Pet Memorials
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3/1/2001 - 3/1/2012Babe, we think about you so very often. What a bright light you were in our lives.Amanda RhodeTampa, FloridaJune 7, 2013
1/30/1999 - 5/7/2013Our FiFi,
You weren't just our fur kid, you were our true kid, our life and our love. Life will never be the same.
M. WilliamsO'Fallon, MissouriJune 7, 2013
5/1/1999 - 6/4/2013In loving memory of Hugo, a very special dog who touched the lives of many. He took his job of protecting me and our home very seriously and vocally. Even though he could be scary, he made friends with a friend of mine who was deathly afraid of dogs and with one of my cats, The Bear. I hope he is somewhere with my friend Shelley, who loved him, and who died recently, or maybe just with other dogs frolicking in a big field. We miss you, Hugo!Erika LockhartAlbany, CaliforniaJune 5, 2013
9/26/2000 - 5/27/2013Our Dear Foxy,
Letting you go peacefully is one of the hardest thing I have done. Your sweet face , your tenderness and you unconditional love will be missed , but you will never be forgotten and will always live in our hearts....

We will always love you,
Mom Dad Natalie and your other half Teddy......
Claribel Soto FernandezDavie, FloridaJune 3, 2013
12/8/2013 - 5/31/2013Message to a Friend

I miss you so much; my four-legged friend
I ask myself each day; if the pain will ever end
Your loss is so hard; for one person to bear
Because we were a team; an inseparable pair

You were by my side; when I got up each day
Waiting so patiently; to go out and play
You were there each night; when I got home
waiting to go to the park; where you could roam

You always knew; if I was having a bad day
So you'd snuggle up close; and try to get me to play
If that didn't work; you'd put your head in my lap
Then make yourself comfortable; and take a nap

One way or another you; would brighten my day
Like only you could; you had a special way
You gave me a lifetime; of memories to hold
Through all the years ahead; till I'm gray and old

I promise I'll see you; again one day
When we'll be together again; to go run and play
Your loss is a cross; I will just have to bear
Because you and I know; we're an inseparable pair

John Quealy
Valerie MetrosSunny isles Beach, FloridaJune 2, 2013
3/15/2009 - 5/30/2013Bella Bella...where can anyone even start or find the words when it comes to something like this, you broke the mold and definitely proved all those stereotypes wrong with Rottweilers didn't ya! You touched everyone you came in contact with and are so greatly missed and will forever be in our hearts! We love you Bella, I know you're in a better place now and take pleasure in that. R.I.P BellaPete n LauraPlano, IllinoisJune 2, 2013
4/22/2002 - 5/31/2013Oslo was a very good dog.Saint Petersburg, FloridaJune 1, 2013
Jaxson Aka Jax
4/14/2003 - 5/30/2013In loving memory of Jax, my perfect baby boy. He entered my life on May 23, 2003 and brought me such joy and taught me the true meaning of friendship and unconditional love. He was the last gift my mom gave me before she died and we shared ...the last special weeks of mom's life together. He has brought me through life's tough trials and tribulations and always offered me comfort and peace. Yesterday I offered him comfort and peace as he crossed rainbow bridge. My baby boy spent the last year of his life fighting congestive heart failure. He was diagnosed in July 2012 and by September was given 2-4 weeks to live. We sought the assistance of a specialist who was just as devoted as I was to keeping him alive and giving him the best last months any furbaby could hope for. My baby lived 8 more months. He was such a fighter. There were so many times we believed he was "getting close" and he'd turn around in an instant. On Wednesday evening our vet told us his kidneys were failing and there was fluid building in his lungs that we couldn't treat without blowing his kidneys. We took him home that night and spent the final day of his life with him. It was a glorious day! He was very tired and weak the first half of the day but the minute his daddy got in the shower, my baby realized what we were about to do and hopped up to play with us during his final hours. He played fetch, we went to the park and he even got cheeseburgers! He was so happy! Seeing him so happy made me want to keep him, but I knew it was only a few days, if not hours, before he started to suffer again. I wanted him to go with happy memories of his last day. I have been devastated since Wednesday. I couldn't imagine life without him. He will always be my baby boy and best friend. Run free of pain sweet angel! RIP 4/14/03-5/30/13 Until we meet again....Angela TalloHumble, TexasJune 1, 2013
1/1/2010 - 5/26/2013Rudy's days were all borrowed time, and so happy while they lasted.

Rudy just wandered into our yard, our lives, and our hearts one summer – a young, friendly, neighborhood cat who adopted us as his family. He had no idea his days were already numbered by feline leukemia virus (FeLV), and we never told him – it didn't stop him from having a wonderful life. It did prevent us from keeping him indoors (to ensure he didn't infect other cats). We simply couldn't put our indoor feline family at risk. Neither could we find a home for him, and taking him to a shelter with FeLV was a certain death sentence. So we did what we could. We got him fixed to curtail his fighting and roaming. We gave him the best veterinary care. We tried to keep him in our yard, but no fence was high enough. So we kept him close the only way we could: with lots of food, shelter, play, and love. We knew his future was uncertain at best, but he seemed so healthy and full of life that we always hoped he would beat the odds – and for three happy years, he did.

There was no sitting around looking out a window for Rudy. He led a charmed life, the kind indoor cats can only dream of: roaming, sniffing, marking, running, climbing, pouncing, hiding, and sunning in the garden without any walls or floors or panes of glass to dim the wonder of his world. With a thousand places to explore and an ever-changing environment, he had all the enrichment a cat could ever want. He reached an ideal weight, his coat got thick and soft and bright, and the scars from his fighting days healed and faded. He even became comfortable in a carrier and was well-behaved at the vet. He roamed the neighborhood, but our backyard was his home. I called it his paradise, because it had lush vegetation, sun and shade and fountains, and everything a cat could ask for, including an (almost) on-demand human playmate.

At the same time, Rudy's life was bittersweet, at least for us. Having FeLV meant he was always the cat in the plastic bubble – but on the outside looking in – in through a window at the warm, intimate, indoor home that he could never share. He spent almost his entire life alone outside, so he didn't have as much to give as more fortunate cats. Even so, he was very sweet-natured. When the weather was nice, he would roll at our feet in delighted greeting, and when he stayed in the laundry room or garage during a bout of bad weather, he would forget he was a vigilant outdoor cat and turn into a relaxed, adorable snuggle-muffin. He would have made the most wonderful, loving, faithful companion if only a kinder fate had given him an indoor home.

Too soon, the odds caught up with Rudy and he developed the cancer that often follows from FeLV. It was very advanced when we discovered it. Rudy finally made it to the other side of the window and into our home for the last twenty-four hours of his life – and that was all the time we had to say goodbye. We kept the other cats away and he slept in my room with me for the first and last time. He spent his last day looking out the windows, so fascinated by the second-story view of his domain that we could almost forget that he was dying. His friend next door brightened his day with a visit, and then with his loving family surrounding and comforting him, he fell peacefully asleep for the last time while looking into my eyes. My little buddy's roaming days are over now; he sleeps forever in his paradise: our backyard.

To say that I loved Rudy, that I miss him terribly, and that I will never forget him, is simply not enough. I would rather be able to say that the story of his short but very special life can bring a little hope or inspiration to those with feline family facing a bleak or uncertain future because of disease. What he had to give was enough to start me searching for a way to help other cats with FeLV/FIV, if not by making their lives a little longer, then a little happier – in memory of Rudy.

You are welcome to light a candle for Rudy whether you knew him/us or not, or to click on About Rudy to share some of my memories of him. Some of them are captured in the pictures below.
Glen HarrisNewport News, VirginiaJune 1, 2013
6/4/1996 - 5/29/2013My beloved cat Titi was 17 years old. A wise, soulful feline. Titi was my best friend. He led a wonderful full life of frolicking, lounging, climbing trees. He is survived by his feline buddy, Tito. Similar names, and they too, were so close. My best friend, Titi had FIV for many years and still thrived and amazed his Vet and longevity. Titi went to heaven peacefully and I will always carry his soul in mine. Dr. Diana, who is new to Lap of Love was very understanding and compassionate. I am grateful for Lap of Love to give my best friend his chance to go to heaven in his favorite spot. I miss you Titi and love you forever and ever.Laurel LeveyWeston, FloridaJune 1, 2013