Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
8/20/2006 - 10/26/2014Max,
I loved the pure pleasure of your company throughout your 8 year life. Your days always started with a smile, a wagging tail, and a skip in your step. The world was your playground, bringing you new friends each day. Your playful antics always amused me, your kindness and gentle manner always amazed me. Nature was your launching pad to joy, and I cherish our long hikes through the woods, followed by our dreamy naps. You are the Prince of pups, and our ambassador of good will. Whether a sick cat, a crying baby, or a skinned knee, you were a first responder, bringing comfort with a soft lick of your tongue, and your guarding presence. Every soul who met you was touched by you, and I never tired of wondering how you did this. You always had a rosy view on life, living simply, never asking for much, but giving back so much more. Even during your last months, you battled your pain with such grace and grit. Nothing would keep you down, because you had so many to please. The lessons I learned from you are endless. I can only hope to instill in others what you taught me. You were my best buddy. Forever loved, dearly missed, always in my heart, always by my side. Your loving dad.
Bruce SpringsteadWake Forest, North CarolinaOctober 31, 2014
3/24/2001 - 10/13/2014Maverick, our border collie, found us at the Longmont CO Humane society ten years ago and it was love at first sight. From the first day to the very last he surprised us with his bravery, loyalty, and intelligence. He was a protector and best friend until the very end. Our home and lives are empty since his passing. He will never be forgotten.Amanda CarrollOrlando, FloridaOctober 30, 2014
6/25/2002 - 10/25/2014Nala our beloved angel went over the rainbow bridge to play her Frisbee once again on Oct 25,2014. Nala was an amazing, energetic, fun, loving always wanting to play family dog of ours. She brought so much life and energy to our home. She at the early age of one learned how to play Frisbee. We lived across the street from a park where my husband would take her to play, I always wanted to put her in Frisbee competition she was that good. This girl even after she would eat a meal she would grab a ball of some kind and throw it at us to play she had so much energy it was amazing. Every time we would come in the door from work or being gone we got greated by her and her sister mocha but nala would always have a stuffed animal of some kind in her mouth. Her and her sister never fought always played together but it was always a race to go outside and to come back into the house to see who gets there first and of course Nala was always first. We had to retire Nala from frisbee about 8 months ago when her hips just could not take it anymore. November of 2013 Nala had her first seizure and then had another one a few weeks later so they told me she had possibly a brain tumor she was 11 years old at the time so we had her on medicine and she did okay with seizures here and there but then this last seizure this last week just really made her tired and I knew that it was time for her to take a rest. I was so glad to have the opportunity to have Nala be put to rest at our home instead of taking her to the vet where she hated to go. Dr Rene Butler was truly a blessing she took her time with us and even did paw prints on her frisbees that she used to play with. Our family and her sister mocha so truly miss this girl of ours. Nala also lived to chew on our cat taffy....Teresa CruzFairfield, CaliforniaOctober 30, 2014
Jake Price
9/4/2001 - 10/25/2014Will miss him until we meet again.Jackie PriceLas Vegas, NevadaOctober 29, 2014
4/15/2000 - 10/28/2014Rest in peace, Kobe Elliott. You were and will be forever loved. Commodore, Boomer and Aunt Lynn are waiting for you by the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Gerri, Steve, Rob and Jessica
Gerri and Steve ElliottLa Quinta, CaliforniaOctober 29, 2014
1/22/2000 - 10/20/2014In loving memory of our sweet boy Woodie who went to the Rainbow Bridge on 10/20/2014. He was guided there by Dr. Laura Allison, an angel sent from above to also help me through the difficult transition. Woodie is remembered and loved by our entire family who were blessed to grow up by his side, Maria, Fernando and Pablo. Till we meet again Woodie boy! Until then enjoy the splendor or your new home.Isabel FuentesCoral Springs, FloridaOctober 28, 2014
8/20/2006 - 10/26/2014Max, our beautiful, loyal, lovable boy became an angel last night...he cherished life, people, dogs, and some cats. He loved all activities as long as he was with us. He especially loved walks through the woods where he could find his favorite stick, run free and chase squirrels that he would never catch, and after he enjoyed cooling off in the lake. Max was our precious boy who filled our lives with joy; he was our inseparable and loyal baby that taught us so much about the simple joys in life. Max, you will be forever in our hearts. ~ rest in peace our boy, and enjoy chasing squirrels and bunnies across the rainbow… we miss you very much and we will love you always. Mommy, Daddy and Rusty (the kitty)Claudia & BruceWake Forest, North CarolinaOctober 28, 2014
5/24/2000 - 10/23/2014Romeo, you were a gift from Heaven. I was guided to find you that day in May 2004, and from that day forward you instantly became part of our family with your sparkling personality and sweet temperament. Though we no longer see you, we will carry you with us in our hearts now and keep you alive by talking about all the happy memories and sharing all the hundreds (and hundreds!) of photos. You took a piece of my heart with you when you left, and I will forever miss you and love you. - Your Forever Family <3Karen ScottShelby Township, MichiganOctober 27, 2014
2/1/2003 - 10/25/2014Our beautiful, loving Boo Daley left us last night to romp and play at the rainbow bridge with Maggie, Spooky, Shannon to wait for us. She was a great dog that we rescued almost 12 years ago as an abandoned puppy. Boo loved everyone and was a faithful companion to me. I will truly miss her warm greeting everyday as I return from work. My heart is broken but I have the consolation that she is at peace and free of the limitations that hampered her in the last year. RIP Boo. We will always love and remember you. Mary Lou and Family.Mary Lou DaleyChatham, New JerseyOctober 26, 2014
Misty Blue
9/24/2002 - 10/24/2014Misty Blue, you were the light of our lives. You were learning and doing new things to keep us entertained!
You gave us your undivided,unconditional love. You always were watching over your heard never letting us out of your sight!
We will miss you, never stop loving you and never ever forget you!
Gary EllisonVallejo, CaliforniaOctober 26, 2014