Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/10/1998 - 6/4/2014Princess, our fluffy bundle of love, you were a kind an gentle soul and an amazing member of our family. We have over 16 years of memories with you and while I know it is selfish to say, we wanted more. Thank you for your unconditional love, for always being thrilled to see us when we came home, for snoring loudly in the office while I worked, and for cuddling next to me every night in bed. Thank you for all of your love and devotion. We will miss you forever. <3Anita HillTampa, FloridaJune 5, 2014
10/1/2003 - 5/31/2014Magi (as in "The Gift of the Magi") was an amazing healer, whose life was devoted to assisting those who were going through great periods of transition in their lives. He was the essence of pure unconditional love and kindness. He captivated not only my heart, but the heart of every single person who crossed the threshold of my home. Even people who had a fear of dogs were comforted by his presence. The fact that he was unique and "different" never went unnoticed. As he transitioned to his higher vibration, I felt an intense warm tingling travel from his paw, through my arm and settle at my heart, which is where he will always remain. I know he will be assisting me with healing work from the other side, as he informed me in one of our earlier conversations: "I am not leaving you, I am just leaving my uncomfortable body, IN FACT, I will be able to communicate and you will be able to hear me more clearly after I have crossed to the other side!".....I know this to be true and look forward to seeing this come to fruition. Magi, i am so grateful that you "stayed a year longer to assist Alex and Holly in our house, as they healed through Alex's paralysis from his combat duties in Afghanistan and to show their new family member Panzerfaust "the ropes"....selfless, as always....Thank you for all of your "Pet-a-cures".....fabulous and famous, better than any spa treatment we could find :)....We all miss you, and Demetri sends you a special hello, he is relieved that you no longer have to suffer and struggle to breathe. I feel you around me....happy, vibrant, energetic and young in Spirit once again ! Love, Love, Love for you, to Infinity and Beyond!!Kimberly GrayTampa, FloridaJune 5, 2014
12/21/2000 - 6/3/2014In memory of Buddy, simply the best buddy our family could ever have.Dan & Karen LoganSt. Louis, MissouriJune 5, 2014
2/16/2001 - 6/4/2014Mulligan, you were a "special" dog. You were my baby boy and daddy's best friend. You gave us conditional love and were such a great dog. You were my companion and protector and I will miss you every day and will love you for eternity. You're in Rainbow Bridge now so make sure to keep McGuire, Molly and Chaz in line. All our love, forever!Lynn PetersJacksonville, FloridaJune 5, 2014
Buddy My Big Red Dog
8/19/2001 - 5/21/2014Buddy I miss you so unbelievably much my big red dog. I can't sit outside anymore because the memories of shared time with you are too much for me right now and I can't take the constant heart break it brings. I see you every where in the yard, in the house, when I cough I expect to see you come to my side of the bed and lay down letting me know you are there if I need you.
I wish to God you were still here for me to hold onto and love by big red boy.
Linda HardbargerDurham, North CarolinaJune 4, 2014
7/3/2014 - 6/4/2014Our velcro dog, Scooter. Never met a person he didn't love, he was a complete love monkey. Just wanted to be with his people and to be petted. Or to run. Such a silly boy, really goofy, but the sweetest dog I've ever known. Our Director of Security, he would rush to the door to greet everyone, and everyone always passed the test. Anything for a scritch. Running with his beloved Chi Chi now at the Rainbow Bridge. Roo, roo, Scooter!! Love you forever.Patti DodgenLutz, FloridaJune 4, 2014
11/22/2004 - 6/2/2014You came into our home and our hearts as a rescue puppy. Through the years, you gave us companionship and unconditional love and made us laugh and cry with your silliness and playfulness. You have forever left a paw-print on our hearts and will be dearly missed.Lisa FaarupSwansea, IllinoisJune 4, 2014
Jaxsy delapaz
5/5/2002 - 6/4/2014Jaxsy - My little sunshine girl. Thank you for all the years that you gave us and for being there for us thru the good and bad. For making us laugh and for drying our tears when we cried. For giving us two beautiful grand-pups Foxy and Sheppy, your tender love and care for your family including her hubby-stud Dukie - Together you were the perfect family to us. You have been such a loyal pet warrior. You will never be forgotten. Rest my sweet little girl, go run free knowing that we will carry your memory - You've left paw prints in our hearts.Aneida & Domingo DelapazJacksonville, FloridaJune 4, 2014
6/6/1996 - 5/30/2014Bud was such a loving, faithful friend, to the entire family. He loved being around all the grandkids and would wander around the house looking for them after they would leave. We all love you Bud and will miss you greatly.Trish DinseFairfield, CaliforniaJune 4, 2014
8/4/2004 - 6/2/2014Trouble I miss you so much, my life is so empty without you, I pray that you are with your brothers Scooby and Bruno, and your cousin Molly. You were my best friend and such a strong and loving good boy. I will meet you at the bridge one day where we will never be parted again. I love you always Mommiesuzette baginskicheektowaga, New YorkJune 3, 2014