Pet Memorials
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5/6/1999 - 3/27/2015In loving memory of my Little NellieBarbara MurthaGraniteville, South CarolinaMarch 30, 2015
3/28/2015Some of us are privileged to come across in life a special being, that has the ability to light up a room just by their presence, has the ability to make us want to be better people and gives us a sense of calm and warmth. Their soul, the purest kind, is gentle and good, beautiful and sincere, they have an inner happiness and sense of contentment. They never worry about the small stuff and experience great joy and appreciation for every early morning walk and ever splendid sunset….. they teach us to stop and look at what we have and savor what’s most important….I had the honor of meeting one of these beings…. Of knowing her and learning from her. In her short life, she brought so much joy to those around her, behind her was always a trail of laughter… sometimes water too. This special being happened to be an incredible chocolate lab, Bacci. Named for the chocolate, she was sweet and gentle inside out, she loved the water, could entertain herself much to the disdain of the koi fish in the pond and would find a way to swim even if the safety pool net was up. Most of all though she loved her family, and wanted nothing more than to be in some kind of physical contact with her parents. Her love was pure and unconditional. Bacci in your 2 years you had more impact on your family than most people achieve in a lifetime. You were taken from your family prematurely….leaving broken hearts and buckets of tears and questions….You were too good for this world and we blessed and privileged to have known you…. You were a “chocolate princess”, the “ baby of the family”. We will strive everyday to stop and savor the world around me the way you did, and we will learn from you that above all, our family is the most important and the loves of our lives. Bacci, no words can express how much you are missed, how empty the house is, how your lagoon and your garden feel lesser and incomplete now but every time we see something beautiful in the world around us, we will think of you…thank you sweet Chocolate Princess.Cape Town, VirginiaMarch 30, 2015
Sydney Paris Taylor
6/26/2003 - 3/29/2015THe best dog ever! Sydney brought joy to everyone she met. I love her more than words can say.Julie TaylorNewport Coast, CaliforniaMarch 30, 2015
4/10/2015 - 3/19/2015Foos it was the hardest thing ever to have you cross the rainbow bridge, but we know you are at a better place and no more discomfort for the girl who never missed a trick. You lovingly filled the gap we had as empty nesters and we could give you undivided attention and love.
It has been very quiet here and we will miss you forever. You will always have a special place in our hearts.
Love always,
Etta and Gary Shane
Etta & Gary ShaneReading, PennsylvaniaMarch 30, 2015
2/15/2006 - 1/24/2012Penny sadly passed away very quickly from the disease Auto-Immune Hemolytic Anemia.This disease has got to be one of the worst diseases ever and their is no known cause.It can just happen to dogs and people! As a family,we all agreed and came to best decision that she wouldn't be in pain anymore by euthanizing her. Penny would be peacefully be put to sleep and out of harms way. We thought it would be the best thing for our lucky Penny.

The thing that I thought was the sweetest thing was that when the day we had brought her to "put her down" was that we were all sitting in a lovely room with a big couch.Penny decided to kiss my nose since for some odd reason she loved it.I guess she knew that it would be her last time to do that. After Penny passed,my mother walked in her room and saw that Zorra had put two dried peas where Penny had gotten sick.I think it was Zorra's way of letting Penny have something for the afterlife like they do in Aztecan or Mayan cultures.
Christina GagnonMount Juliet, TennesseeMarch 30, 2015
2/23/2003 - 3/23/2015Rest in Peace Harley! You were a special girl to everyone! You brought us joy and laughter every day. Your special friend Vinny will miss you. Love you.Maureen CrouchPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 29, 2015
8/14/1998 - 3/24/2015Spike had large, penetrating green eyes. It's what people noticed about him at first glance. He was the most comforting little being I have ever known. We had 16 1/2 years together, and I already miss him a million times a day. Spike and his littermate/sister Minx were abandoned by their mom when they were 2 weeks old. My neighbor and I bottle fed them and kept them warm and safe. We thought we were fostering them, but then, of course, couldn't give them up. Spike stayed with me, and Minx went to live next door. They both remained unusually bonded to their human moms. (Minx died about 2 years ago.) Spike never saw a lap he didn’t want to sleep on. And if you were "lucky", he would leap on your lap then lick you on the lips. He believed it was his duty to groom Minx's human mom, cleaning her hair with steady determination. His fur was more bunny than kitty and he loved being brushed, especially around his face. Even during his last days, he would walk straight to me when I held out the brush. He slept in his favorite spots around the house, but they changed according to his whim: sometimes in the closet in the bedroom, on the living room chair, in the bathroom sink, or on the kitchen chair hidden under the table... He loved to take a walk around the courtyard, lie in the grass or hang out on a table. He cuddled in my arms like a child and insisted that he be examined at the vet while standing on his hind legs, his front paws in my hands, meerkat-like. For most of his life, he slept on the pillow by my head, sometimes cramming himself into the crook of my neck where he had slept as a tiny kitten. He made me laugh and brought countless unexpected joys into my life. There will never be another little bunny-boy like Spike.

My dear friend and companion, I hope you and Minx have found each other over the Rainbow Bridge. You are in my heart today and always…
Rochelle LitmanPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaMarch 29, 2015
11/17/2015 - 3/28/2015My beautiful son, my best friend, my everything....from the moment you were born i knew you were going to be my best friend..

i was very fortunate to have you your whole life, we had a bond no one could ever take from us....

every yr, you had your own birthday cakes, and partys, we took you to NY

car rides and walks in the park, to your favorite trip to the DQ! i miss you already and no one could ever replace you!!!!

i love you so much, my heart is so empty
jean keattsromulus, MichiganMarch 29, 2015
3/28/2015We miss you so much our sweet boy. We miss hearing the shaking of your head when you get up early in the morning. We miss seeing your beautiful face looking up at us with so much love. So many wonderful memories of you we will hold in our hearts. I just bet you are over there playing with some kids and probably trying to get someone to play ball with you. You were one of our greatest joys and we will love you forever.diann freylake forest, CaliforniaMarch 29, 2015
6/19/2000 - 3/28/2015After much thought, prayer and gallons of tears, I made the decision it was time to send Shelby on her final journey. She had been very unhappy for the past week. She was avoiding human contact and spent most of her time alone. She wasn’t enjoying her food and she no longer got excited about being outside, chasing her balls or going for walks.

We woke up this morning, went for a walk – she got to choose the route – had French toast and bacon for breakfast – which she devoured! We sat by the window and between barking at passersby, she let me hold her. Then Dr. Schultz from Lap of Love, came to the house and helped Shelby to peacefully cross over the “Rainbow Bridge”. It was quiet and lovely and Shelby went gently to greet, I trust, all her friends: Autumn, Junior, Chester, Mandy, Sophie . . . the list goes on. At almost 15 years old, Shelby had outlived all her doggie friends.

Yes, it’s been an incredibly painful few days anticipating this; but as I always say, the pain is worth all the joy and laughter she brought into our lives.

I will miss her companionship when I garden, shovel snow and take out the trash. She was the best rebounder ever in our driveway basketball games. She was generous in sharing her “candy” with humans. She could outlast everyone in retrieving thrown tennis balls. She didn’t care for baths, but she always made a mad dash into Auntie Carol’s pool and her own kiddie pool in the back yard. She preferred having her cheek “chewed” and her ears massaged to plain petting. Her future is full of running and playing as she chases after her buddies. Or, in her case, as they chase after her. She likes to be the “chasee”. No more achy legs. No more wheezing. No more trying to hide. No more waiting for someone to turn on the water in the bathtub so she could have a “fresh” drink. No more being awakened at 5:00 AM for walks before I went to the gym. No more running from bagged frozen vegetables, which for whatever reason, scared her. Just wonderful times in her newly perfected body.

Only God loves Shelby more than me; and I know He’ll take great care of her until we meet again. My beloved Pookie Bear – best dog EVER!!! Godspeed.
Jill WalshTown of Tonawanda, New YorkMarch 28, 2015