Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/1/2005 - 2/29/2020Melody Lynn,

You will always be in my heart and on my mind. You are so loved, beautiful girl. Thank you for always being the most loyal, gentle, and loving companion a person could have.

Until we see each other again...
Kelly SewardMonroe, MichiganMarch 5, 2020
5/23/2003 - 2/27/2020Rocco was an amazing, awesome, one-of-a-kind companion. We had a bond that was unique and undeniable. My mom used to say it was a love story, Rocco and I. The depth of our love for one another knew no bounds. Our first year together was spent just he and I, and we did everything together! The bond that grew between us only got stronger and tighter throughout his long life of 16 years, 9 months and 4 days. We rarely spent a night apart. We were inseparable. Words cannot express the grief and sorrow I feel for the loss of my little Rocco. Although Rocco was not the most sociable dog, he was fiercely loyal to me. His life events mirrored my life events. We went through so many new chapters in life together! Rocco made me a better person. He gave me purpose in my life with his undying loyalty and love, in exchange I loved him with everything I had. We were two peas in a pod! After losing his vision in one eye, his zest for life did not waver. Traumatically, he lost vision in his second eye and the path forward was unknown during this time. Rocco, however, found his path and lived out the remaining few years knowing how to let himself out and take care business, and continued to love and cuddle the rest of his days. But already advanced in age, it took it's toll on him, and like a light switch, turning from on to off, he was ready to go and he let me know. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my life.
Rocco, you will forever be in my heart. There will not be a day I do not think of you. Rest in peace my baby Rocco. I hope to see you on the other side one day, and when I do, I will sweep you up in my arms and kiss your little face just like I did each and every day of your life!
Anita BeringOrlando, FloridaMarch 5, 2020
3/16/2003 - 2/2/2020Jaguar was the "KING" of the world. He was unique in every way possible to everyone he met along his travels, especially Alyssa and I. Words can not describe how much we miss him. Rest in peace Jaguar.Ariane TheriaultSalem, MassachusettsMarch 4, 2020
11/14/2005 - 3/3/2020How lost I am without my best friend for the past 15 years. I’ll miss you and love you forever. I’m so lucky to of had you by my side Bugga Boo ♥️Syaira SepulvedaColumbus, OhioMarch 4, 2020
4/26/2020Lucy (in the sky with diamonds who lived on the Long and Winding Road) - we were together almost 16 years. You were the sweetest and best companion. I know you are at peace nice! Thank you for those 16 years!Betsy StricklandRaleigh, North CarolinaMarch 4, 2020
Ch. Woodview's Mambo (marco)
4/21/2007 - 3/1/2020I was blessed to have this dog for nearly 13 years. He was the only Champion Bred by Owner for Molly Bachman, and the longest living in his boxer line. I have had boxers for over 30 years, but he was my guy, my love and the BOSS! A big presence always happy, tail waging and engaged.
When it came time to say good-bye on Sunday, Dr. Jessica was very respectful, comforting and calm. Thank you for caring for my precious pet so well. Thank you....gone but never forgotten.
CAROL JOHNSONVILLANOVA, PennsylvaniaMarch 4, 2020
7/14/2008 - 3/2/2020Thankyou Suzi for being such a good girl and for contributing a good reputation for pitbulls to even the most stubborn and unyielding of believers who tried to hold their opinions firmly.

12 years is a long time to be together, and I'm finding myself suddenly realizing just how much you were there in my day to day life since you passed. Looking up expecting to see you there in the places you used to sit and getting up with the intention of taking you outside for walks or to sit in the sunshine. The cats are even wondering where you are looking for their resident groomer.

It's going to take me a long time to break those habits and I wished i didn't have to. All I can say is we love you, we miss you and we are thankful your were a part of our family for as long as you were. We will see you at rainbow Bridge one day with the rest of the gang.

Be at peace Suzi. You deserve it 💕
Joanne SmallwoodLakeland, FloridaMarch 4, 2020
3/4/2006 - 2/24/2020We were so blessed to have you in our lives. You brought so much love & laughter to everyone. Your brother Neiko misses you so much.You will always be in our hearts. Thank you for loving us unconditionally.We love & miss you Buddy!!Gwinda StevensSmyrna, TennesseeMarch 4, 2020
10/28/2011My sweet buddy, you were my best friend with fur and four legs. You brought our family joy and happiness. You changed minds and opened up hearts to see just how lovable your breed can be. You were fiercely loyal and I will miss you everyday. Thank you for choosing me to be your companion, for licking my tears when times were tough for going with the flow and always putting a smile on our faces.Celina SandovalHouston, TexasMarch 4, 2020
9/26/2004 - 2/29/2020Thankful for every day with our sweet girl.
Fifteen years was just not enough.
Sue BeljungWoodridge, IllinoisMarch 4, 2020