Pet Memorials
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4/4/2008 - 1/23/2020Our Remy was such an opinionated fur monster, so sweet and energetic. He had a wonderful life - full of adventure and companions that made every second worthwhile. We miss him terribly. Our home and family have a corgi sized hole in them.Meghan FouargeSanta Paula, CaliforniaMarch 10, 2020
8/2/2003 - 3/7/2020Pooley, my best buddy, my little baby, God how I miss you. You where there for me when our sweet Pumpkin went to the Rainbow Bridge and now that you're gone I have to deal with your passing with no other little furry buddy to help me through this most difficult time. It's been two days since you passed and I still hurt so bad. I had you over 15 years and I wanted you another 15 years not realizing that you were really struggling to hang on. I know the last year was tough with your chronic allergies and your eyes being so bad. I did my best trying to give you drops for your eyes but you were a little tough guy and wouldn't let me. I will miss all the fun times out in the boat, going camping, chasing the bunnies in the neighborhood while on our daily walks, going to the beach. I will miss the way you use to love licking my and Mommy's ear lobes and the sound of you breathing in our ears. I will miss the way you hopped up and down along side my recliner or bed wanting me to scoop you up and put you in my lapor bring you into bed because it was to high for you. You always looked like you had a big smile on your cute little face. Mommy and Grammy miss you so much too. I remember the day when your Grammy and I went to get you. You were so cute and I could not leave without you. Grammy fell in love with you then too. Grammy is going to miss all the walks around the pond chasing the ducks into the pond like you were some real big tough guy. You used to run on the sand bars like your were the fastest thing around, ears flopping in the wind. You used to dive right in the water after me and Mommy when we were snorkeling and were such a good swimmer.

I use to feel so bad when I would go away and have Grammy or Uncle Raymond watch you but when i returned you always were so happy to see me and made me feel good.

I will never forget you Pooley. I know you're with your sister Pumpkin running, playing and having no pain. I know Pumpkin is watching over you. We will see each other again. Pooley I love you and miss you so so much. I am so so sorry if you suffered during your last days. I know you loved us so much and we loved you so much to that it was so hard to let go. I look forward to the day when we can all be together again.
Gary HoganJupiter, FloridaMarch 10, 2020
Tech (aka Nino)
3/1/2010 - 3/8/2020Tech, my sweet sweet boy. Thank you for your companionship all these years, for coming into our lives and blessing it with your gentle spirit. I love you and miss you more than any belly rub, kiss or hug can ever show. You are my angel and will live on forever in my heart. The best big brother to Sofie and Cami.
I promise to never ever forget you, your smell, your beautiful eyes and your shiny golden coat, the way you snored when you slept so profoundly. Never will I forget your love for rolling on the earth and soaking up the sun nor will I forget your sweet smile when I rubbed your belly, it was everything I needed after a long day.
I miss our walks. I miss the sound of your steps on the wooden floors. I miss your breathing late at night when all is quiet. There’s a big empty space at home, the space that was yours, as big and empty as the void that’s left inside of me. Techy, when you left you took a peace of me with you and now life will never be the same. You were the best most obedient boy, there will never be another like you.
Until we meet again my precious boy.
Love you always.
Veronica VillenaRoyal Palm Beach, FloridaMarch 10, 2020
Ella (cinderella) Dewey
4/23/2007 - 3/7/2020“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.” - Will Rogers
It was with deep sadness that Bill and I said goodbye to our beautiful Ella this past Saturday morning. She was in our home, on "the big crate", with her favorite blanket and both of us next to her. Through an incredibly compassionate and dignified program called Lap of Love, we found a vet to assist her to leave our lives peacefully.
Ella was diagnosed with subcutaneous lymphoma last Tuesday...we had plans to begin chemo but Wednesday she suffered a massive seizure. She spent 2 nights at the ER vet center, while there suffering a second seizure. She had lost use of her legs, her breathing was severely compromised, and we are not certain she could see us. We brought her home to have a final day with us in familiar surroundings. We know in our hearts that she was hanging on to give US closure and to give Eliza a chance to FaceTime with her to say goodbye.
Our hearts are filled with grief & emptiness. She was the 4th Dewey girl, Bill's loyal office companion, and my secret food buddy. She touched so many lives with her endearing eyes & gentle spirit. She was the perfect gift to our family.
"Our pets leave paw prints on our hearts and we are forever changed."
Mary DeweyLas Vegas, NevadaMarch 10, 2020
3/4/2020Bill, there are just no words. I never felt alone, I never felt afraid, you were the quiet strength that gave my heart peace. You are irreplaceable. I hope you know I fought for you to the end. I will love you forever. Mama.Cynthia DudaRoyal Oak, MichiganMarch 10, 2020
4/13/2009 - 3/8/2020Rosie's Advice And Goodbye

Goodbye dear family,
I am grateful,
and I will miss you.
The risk of love is loss,
and the price of loss is grief.
But all the pain of that is only a shadow,
compared to the joy of love shared.
We shared that joy, and now you see the end.
Don't cry because it's over,
smile because it happened,
and we shared that joy.
God bless you family! I❤️U!

RIP Rosepetal (Rosie)
You will always have a piece of our hearts. We miss you so much! 😢❤️
Dawn Ullom UllomValrico, FloridaMarch 9, 2020
6/22/2005 - 3/7/2020Katie, you were so full of energy and love. You brought us so much joy. We miss you so much. Our house will never be the same without you here. We were so Blessed to be loved so unconditionally. You will remain forever in our hearts. Run Free Girl!Sue SuddethOxford mi, MichiganMarch 9, 2020
2/3/2004 - 3/7/2020Retty,
I miss you! I miss seeing you when I walk in the door. I miss hearing you meow. You were loved by all of us more than you know. You were a little angel brought to me years ago to bring me comfort during sad and difficult times. I miss your sweet crossed eyes. I miss watching you pester Holly. Holly really misses you too. We will always love you!!! I just wish I had more time with you. Kisses forever....
Irene RogeGreenwood, IndianaMarch 9, 2020
10/8/2008 - 3/8/2020Molly was our special girl. Loyal, loving, intelligent and protective. It was always such a joy to come home from work and find her waiting excitedly at the door to greet me. She was a constant companion to Sue, my wife, whenever she would be working in the garden. And if either of us ever sneezed or coughed, Molly was right there with her paws in our lap and a worried expression on her face. She really looked out for us, keeping a lookout through the front window for any strangers who didn't belong (usually the postman or delivery person). As sweet as she was, her bark was fierce and made anyone approaching our door tremble in fear. We really miss her and ache inside when we look around the home we shared with her and no longer see her. Goodbye, girl!Jeff and Sue SchwartzMesa, ArizonaMarch 9, 2020
3/8/2009 - 3/8/2020Harlee, my sweet gentle soul. The house is just empty without you. Words can not express how soul crushing it was to say goodbye. You came to us as a visitor. You celebrated your first birthday here and got to be friends with our other dogs. Over the years you visited and stayed with us while your dad was at work or out of town. Eventually you came to live with us. Oh how you LOVED the outside, loved our girls, loved the dog pool, loved the chickens and loved your friends, especially Austin. Yall would play hours on end outside. I miss those days. You always made us laugh. Especially when the scary kittens wouldnt let you enter the house. Lol. I miss those days. I miss SOOOO much about you. I hope you know how much you were loved. How much you were a part of this family. I miss you. Towards the end you were so uncomfortable and in pain. I couldnt let my sweet angel suffer. I couldnt just sit back and watch you in daily pain. I love you too much for that. Everyone misses you. This house is just not the same. I know your having fun in Heaven with Merlin, Gracie, Katie, and Griffin. Yall are back at the table having a wonderful party again. I miss all of you so much it hurts. Know you were loved. So very loved! I miss you. Thank you for being you and giving me 11 wonderful fun filled years. Youre a Good girl. Endless kisses and hugs my sweet angel.Bonnie ShawLOGANVILLE, GeorgiaMarch 9, 2020