Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/15/2020 - 5/7/2020Fiona was my Baby I loved her so much so was, she was my life she met everything to me but I know she is in a better place where she can run free and free of pain some day I hope to join her so we can be together again.John CoombsSeattle, WashingtonMay 8, 2020
10/20/2007 - 5/7/2020The past few days she wasn’t eating, sleeping alot and whimpering, and we could tell in her eyes she surely wasn’t feeling good but still wanted to go for her walks (took at least twice as long) and rides in our vehicles.. I took her on five rides yesterday!! She loved everyone of them. We decided to put her to sleep at our home! This was an option we did not know about that our Vet’s assistant mentioned to us on Monday. Due to the circumstances with Covid-19 we could not be with her at their office. So we decided this was the option we preferred to do. BEST thing we ever did. It was so peaceful and so much love felt during this time. Thanks to Dr. Cassie from Lap to Love who came to our home, was awesome, and took care of everything for us! We will miss her tremendously everyday! We haven’t cried so much but we know she is now free from pain! She fought so hard to feel better but her little heart couldn’t recover from the Cushing’s Disease. My sister sent this to us yesterday and I thought I would share it with all of you!
May all the prayers going out to you bring you peace in knowing that Maddie's spirit will live on. Dog is God spelled backwards and reminds us that dogs bring to our lives incorruptible goodness, loyalty, and everlasting, unconditional love.❤️
Thank you all again! These pictures were taken yesterday and the one of me and Maddie was on our last ride!! She was one of a kind and loved everyone she come in contact with!! We love you all!! Love you Maddie our precious angel!! Until we see you again!! 🐾♥️🐾♥️
Melodee PaulLehi, UtahMay 8, 2020
4/11/2020 - 5/7/2020Lily was the best dog anyone could ask for. Lily and my daughter were inseperable. I like to think that they were each others person. She loved to stalk and chase lizards in her younger years. We were so blessed to have her as a part of our family. She is greatly missed and the house just doesn't feel the same anymore. Until we meet again run free Lily!April ForeLas vegas, NevadaMay 8, 2020
1/27/2005 - 5/6/2020Sampson you will be missed buddy. You were our first family dog. You're at peace now with your brothers Beowulf and Rocky.Jeannie ColesChesapeake, VirginiaMay 8, 2020
9/22/2005 - 5/6/2020Harley was the most beautiful yellow lab who would give the softest kisses. When he was younger he loved to jump off the dock and fish in the shallow water all day at our cabin. If you had a tennis ball, he would shag the ball for hours if you let him! In his later years, the cysts took over his body which slowed him down tremdously, but his loving spirit always stayed with him. He was our "Big Galoob" who will be truly, truly missed in our family. We know he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is already romping around with his brother Tucker who preceded him in death 5 years ago. RIP our sweet boy. We love you with all our heart and we miss you so much.Margie KupsikGermantown, WisconsinMay 7, 2020
6/7/2003 - 4/28/2020My sweet Kansas was everything to me. She was my buddy, the only constant in my life for years. She was there for me when no one else was. She let me cry on her, hug her, and tell her all my secrets. She never judged and always gave all the love she had to every person she met. She left a paw print on the hearts of so many. Run free sweet girl, enjoy being pain free and sit pretty for all those who have gone before me. Until we meet again .... I love you 😘Nanette EdwardsLas Vegas, NevadaMay 7, 2020
3/23/2004 - 5/5/2020It was time. A time none of us want to face, but it was time. Snags was my dearest little friend whom my wife, Anne, and I shared many wonderful times. We annoyed the hell out of him for the last two + years as we had to hand feed him twice a day in order to give him his insulin shots. He was a terrible eater, but being the sweetheart that he was, he put up with us. As many of you have probably experienced with diabetic animals, he lost his sight as well as his hearing. Snags never made any of that an issue. As it is said, uncompromising love and affection.
Snags, as you crossover the Rainbow Bridge, make sure you find Shelby, Max and Bear. They know you're coming. Send our love.
DON KAPLANBuffalo Grove, IllinoisMay 7, 2020
8/24/2005 - 5/5/2020Gunner, you are and always will be the best dog EVER. You will be loved and remembered forever. Thank you for 15 years of love, loyalty, faithfulness, and fun! You really are the stuff legend dogs are made of buddy! I hope you're having endless days of playing Frisbee, fetch, and swimming in the bright sunshine. Meet us at the gates wagging your tail and smiling when it's our time! We love you Gunny!
Love Mom, Dad, Ricky, Steven, Julia, Olivia, Isabel & Luke
Heather SliwinskiWarminster, PennsylvaniaMay 7, 2020
Seven was every bit of a bundle of love & affectionate. No pet will ever replace you. You were very special, kind & a very loyal companion. I will forever miss you & you will never be forgotten. You were my pride & joy. Now that you are in a better place in gods hands I will let god protect you from this day forward. Now that your in heaven, please give your uncle puffy a hug for us. I love you so much Seven you have been the best pet anyone could ever have.
Love always your mommy💞
Jillian PoolePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaMay 7, 2020
Bailey Brooke
4/1/2007 - 5/5/2020I feel so unbelievably honored to be the dog mom of our sweet Bailey Brooke for an entire 14 years. 14 years is a good chunk of time, but somehow doesn’t seem long enough. Bailey was the light of our lives. She was so eager to be apart of life, and loved everyone around her fiercely. She was the type of companion that you were excited to come home to at night just because you knew she would always be so happy to see you. She loved to share her mornings with me while sitting on the front patio surrounded by flowers with the cool spring breeze in the air. She never took moments with her family for granted. She was calm, happy, always smiling, and always so thrilled about life. She had a spirit about her that was comforting, familiar, and loyal above all else. Even in her sunset hours, Bailey worked so hard to comfort me. She remained smiling, with cheerful eyes that could make even the deepest parts of someone radiate with happiness. I am so honored, blessed and grateful for our time with Miss Bailey. She was the best, and is so terribly missed everyday. I know without a shadow of a. doubt that doggy heaven must be full of fields with all the flowers to smell, sunshine and a nice breeze to keep you cool. But most importantly, doggy heaven has a radio flyer for you to ride in. I hope that I feel you so close to me when you take your first ride. The sunset last night only proved that heavens doors opened up for you. I love you very much, big momma. Until we meet again sweet girl. You’re the most beautiful butterfly (only Bailey will understand that one).Hannah GoldsteinDallas, GeorgiaMay 6, 2020