. Our hearts are broken. Cooper was 11 years, 7 months, and 6 days old. We prayed we had a few more years with him but it was his time. We were told that his spleen was so enlarged that it could rupture at any time. We could let him go or put him through a blood transfusion and a hard surgery that might not even help. We chose not to chance losing him on the table or having him in pain. It feels surreal. It feels like he will walk around the corner at any moment. We know he's in a better place but the selfish side of us wants him back. We love you Cooper. You were the absolute best furbaby/brother anyone could ask for. We will see you again one day. Until then chase tons of squirrels, eats lots of ice cream, and meet great new friends. Always know that we love and miss you more than is humanly possible.Dwight, Kimberly, Dawson and Luke PopeMartinez, GeorgiaSeptember 18, 2015
2/15/2000 - 9/16/2015Roxy (girl) was a beloved member of our family for 15-1/2 years. From a puppy you could tell she was a smart girl. She did not disappoint us. From the leash she learned to sit, stay, come, lay down. Her whole life she engaged our family with fun and laughter. No dog could have been more trusting,loving and loyal. She was a member of our family as much as our children. She loved us with no strings, complaints or wants. Her passing has left a void that at times is hard to live with. Time will help but for now our every thought is about her. The house is empty and silent. We are so glad she is in a place where pain does not exist. For all that she contributed to our family she deserves this and so much more. Roxy, we love you, we miss you and it is gong to be difficult to go on without our best friend and companion. You are our "Baby Girl". No dog will be able to replace the love and happiness you brought to our family. Goodbye baby.Robert and Christy TobeyMurrieta, CaliforniaSeptember 18, 2015
10/10/2006 - 9/17/2015Teddy, this is hard for us. This has all seemed to happen too fast. We always thought you'd be one of those doggies that lived 12 or 13 years. Getting the bad news when you started to show your illness and making the decision to allow you to go in peace was incredibly agonizing. This was literally one of the hardest things I've ever had to experience. Now our hearts are broken and our home feels empty. Your mommy and I still have your beds out, holding on to you in the physical world until the time is right. We know you are no longer in pain. Each time I look outside I am reminded that you are now pain free and have wonderful mobility but still imagine you coming up the steps of the deck to come lie down inside. Your mommy, Vincent and I will be there to pick you up on the rainbow bridge to continue our journey together. Until then we love you, son. You will live in our hearts forever. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Vincent.James EthingtonSaint Charles, MissouriSeptember 17, 2015
9/13/2015RIP, sweet girl, we will miss you.Anne BerkeySt. Augustine, FloridaSeptember 17, 2015
10/21/2002 - 9/13/2015Sassy ... My friend . The sweetest most amazing member of our family . You went from being the cutest little puppy to a amazing family member. You loved each of us separately, and as a family. You gave us laughs with some of your goofy ways , you gave us strength in times when we needed it , and you gave us unconditional love all the time. My heart is broken . I miss you more than you could ever know. My life has changed and my house feels empty. Others tell me I am brave for making the decision to help you cross the rainbow bridge. I feel that you were the brave one. You were a resilient girl that never gave up . You were strong even during the last few weeks when you were weak. Never wanting to disappoint ... Always making us proud that you were ours. Rest in peace my sweet girl ... Until we meet again ❤️Annie D'EliaTurnersville, New JerseySeptember 17, 2015
5/20/2004 - 9/13/2015You were once a puppy
But the cycle of life has come around
All the happiness is overshadowed
By the heartache that I've found

You were once a puppy
The new dog at the park
Greeting all with a wagging tail
And a smile instead of a bark

You were once a puppy
I can't believe 11 years has gone by
I looked at you for a second
And it was gone in the blink of an eye

You were once a puppy
All you'd do is run, swim and play
The time machine of my memory
Takes me back to that day

You were once a puppy
Running so fast and so free
And in my mind's eye
That's how you'll always be

You'll always be my puppy
Even if your legs are unsure
Time has been cruel my friend
To someone with a heart so pure

You'll always be my puppy
Until the day I die
And then you'll be my puppy again
When we meet up in the sky
Mark & Marie CooksonLas Vegas, NevadaSeptember 16, 2015