Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/29/1998 - 4/7/2015My little man Tommy. My Mom & I found you back in 2006 at a shelter in O.C. I knew you would be the perfect companion for her. They told us you where 3 years old but when the day came to pick you up we were informed your where more like 8 years old. But that was fine with us. You where very shy & had a few issues but we always loved you. When Mom died only one year later you came to live with my family. You had no problem becoming a pack member. Even though you only weighted 24 pounds you fit in just fine with the big dogs. You always held your own. And such a brave boy you where. You where a strange little duck but that made you even more special. Thanks for the joy you gave us all. You are missed my little man.Jo Ann KemberlingWrightwood, CaliforniaApril 9, 2015
4/4/2015Greeley or as some people called him" G-dog" was one of the greatest dogs I've had the privilege of knowing, loving and growing up with. The past 10 years I got to spend with you Greeley were some of my favorite memories from you hunting all the lizards on 49th street, protecting me from the cat, teaching you all your tricks in one night with a bag of treats, watching you want to eat every dog while you were on your leash, teaching jazzy that she needs to eat everything that she sees ( because she is now the "fat dog") , and last but not least I'm going to miss coming home from school and being greeted by you wagging your tail and sleeping next to the bed at night. I wish there was a cure for your cancer and that you could still be with us today, because you left us too soon. Over the 10 years I got to know Greeley I got to learn that he loved everyone and everyone loved him back, except maybe all of the lizards he ate over his lifetime. Greeley loved going on the boat, chasing his lizards, eating his treats, sitting on the patio and going to the dog park. I am so thankful that I had the chance of having Greeley as my pet, because he was the greatest dog I know. My heart is broken now that you are gone, but I know you're up there in puppy heaven eating treats, chasing lizards, and sleeping on a nice comfy couch. Love you always Gree <3nicole stallonefort lauderdale, FloridaApril 8, 2015
7/4/2004 - 4/6/2015From the moment your 6 wk old little person came into my life, I knew we'd have a special bond .. You were "My Boy" from that moment on. Thank you for making me laugh and letting me cry when no one else could. You will always be in my memory and my heart <3Fawn GordonDelran, New JerseyApril 7, 2015
7/23/2001 - 4/3/2015To know you is to love you, Gizmo. You were not a dog, you were my little buddy. I could take you anywhere and all you ever wanted was to just be there. You loved food maybe as much as me. I miss you little guy. I told you I wouldn't let you be in pain any more. I kept my promise. John loves you too.Jeanette KelsonTampa, FloridaApril 7, 2015
7/7/2001 - 4/2/2015Trixie was an adorable companion we have ever had. She was a Pitbull-mix with Curr quite mischievous character that we enjoyed. At times, she has a bit of sordid wild side but we tamed her in no time with loves and treats. She loves to sleep on my bed every night until the time I wake up for work.

As she gets older, she shows she was slowing down with her jumping and running so she resorted to be best companion by my side enjoyed watching television and almonds. We have 2 other dogs beside Trix, Trix was their alpha. When we are out of our house for some errands, we hugged all three of them and told them to behave until we get home. As soon as we open the door, Trixie would moan and jump with joy as if she had not seen us for a whole day. This behavior had influenced the other 2 dogs. Now, the second one is becoming an alpha to the 3rd one, teaching her what she had learned from Trix.

She will be very sorely missed. We loved her so very much!
Barbara PeaceOrlando, FloridaApril 6, 2015
11/9/2000 - 4/1/2015My dear puppy boy Nalu, words cannot express how much mommy and daddy miss you and love you, and how much our heart yearns to see your face, hear your bark and rub your belly just one more time. You always smiled at us in a way that could make our heart melt. You were truly one of a kind, there will never be another like you. Where did the time go? 14 1/2 years just seemed to pass in a blink of an eye and we will always cherish our time together. You were always my best co-pilot in the truck each day, and heading off to work without you is never the same. You live on in my dreams each night and in my heart each always and foreverTony Bakerdeerfield beach, FloridaApril 6, 2015
Roxanne Aka Xanny Girl
6/1/1999 - 4/4/2015My fondest memories of you will be our late night snuggles, running on the beach with you and your reassuring gazes in my weakest moments. Your moms and sisters will always know your presence and will keep your memory alive through our adventures.Shanna and Jessica AlvarezIssaquah, WashingtonApril 5, 2015
3/15/2004 - 3/19/2015Murphy was always happiest curled up on the coach, hanging out with me.
He always wanted to have a job to do. Warning me of the impending UPS delivery or noticing me there was a 3 year old girl scattering here toys across the yard was good. Keeping my spirits up through some hard times seems to be his best work.
Since the day I brought him home, I would sit down and sigh, and he would sit down next to me and sigh.
I miss him.
David MosekeAshburn, VirginiaApril 5, 2015
3/14/2006 - 4/1/2015Dixie was an amazing puppy. She was loved so much and will be sorely missed. This april the 1st, she was helped over to the rainbow bridge at home next to her mommy and fur siblings with Dr. Barry. Unfortunately, the cancer got to be too much for this poor girl.Terry JonesRiverview, FloridaApril 5, 2015
8/2/2002 - 3/27/2015Cezar was such a loving pet, I had him for 12 1/2 years, and , even with all of his health issues, he lasted until I saw it was time for him to be put down. he loved to cuddle. he was very smart, and when he went to heaven, he took a piece of my heart with him.
you will be very missed. RIP poochie lmul
Karin GilmoreNew Port Richey, FloridaApril 4, 2015