Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Chiq (chiquita Banana)
5/3/2002 - 7/7/2014Chiq will forever remain in our hearts and home. She was a loyal companion and playmate to every child who came through the doors, a wonderful snuggler and lap dog…all 100 lbs of her, and a fierce guard dog when she felt it was necessary. We will miss your kind face and large presence every moment of the day, but our memories of your love and all of the fun we shared will keep us strong.Lindsay RobertsonCornelius, North CarolinaJuly 9, 2014
2/22/1999 - 7/6/2014To my big black bear, Rocky, I miss you so much. Thank you for being a loving, sweet, funny and loyal fur kid and friend. I knew you years before you and your adopted brother, Ben, came to live with me just a little over 5 years ago. Thank you for your unconditional love. I will miss you begging for food (even though your's cost more than mine usually,) your barking even when their was nothing to really bark at, your waggy tail, your panting tongue, your thick polar bear fur, giant paws, laying out on the deck, playing "ball" when you were so good at it, you thinking you were a lapdog but really weighed almost 90 lbs. and always being there for me. I was so lucky to have you for the time that I did. I love and miss you, "old man," with your handsome gray beard and smiling face.

RIP, Rocky - July 6, 2014

Allison Morris
Atlanta, GA
Allison MorrisAtlanta, GeorgiaJuly 9, 2014
3/15/1999 - 7/1/2014In loving memory of my friendAmy WestcottCary, North CarolinaJuly 9, 2014
Julia renee
3/19/2003 - 7/8/2014I love you and miss you Julia Renee! Xoxoxo

Please read Julia's story (about Julia section) to realize what a treasure she really was! <3
Cherie LungerCheektowaga, New YorkJuly 9, 2014
1/27/2000 - 7/7/2014In loving memory of Gracie, a beautiful 14 year old German Shepherd from Riverside, CA... Gracie was a special girl, loving companion, and cherished member of the family. In her prime, she loved to go on her daily walks with her daddy and chase "her" kids around the house. As she aged, it became more difficult for Gracie to get around. Her family wanted what was best for her and today, surrounded by her loved ones, she earned her angel wings. Rest in peace, Grace; you will be forever missed.Vicki BavierRiverside, CaliforniaJuly 8, 2014
Molly Labohn
1/1/2000 - 6/25/2014It is so often that I think I see you out of the corner of my eye, or hear you flapping your ears. It is so often that I look at my feet and expect to see you there.....where you always were, under toe. 14 years you were a part of our family. A family that started with two newlyweds and grew into a beautiful family of four. You were there when we brought our babies home, laid by them, licked them and loved them. As they grew you kept a watchful eye - but gave them space. You were there for everything - good times and hard times. Always there.
We watched you age - but truly didn't think this day would ever come. You were invincible!
The day came, sweet baby girl..... we loved you enough to set your free. You will never ever be forgotten - and never replaced. There are far to many things we will miss about you - but mostly the empty place behind each of us - as you always were our shadow.
We love you so......
Stephanie LaBohnTampa, FloridaJuly 8, 2014
6/30/2014We will miss you terribly.Tonia RuskFlorissant, MissouriJuly 8, 2014
12/18/1999 - 7/2/2014Our little home seems empty without your happy and energetic presence. You taught us the true meaning of unconditional love and gave so much to our family and everyone you met. We couldn't have loved you anymore than we did, and you will be in our hearts forever.Brian & Lisa TobiasKirkwood, MissouriJuly 7, 2014
10/29/2004 - 6/30/2014Holly will forever be in our hearts and on our mind. We love her and miss her so much. She was an amazing dog that impacted our family's life. She gave us uncondional love throughout her life and will be forever missed.Kristin MeyerJacksonville, FloridaJuly 7, 2014
Liby mclemore
8/11/2004 - 6/16/2014Dogs just know when they are loved...even at the end, when their pain becomes too much to bear and we help them to find rest.Mary McLemoreLargo, FloridaJuly 7, 2014