Pet Memorials
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6/9/2004 - 2/8/2017I am lucky. I knew the best dog ever.

She brought more joy that I thought possible. And all she asked for in return was a little treat, a cuddle and a good belly rub. She shattered the myth that Westies are not lap dogs.

It was the little things that would melt your heart. Lying at the bottom of the hall stairs, her chin resting on the last step looking up for the family member upstairs. Her ears going back as she bent down low and let out a deep "growl wwwoo wow." It was the sound of a dog at her happiest. The always present left paw reminding you with a "scratch-scratch" that the 5 minute rub needed to last just a little bit longer, and the hearty barrel-roll shake at the end, with Westie fur flying in the streaming sunlight. The way she waited patiently at the bottom of the drive, eyes transfixed on the back door, waiting for Mom and Angel to emerge, and her sprint to start her walk when at last they did. But it was the gentle kiss on my hand, when I stroked her paws just before bed at night, that will forever bond her to me.

She came into our lives at a trying time for me - in between jobs and no certainty of a new one. Brought home from the pet store instead of Mollie's school uniform. Anyone who saw the girl in the schoolyard who needed a new uniform need not worry; she had a great dog at home.

Meghan gave her the best name. She was such a Reilly and she had quite a life.

Like Bridget I think she had a thing for gingers they way she sniffed out the Junior prom date and her affection for Kevin.

But there was no hiding her true favorite. Cuddling with Mom on the couch was Reilly's idea of a perfect day. Mom always said she'd do anything for her dogs and she did - right up to her last breath. Thank you Kay for bringing her into our lives.

I am lucky. I knew the best dog ever. And she was ours. And her name was Reilly.
Brian DurkinHavertown, PennsylvaniaFebruary 11, 2017
11/4/2004 - 2/8/2017Brisby was my loyal, loving baby. He only wanted one thing, which was to be by my side constantly. He followed me from room to room and just plopped down happily wherever I happened to take a seat. Apart from snuggling next to me on the couch or in bed, his favorite thing was going on long car rides. He had a younger "sisfur" named Kona, and his nature was so sweet and demure that he would let her boss him around.

He would get a little frustrated when I had to leave the house, and I would come home to find every trash can knocked over and its contents spilled out. I had to get in the habit of putting all the trash cans out of his reach. He loved lying in the warm, clean laundry that I had neatly folded on the bed. He would just look up at me with those soulful dark eyes and I would forgive him anything.
Lisa SavyBoulder City, NevadaFebruary 11, 2017
4/20/2003 - 2/6/2017Cassie was almost 14 years old when she left us, and she was part of our family from when she was an 10-week old puppy. She filled our house with energy, joy and comfort. She was loved by everyone in the family and everyone who came into our house. She was NOT a watch dog, and we loved her for her sweet nature that would have welcomed any intruder. She traveled well and was with us on many Jersey shore vacations. Cassie was always nearby. If she seemed to be sleeping soundly and we moved to another room, she would soon follow close behind and fall soundly asleep there with us. Sometimes she appeared to be sleeping soundly, and we’d look over to her just to see her eyes on us. The brain and heart have a hard time adjusting to the fact that she is no longer here. We seem to still hear her footsteps, her breathing or her scratch at the door. Our house is quiet and we dearly miss seeing her in her favorite spots in the house. Especially the one next to our bed where she slept peacefully each night. We were fortunate to have her with us all these years. We were good, responsible parents to Cassie and gave her the best life possible She gave us so much more.Patricia and Paul ConroyJenkintown, PennsylvaniaFebruary 10, 2017
4/22/2001 - 2/7/2017Dearest Rosie, Rose, Rosebud, Rosebug, Rodie, and all the other nicknames we had for you, the most beautiful girl in the world, you passed to the Rainbow Bridge 2 days ago and I am thinking of you every single moment of every day just as I did before your passing. You were the best dog in every way and I say that having known many of other wonderful hounds. You were as smart as an creature I have ever known, more intuitive than a psychic, and full of limitless kindness and compassion. The boys have never known life without you and we all just keep waiting for you to come around the corner. Wait for us, beloved girl, and many years from now, we will come to meet you at Rainbow Bridge. We are so lucky to have been chosen by you and we will remember and love you every day, forever and always. Thank you for being our beloved girl.Jen LaRosaBerkeley Heights, New JerseyFebruary 9, 2017
Caylee C
9/30/2000 - 2/1/2017Caylee – You touched my heart the moment I saw you at the rescue shelter. Your head was bowed down; you looked up at me for just a second, and touched my heart deeply. I fell in love with you instantly.

We love you so much and we are lost without you. You filled our hearts and our lives for 15 ½ years with happiness. You brought so much love into our home. You were never our "pet", you were our child! We loved you and you loved us back.

I always joked that you were my stalker but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. It was one of the many ways you expressed your love, trust, and devotion to me. I still hear your “paw” steps following me through the kitchen. I miss loving you and taking care of you. You were our life and our house is very lonely and empty.

We knew this was not going to be easy, but had no idea of the tremendous loss we would feel and continue to feel. We loved her so much and miss her more than we sometimes think we can bear.

Dr. Graham was a blessing. She came to our home and it could not have been any more peaceful or loving. Caylee was calm and felt so at ease with her. It was so dignified and beautiful. I held her face and loved her while Dr. Graham quietly put our baby to rest. I was so very grateful that my face was what she saw as she fell into a peaceful sleep.

We will miss her forever. There will never be a day when our first thought of the day won’t be of her. Our hearts still ache with sadness and we can’t seem to stop the tears. Loving and caring for Caylee was a most precious gift. She is so loved.

Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.
Christine CuckseyFenton, MichiganFebruary 9, 2017
Beau Huff
12/21/2004 - 2/6/2017The house is so much quieter and Dixie, Beau's sister, seems a tad lost without her Beau. We are making efforts to spoil her a little more as she adjusts to being an only pup. We have been blessed with the best pets and have been honored that they have been a part of our life. Through the 12 years we had the privilege to be a parent to Beau, we went through so many things...some happy and some sad, and there, no matter what, there was Beau with a much needed kiss, a closer snuggle, a boisterous vocalization, or an understanding Boston Terrier head tilt! To love a dog is to know God and his unconditional love.

Dr. Sunday, again thank you for help and guidance.
Susan & Eddie HuffAiken, South CarolinaFebruary 9, 2017
4/30/2001 - 2/4/2017There once was the sweetest, tiniest, kindest, gentlest cat named “Buffy,” better known by some as “Grey.” She grew up on the streets of a rough neighborhood before she was rescued, but never let her early years hold her back from her love of life and dreams for a peaceful time on this earth.

Grey didn’t ask for much – just a warm bed to rest in, a window to peek out to see the outside world at a safe distance, a bowl of water and some food to chew on, and – of course – a loving mom and safe place to call home.

One of Grey’s favorite things was her own personal Christmas tree where she could enjoy the holidays in peaceful solitude. Often, she had the anticipation of looking forward to a soft, warm blanket that Santa would bring to her as well.

Grey’s life was not always an easy one – she was bullied by stronger, more aggressive cats in the streets where she was raised, and by another later on. But in spite of it all, she never showed bitterness or hate, never attacked back – but instead kept her dignity and grace. If ever there was a noble cat, it was Buffy.

She left this world a better place for those fortunate enough to have known her – some only at a fleeting glance. She taught us to persevere; reply to hate with loving acceptance; and to enjoy the simplest pleasures as if they were the very essence of life itself.

Someday, in the future, those that have loved and cared for her will be reunited with her again, where once more she will be able to curl up in a warm spot and rest peacefully through the night. Thank you for all you have given us, our little friend; rest safely in the loving embrace of the Lord, for your kindly innocence is the very lesson he gave to all living things . . . and you fulfilled your mission perfectly.
Patricia KellyRiverside, New JerseyFebruary 9, 2017
1/6/2007 - 2/3/2017We remember our sweet angel, Bianca, as a beautiful, spunky greyhound who always gave and wanted "lovin'". She would rest her head on your lap and push her way in to make sure she was getting getting pet if you were showing attention to another.
She was my furry little girl who would follow me around the house. She loved to play with her brother, Kebin, and especially chase squirrels with him in the backyard. Bianca would often play mother to her chihuahua brother, Cappuccino. Her family will all miss her and the house is seems empty without her. Love you forever - Daddy, Mommy, Eddie, and Nicole.
Mary Perrone-RizzoFarmingdale, New YorkFebruary 9, 2017
1/18/2000 - 2/7/2017We said goodbye to Jango., our best friend and therapy dog. We'll miss him so much. He was always there for us and loved us unconditionally. As a loving member of our family, Jango shared many happy hours with us, going for walks, lying in the sun, hanging out on the couch, and following our little grand daughter Kaitlyn around. As a therapy dog, he cheered up many people in the nursing home and lied beside them. It's sad to not see him walk around the corner or look out the window, waiting for us but we know that he had a wonderful long life and was loved so much. You'll always be in our hearts, Jango.Martha McKieverIndian Trail, North CarolinaFebruary 8, 2017
4/12/2009 - 2/6/2017I miss my girl so much, my heart hurts. My home feels one barking when I put the key in the one to feels so wrong, out of routine. She slept between me and my 6 yr old daughter, its weird not feeling her little warm body against me nudging me trying to find her comfy spot. I keep looking for her in her normal spots, in the sun spot in the living room, under the dining room table. Lilly had cancer and in Aug her back right leg was amputated, in an effort to save her life. The cancer spread and these last couple of weeks were very hard. Lilly stopped eating and lost a lot of weight, she was tired and it took everything for her just to use the bathroom. On 2/6/2017 I woke up with Lilly and her breathing became labored, I thought she was going on her own but she was struggling. We Called Dr Nil and she came right out when we told her Lilly was struggling to breath. I have never put a dog down before and it was the hardest thing Iv'e ever done. Dr Nil made the whole process less painful, she was so caring and very gentle with my baby. I pray that my baby is running around in heaven, healthy and happy. I miss her so muchKalyn MobleyTampa, FloridaFebruary 8, 2017