Pet Memorials
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2/1/2009 - 3/19/2020Our hearts are breaking for missing you Izzy. A sweeter, more loving baby I’ve never met. Your sweet eyes... ‘joker’ smile... the way you skinned every single toy you owned, except for lamb chop! Pushing me off the bed and stealing all my blankets. Following me every step I took. I miss you my angel... you have my heart. ❤️Dawn DellaValleNorth Tonawanda, New YorkMarch 20, 2020
2/5/2012 - 3/19/2020Our sweet sweet Dixie was diagnosed with Lymphoma and declined less than two months. We are missing her sweet demeanor and loving attention.Ana MoseleySeattle, WashingtonMarch 20, 2020
Abby Weeks
6/21/2008 - 3/13/2020The house just isn’t the same without little Abby!
Just like her older brother Tucker she’ll be remembered forever
Ken WeeksLynnfield, MassachusettsMarch 20, 2020
1/12/2009Jupiter you are truly missed our beautiful boy. Until we me again at the Rainbow bridge my heart will have an emptiness that only you can fillLisa ChristinoSouthington, ConnecticutMarch 20, 2020
3/7/2015 - 3/18/2020Odie was the best boy I've ever had. He was goofy and sweet. He loved to cuddle. He loved being under the covers. He loved his booty scratches. I will forever miss you my little odie baby. You gave me so much love. I wish I could have been there for you more the last year and a half. I loved my time with you. You were such a fighter. Got hit by a car, had your tummy problem, got parvo. I'm so sorry cancer took you from me and within a weeks time. You'll always be in my heart baby boy. Mama loves you do much!!Susie CravensTulsa, OklahomaMarch 19, 2020
11/1/2006 - 3/18/2020There’s a 75-lb hole in our heavy hearts tonight. 1/4 of our little family went to Heaven today. Our big, yellow dog, my Chip crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 5:36PM. It’s hard to summarize nearly 14 years of Life with this amazing gift from God that was our family member. His presence in our lives truly encompassed more than words. He has been a Light during so many of Life’s complex moments. Chip was always waiting with a bright smile & warm hug. He’s truly the best hugger. He loved to “go to work” each morning with me, often beating me to my office. Chip also loved to help bake cakes, open Christmas stockings, play frisbee golf, & help “clean” the kitchen floor.Melissa & James Huelsman-KernsMoore, OklahomaMarch 19, 2020
10/18/2007 - 3/14/2020Kainos was the most loving little Cairn Terrier. He was a hunter. In his younger days he would run & chase all the squirrels out of our yard. He has even killed a few. We will always love and cherish our little Kainos. We know he is with his sister JOY and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Judy PetrowNazareth, PennsylvaniaMarch 19, 2020
Garfield Hoffman
6/11/2005Today, March 17th, we said goodbye to our beloved pet, a devoted member of our family, Garfield. He lived a wonderful 14 years but for the last 2 years, he had small cell lymphoma. I tried my hardest to keep him alive. I switched Vets. Then I finally found an amazing Oncologist who helped keep him alive until the cancer spread. Garfield was not like any other cat I ever had! He acted like a Dog! He would greet you at the door; he used to play fetch with a tin foil ball and bring you back his ball; he would sit next to anyone who came in my home; he would lick anyone who put out their hand to him; he welcomed our other pets (dog and cat); when we added my other cat Casper as a kitten - he would lick him from Head to Toe; when his bowl of food was almost empty- he would sit in front of it and stare you down until you filled it up; when my kids were younger, they all wanted Garfield to sleep in their bedroom at night so Garfield on his own, would sleep in each kids room sharing the love! Best if all, if he wanted to get in one of my kid's bedrooms at night and if the door was closed, he would keep jumping up on the doorknob until he opened the door himself!! Amazing! We have so many memories of Garfield. He was far from your ordinary cat and we were truly blessed to have such a smart, loving and friendly cat in our lives. We will never forget our favorite pet, Garfield ! 😢FELISA HOFFMANCommack, New YorkMarch 19, 2020
9/1/2001 - 3/11/2020Gus was a sweet, cuddly, lovable, unique cat. I remember going to the local humane society that day, 3 months after I had lost my beloved first cat, Biko; thinking, "I'm just going to look". Famous last words!!! I also knew if I adopted again, I wanted to get two cats together so they'd have a playmate. The first cat I had adopted (who I loved and cherished also!) was 10 when I adopted him; and he would not tolerate other animals. So, I figured this time I'd bring two home together and they'd always be friends. I also remember thinking I would like to get an orange/ginger tabby. My cousin had said they were her favorite; I looked at some photos and thought it would be cute to have an orange cat. So, on that fateful day when I showed up 'just to look' (as I was still grieving Biko), I saw two cats in a crate together, one was orange; one was orange and white. They looked like the perfect pair. But, a couple had walked in right before me and they had their eyes on that duo. I thought, 'darn, I walked in a minute too late'. However, it was then that I looked into another crate and saw Gus, all alone sitting in there looking so sad. He was 4 1/2 and had been surrendered because his family moved into no pet housing. His name was Garfield (he was an orange tabby cat, so I guess they thought that name fit him; I decided Gus was more appropriate); he looked so sad and lonely; feeling abandoned. I knew I had to take him. Walking in 'one minute too late' was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I adopted him and another cat that day (Annabelle, who was 2 at the time; and even now, 14 years later, she still never warmed up to Gus; as she sits here on my lap while I write this, I wonder what she thinks about him being gone as she never liked him!!) when I was 'just going to look'.

Little did I know how much Gus and I would go through together. It started out about 10 years ago with pancreatitis, then a heart murmur, then hyperthyroidism, then kidney disease. Through it all, I was by his side. I figured as long as he was living and loving the cat life, I was going to do everything I could for him. He was so sweet and cuddly; and always wanted to cuddle up with me on the couch or bed. For the past few years, as he started to get thinner and couldn't groom himself, I was giving him pills twice a day and sub-q fluids every 4-5 days. He had a special diet and if I ever had to leave town, I had to hire professional pet sitters who could come over twice a day at minimum due to all his needs. But, he kept jumping up on the couch, bed, table, etc.; up until about 2 weeks before his passing. He still loved to eat and he was obsessed with milk (something he picked up in his last couple years). I would bring him to the vet every 3-4 months and we always talked about when it would be 'time'. He was getting kitty 'dementia'; sometimes going right to the litterbox; other times going in other spots he seemed to think were appropriate. My carpet is ruined, but I can replace carpet; and I knew he wasn't doing it on purpose or for any other reason than he was confused. I must have asked my vet a million questions throughout all these years. She would always say as long as he is still eating/drinking AND doing all of the normal things he does in his daily routine, he has a quality of life. But, it seemed 'all of a sudden' to me in the last 2 weeks before his passing, he stopped doing those things; he looked so much more frail and thin to me. He still got up to eat and still wanted that milk, but that was about all he was doing. I could see him working harder to breathe. That's when I knew it was time to let him go; but it's such a hard thing to do. I always took care of him; and I knew I couldn't let him suffer needlessly. But, I still feel some guilt about it.

I know I did the best I could for him; and I would have kept on doing it (even though it was a crazy schedule) if he was still here jumping up on things and doing all his normal stuff. But, even though he was still eating, there was no life in him any more. The one last thing I could do for him was give him the gift of not having to go back to the vet one more time. He'd been there enough. And, even though he has a wonderful vet, Dr. Griffin, who I would have liked to have been with us through the end, she even agreed that doing it at home where he would be more comfortable would be best for him. She was not able to do it, but recommended Lap of Love. I'm so glad I did that for him; as it was peaceful and such a blessing. I miss him terribly and I almost don't know what to do now that so much of my daily routine of taking care of him has gone away. I am so thankful I went into the humane society that day 'just to look' (ironically, 14 years exactly between when I adopted him and when I had to put him down); and I'm so happy I was 'one minute too late' behind that other couple. I wouldn't trade anything; I would do it all over again for him; even with all the expensive food, pills, fluids, carpet cleaner, trips to the vet and endless vet bills... Gus was worth it all. I love you, Gus, and will always miss you. Thank you for being in my life!
Suzanne CalvanoMadison Heights, MichiganMarch 19, 2020
12/25/2005 - 3/6/2020In summation, Buster was a very good boy. It is strange to think that he is gone because he has been such a constant in everyone's lives. Although it is dreadfully painful to see him go, we are all grateful that he has graced us with his companionship for all these years.

They say boxers are puppies until they day they die. Not only did he have the energy of a puppy, Buster also thought he had the physical dimensions of a small dog, given that he was a 100 lb lap dog. When I think of Buster, I think of a small child that could never contain his joy. Whether it be taking YOU for a walk or doing his happy little wiggle dance when he sees you walking through the door, Buster could never hold back his enthusiasm while in your company.

Buster was never that great with commands. Which was a trait I later came to admire because I realized it was because he was a fellow Booth. He never knew how to heel but he has healed us all with his joy and curiosity. I know he is okay now, in the place where all good doggies go. He can now run freely, chasing all the little squirrels with no aches or pains.

Thank you Buster for your unconditional love, even after times when we lost patience with you for peeing on the carpet. Your loyalty and uniqueness could never be forgotten. You will be forever loved and cherished during our long human life.
Angela BoothClearwater, FloridaMarch 18, 2020