Pet Memorials
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4/13/1999 - 3/16/2016I miss you Caligirl and you will never be forgotten. It would take me 100 lifetimes to give back all the happiness and love you brought to my life and I am so grateful to have had 17 years with you.
"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." - Helen Keller
Erin LeighChicago, IllinoisMarch 20, 2016
8/12/2010 - 3/18/2016Our beloved Char was friend and family to all of us. He was a long time coming and too early in passing. He battled two different cancers bravely and in the end was lifted to Heaven by the angel Dr. Kim. He is greatly missed by us all but in the end we will all run together again in heaven united as one pack.Brian BalintBoynton Beach, FloridaMarch 20, 2016
Rosa & Anna
1/1/2000 - 3/17/2016Rest in peace my girls.Boca Raton, FloridaMarch 20, 2016
3/9/2004 - 3/17/2016In loving memory of my loyal girl for 12 years. She was such a good dog: so gentle and sweet. I hope I made you as happy as you made me. You were in so much pain and I couldn't bear to make you suffer another day.Betina GoldscheckBoca Raton, FloridaMarch 20, 2016
Penny Lane
7/23/2012 - 3/18/2016You brought such light and joy into our lives! I will miss your voice, your waggy tail, your brown eyes and your soft strawberry-blonde fur. We love you Penny!Sandi PerryWaxahachie, TexasMarch 19, 2016
Allie Cabe
10/13/2002 - 3/8/201610/2002 – 3/2016
“ALLIE” was our sweet, beautiful girl - always close by our side! Ever the protector, she was our guardian angel for almost 13 ½ years, faithful and true to the end. BEST FRIEND to “Buddy” Cabe (7/2003 - 10/2015), our other dear angel, and to the whole family. Allie was so intuitive, soulful and energetic. She loved to run, run, run with the wind in her sail. She and Buddy played and lived full, happy lives together and our now once again reunited for eternity. Allie and Buddy were and forever will be loved beyond measure and missed beyond words. We will miss the long walks and talks, playing at the river, your hugs and kisses and just sitting cozy by a fire with you. Oh! How we will miss you laying at our side or on our feet and standing in our path looking up at us with loving eyes. We will miss the comfort of you sleeping close to us and the way you would smile at us every morning. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives and making us feel so safe and loved! Until We Meet Again my dear, sweet friends, may fresh air surround you, may love be your song, may you run with the wind barking and smiling forever and long! May God welcome you in Heaven with a handshake of your paws, and say well done good and faithful servants now with angels you will trod. May He tell you of your greatness and bless your gentle souls. May you be at peace our dear, sweet ALLIE & BUDDY as God’s Glory you behold!” Job 12:7,10 7 "But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; 10 In “GOD’s” hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. We will love you both forever and look forward to seeing you again in Heaven. xoxo, the Cabe family
Charlotte LocherAtlanta, GeorgiaMarch 19, 2016
5/19/2002 - 3/18/2016Our sweet baby girl Lady left us peacefully surrounded by her family. Lady would have been 14 in 2 months and we are so blessed to have had her in our lives. She was the sweetest and most gentle dog you could meet and she was our baby. We pray she is happy & healthy once again playing with her sister in heaven. Lady, we love you forever and we miss you terribly. It is painful without you but we will see you again someday to throw your ball for you and welcome your kisses again. Thank you for being such a beautiful part of our lives baby.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Morgan & Sydney
Beverly LanthierCheektowaga, New YorkMarch 19, 2016
3/5/2002 - 3/18/2016Daisey our beloved Boston Terrier March 5, 2002 - March 18, 2016 lived a long well loved 14 years. It broke our hearts to lose her, as she did not go alone, for part of us went with her today, when God called her home. She joins TAZ our other Boston that died last summer he too lived to be a ripe ole age 2000-2015. Our Daisey girl Sweet Dae Dae as we called her went everywhere we go, she loved trips to grandma's and trips to petsmart, trips out on the boat, my daughter carried her around like a baby doll all the time, she would greet my son coming home from school, waiting on him to take her out to pee or a short walk, every morning she watched me get ready for work and would always come to the kitchen and stand at the door way and wait for her food, in the evenings when I walked in the door, she always barked and barked and played the barking game simon says type conversation, wiggle her tale every time morning and night, She looked forward to our afternoon walks around the house, yard, and cudle sac, even with edema coming over a week ago in one leg, it didn't bother her as much as it did me, the Prednisone and other antibiotics were trying to help her,as her reg vet tried to find direct cause,we ran more tests,x-rays,bloodwork days later it went into second leg, and then her chest. We started her on Lasix , then we had the fluid removed and seemed to be doing better, She beat all the odds last summer when taz died and she came down with depression and vertigo, Vestibular Syndrome, her meds and treatment then worked wonders and she bounced back, the past 7 months have been pretty darn well and no signs of sickness. Until Now, this month when edema came on .Her symptoms seem to got worse very fast, I had her back at the vet 4 times as it worried me, We had her up to date on shots and senior care bloodwork, she didnt need it again till May ,We had specialist working on the cause of all this, Ultrasound was being reviewed, She was also diagnosed being Anemia , possibly having CHF and or we were looking at Lymphoma, either way we knew this would be her last year with us, trying to brace yourself, but when that moment hits your never ready, We had anticipated on best treatment plans and meds,etc., what ever it took to make her remaining 4 to 6 weeks what ever length of time God allowed us to have at the most comfort , the unexpected blood clot to the brain freaky episode she had on the exam table came out of nowhere , one of the saddest days of my life. She may be gone now, but memories of her will last forever in our hearts and everywhere we went. I know I am to be Blessed we had her a good long 14 yrs.Tracey DerrickLexington, South CarolinaMarch 19, 2016
10/11/1999 - 3/18/1999Lady was our little girl for over 16 years. She was fun, energetic, sweet, and full of love. Our hearts are grieving now but we know she went peacefully. Thank you Dr Courtney for coming to our house and helping us make such a difficult time to be so peaceful.
The LaRue family
Sue LaRueWolverine Lake, MichiganMarch 18, 2016
11/9/2005 - 2/22/2016Our beautiful Baily Anna Irish Joy Ohara will forever live in our hearts.Murfreesboro, TennesseeMarch 18, 2016