Pet Memorials
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3/17/1998 - 7/2/2014Our Murphee girl left us, peacefully on July 2. We had her for 16 amazing years. She was such a sweet girl who took a piece of my heart with her. She bravely fought lymphoma- put up with all the treatments, tests, drives, and medications- way better then I could have ever expected or could have hoped. She was the sweetest cat and we experienced so many of life's ups and downs together- I could not have asked for better. She was as her daddy aptly described her, "one rough tabby". Murphee , may you rest in peace and know how much you were loved. It was an honor and privilege to serve you in your time of need and illness and a lifelong honor to have been your mommy. I love you with my entire heart and I always will forever and ever.Kate CaravellaMadeira Beach, FloridaJuly 6, 2014
1/22/2003 - 6/27/2014To our sweet Riley, we miss you so much and thank you so much for being a true angel. We only had you 2 1/2 years, but you blessed us with your unconditional love and affection and endearing ways. We will miss the token and single "Wooo-OOF!" in the mornings when you were so excited to get up and start the day, pink piggy or "Chance" stuffed bear in your mouth. There was always a smile in your eyes even up to the end. Riley, "Mr. Man," Sweet Ri, Big Red, "Oh, Oh Oh O'Riley!" - you responded to so many of our silly nicknames (and songs) for you. We couldn't have asked for a better dog, friend and companion since we brought you home. You always had a certain/special aura about you (part of your angelic nature), and I never knew an animal/being with so much dignity - again, right up to the end. You were the perfect dog, perfect patient, perfect angel. We love you, Ri, and will see you on the Rainbow Bridge!Rich & Andrea JerniganAtlanta, GeorgiaJuly 6, 2014
10/2/2014 - 6/24/2014Annie, thank you for blessing our life. Words cannot express the joy you brought to it and the emptiness you left when you had to leave us. I know you fought and were strong for so long, yet you were still our loving baby to the end. Your brothers Charlie and Snoopy miss you too, and your presence is felt all around the house. Fly high with the angels, and run free and whole once again. I know in my heart that I will see you again.

I made a video tribute for her that can be seen on this link:
Gizelle GilPembroke Pines, FloridaJuly 6, 2014
10/16/1999 - 7/3/2014Gracie, we will miss you very much! You hold a special place in our hearts. Life will not be same without you.

Andre, Tiffany and Amber
Tiffany BrownMarietta, GeorgiaJuly 5, 2014
8/3/2000 - 6/28/2014Maggie was the sweetest sole. She welcomed any one both human and furry.Gwyn McGovernHavertown, PennsylvaniaJuly 5, 2014
1/15/2000 - 6/26/2014I had Jake for 14 years. He was a funny little guy and very attached to me. I would always hear the clip-clop of his little paws on the floor following me. Now there is silence.
Rest peacefully Jake, my sweet little boy. You are dearly missed.
Melanie CaracciPemberton, New JerseyJuly 5, 2014
Odie Dominguez
12/1/2003 - 6/30/2014Odie I never knew how much it would hurt to lose you. I miss youmirtha dominguezplainsboro, New JerseyJuly 5, 2014
5/1/2009 - 6/30/2014I drove 8 hours from Seattle to Montana to pick up Serge, based on only a photograph that captured my heart and the words of his foster mother, "He just wants to be with his people". The moment I walked through the gate to the yard where he was living, he greeted me by standing on his hind legs, put his paws on my shoulders, and looked directly into my eyes as if to say "Here you are at last!". It was love at first sight. Serge was with me for only five short years, but he gave me joy and delight every single day that we were together. He was wicked smart and incredibly polite and gentlemanly. He loved to run more than anything else, and what it sight it was! He more flew than ran, his feet barely touching the ground. When he ran, he was pure joy in motion. No matter how far and fast he ran, though, he always came back to me…to make sure I was still there waiting for him (I always was) and to get a pat on the head and to give me a kiss on the hand. He was with me for far too short a time, but I am comforted in knowing that he had a beautiful life filled with love, affection, comfort, tasty treats, and acres of green grass to run on. Serge was my beloved boy, my darling companion, my joy, my heart. I will miss him all the days of my life.Kelle ScottEdgard, LouisianaJuly 4, 2014
1/1/2003 - 6/28/2014I would like to thank Hughley 'the Ambassador of Newfoundland' for all of the great moments in life! He has taught us very much and he is loved immensely by his family and missed. You left huge paw prints in our hearts,souls, and minds that will never be erased unlike the sand at St. Augustine that you walked on. Many 'most memorable moments' stem from Hughley. I am sooo glad we had him for so long and am glad of the wonderful gift of love he bestowed on us all, He was truly amazing! Hugs to the mighty Hughley! You will forever be missed and loved!Christine McConnellOcala, FloridaJuly 3, 2014
Lady Giselle Gray
1/11/2000 - 6/26/2014Dear Lady Gray, You were so delicate and tiny like a kitten. Memories of your great spirit, loyalty and affection, opinionated ways and your athletic grace remain with us. We are thankful for 15 wonderful years, especially the time After that December diagnosis. Sleep in the sun, stalk the wild butterfly and hunt the feathered ones.Jacksonville, FloridaJuly 2, 2014