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Azura Wednesday
4/11/2005 - 2/7/2020Azura, you will be missed every day of my Life.
Such a beautiful creation such as you endured hardship at the beginning of your Life with abuse by humans and then ill health in your last days. But I pray that I filled those days in between with enough hikes and walks and bones to show you how much you were Loved by me here. You were not an emotional dog. But, I knew you loved me. You had your own way of showing it.
I know God will bring us together in Heaven to run in the hills and play and free in His kingdom in eternal Life.
Forever you will be in my heart.
Love, Pop
David RivasManor, TexasFebruary 18, 2020
5/25/2008 - 2/15/2020Stanley,
I want to thank you for all the joy, fun and companionship you have given me since I brought you home at 5-months old. At 5-months I was hoping you would grown into those big floppy ears you had as they were bigger than your head, but eventually you did. You have brought many laughs from your Beagle howl, to playing hide and seek with your dog treats and to bringing home a neighborhood cat. You have spent countless hours with me volunteering with Arizona Beagle Rescue to seeing foster Beagles come in and out of our house. I will always cherish the time we had together and all the memories. You had the biggest heart and unconditional love anyone one could ask for. Just know that you will always be Momma’s Boy! I love and miss you so much, but I know someday we will reunite. Until then you will always be in my heart and in my thoughts.
Dona BonaiutoLitchfield Park, ArizonaFebruary 18, 2020
Missy Buttercup
3/8/2003Missy you brought so much joy into our lives you were my road dog we traveled together where I went you went my Boss Lady I will Always Love ❤️ youJudy ThomasBrooklyn Park, MinnesotaFebruary 18, 2020
3/17/2015 - 2/14/2020Zoe came into our family 5 years ago by chance. She was a senior dog that was adopted by my ex-mother-in-law. Three months later my ex-mother-in-law passed away. I took Zoe in only to find her a home, but then realized after two days she was already home. I fell in love with her sweet little smile and gentle nature. I miss her terribly, but every tear I drop is reminder of how much she meant to me and my family.Zoe WalshChicago, IllinoisFebruary 18, 2020
10/31/2008Rest In Peace our beautiful boy Colby. Catch up with you brother Quinten, roll in lots of catnip and eat plenty of your favorite food. Colby was the coolest cat we ever had. Always going with the flow. New dog, no problem for Colby , lost his best buddy 3 years ago, He was lost for a few days but then he became closer to his dog sister. What a talkative sweet boy he was. You always new exactly what he wanted.

We thank you Colby for the 12 great years that we were blessed to have you in our lives. Although gone, never forgotten and always loved.

Loved Always,
Sharon, Cassie and Joey
Sharon MargosianLake Worth, FloridaFebruary 17, 2020
Charlie Murphy
3/26/2005 - 2/14/2020In loving memory of my dear, little Charlie, perhaps the sweetest dog that ever lived.
With sincere gratitude for the joy and love you gave to me and to our family, you’ll be missed more than imagined.
Missing your big brown eyes, quietly begging for a bit of Manchego cheese, missing your tail wagging rapidly when you saw me getting ready to take a walk or a drive, and missing your warmth as you snuggled as close to me as possible as soon as I sat down. Our house here is so quiet and empty without you, but you will never be forgotten.
julie fronteraRochester Hills, MichiganFebruary 17, 2020
2/15/2020Madison was an outlaw and a lady. A Tabby supermodel, blogger and all around sassytabby. She was a diva from 6 weeks old who loved her own reflection. We loved having her as a part of the family for over 17 years. We miss you terribly and will always remember your beautiful fur.Lucinda LashleyIndianapolis, IndianaFebruary 17, 2020
3/14/2020Kingston was a sweetboy.Deborah WisemanWilliamsville, New YorkFebruary 17, 2020
2/15/2009 - 2/15/2020Since your osteosarcoma diagnosis, I knew this day would come sooner than what was fair. Losing you so close to Squish has about done me in, but I’m grateful for the time I had with you, Major Babe. I’m grateful that we got to put you to rest at home, surrounded by people who love you, and not in an emergency situation. I’m grateful that you aren’t in pain anymore. I will miss you derping around and furring up the place. Thank you for being my friend, Mr. Buddy. Love you forever.Rachael WaltkeIndianapolis, IndianaFebruary 17, 2020
I can't put into words what I'm feeling after saying goodnight to my baby girl. But I truly believe that she knew her work here was done and that I would be OK. Just a couple weeks before her tumor popped up I was talking to her and told her thank you for everything she has done for me. Because of her I am still here. Because of her I kept fighting. She was by my side through hell and back and never asked for anything but love in return. I told her I hope I gave her the best life and she looked at me and gave me kisses. Soon after, her tumor popped out and in less than 2 months later here we are. But I'm choosing to see it as a sign that she felt her job here with me was done. That she knew I'm happy and healthy and she could move on in peace. Though the cancer was definitely not fun for her, she left us tonight still happy, loving, and wagging her tail as we showered her with cuddles and belly rubs. I am so thankful I got to say goodbye while she was still her adorable self, before the cancer destroyed her too much. Thank you Roxi. Thank you with everything and for choosing me. I never could have imagined that the day I first held you and refused to give you back that you would change my world. Thank you for saving me time and time again when life pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. Thank you for giving me someone to love so much that I did whatever I could to protect you and do better in my life so you could have the best life possible. Thank you... You will forever be with me and the countless stories that make me crack up laughing will be shared for years to come. Forever and always in my heart! I love you my baby girl. I love you Roxstar. I LOVE YOU ROXI!Noel TufanoMeriden, ConnecticutFebruary 17, 2020
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