Pet Memorials
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Dim Smith
2/14/2017 - 6/5/2017RIP, Dim. You were the sweetest-natured kitty in the world. You were always gentle and affectionate and never displayed even the smallest mean streak - not even to the vet. At the end of even the worst day, your complete adoration and total devotion made me sure I must have done something right. From the quiet padding of your feet on the kitchen floor, to the soft peeping noise that only grew into a full-fledged meow in your later years, you were an almost constant and much-loved presence in my life for eighteen years and it's hard to believe that you're truly gone. I keep expecting to see your sweet, little upturned face peering at me from around a corner or greeting me first thing in the morning. You gave your love and life freely and unselfishly to me and I only wish it could have been even longer.KM SmithIndianapolis, IndianaJune 6, 2017
9/25/2002 - 6/1/2017You were our different than the depressed & a little broken.....not too sure about those crazy humans who wanted to give you all that love.....but you learned to trust, to use that goldie nose, to allow us to pet your face, to come into the kitchen, the bathroom, the learned kisses on the head were a good thing......flop & rollies ARE allowed.....chasing lizards is fun but eating them was really not food is THE best.....the litter box 2nd best......recycle night was meant for Bo.....wagging your tail was ENCOURAGED......eating Huey Magoos chicken & French fries over our shoulder in the van was BETTER than cat food..... bathing wasn't so bad.....playing whack a flea was fun...chasing mom from the trash can was more fun.....waiting for dad to get out of the car from wk at night made the world ok
You learned about love & trust & kindness and opened your heart to us......we are honored dear Bo .......You will always have OUR hearts........see you at the Rainbow Bridge
Sugar Hamilton
4/1/2002 - 6/5/2017R.I.P my sweet, sweet Sugar. You were the light in my life that shined so bright for 15 years. You were the toughest chick that I have ever met...the doctor told you that you had 3 weeks to live and you lived 6 more glorious months. I feel your loss so deeply...time will heal my pain, but I am at peace knowing that you don't have to feel another moment of pain. You are gone, but you will never be gone from our hearts. I love you my sweet, sweet Sugar!Annette HamiltonRaleigh, North CarolinaJune 6, 2017
5/31/1998 - 6/2/2017Dave was a (mostly) black cat with a few white accents that became a part of our family in the Fall of 1998. A domestic shorthair Kentucky native, he later lived in Florida, Georgia, Germany, and Belgium.
He was a sweet cat with a friendly demeanor. In the last few years, he truly was my buddy. He very often filled in as an alarm clock (even on the weekends), and always offered a friendly meow and rub when I got home from work. My buddy will be missed – terribly. It’s strange and upsetting to not have him around after 19 years and I still find myself looking for him periodically. He brought us a lot of joy and affection over the years. Pets become family for some people (and I can tell from reading the entries here, I’m not alone in that view). My family loved Dave too, and we will all miss him. I am glad he is no longer suffering, but it’s still very hard to lose a family member. Rest in peace buddy. You are already missed.
Jason MaddoxPlantation, FloridaJune 6, 2017
Emme krienke - mcgovern
5/1/1999 - 6/2/2017Everyone’s testimonies to their beloved pets are so beautiful, and we send each and every one of you our heartfelt condolences.

We’d like to pay tribute to our beloved little Emme who passed away on June 2, 2017 at 1:04 PM.

On July 4, 1999, my friend Megan found a little kitten sitting under a car. Megan asked neighbors about the little kitten and she was told the little one was a stray, the last of the litter and if possible to please give her a good home. Thankfully, this little one truly was blessed with the most wonderful of homes when she was adopted by my friend’s Aunt Jan who named her Emme in honor of her beautiful green eyes.

For 11 ½ years Aunt Jan and Emme shared the most wonderful, loving and very full life together. Emme loved to go for rides in Aunt Jan’s car, sit on Aunt Jan’s lap, look out the windows, sleep under blankets and explore every inch and nook and cranny of the Victorian home where she was raised. When Aunt Jan became ill and knew that her time here on earth was ending, she and Megan made sure Emme was placed with a loving family. My mother and I were blessed when Emme was placed in our care to she spend the rest of her life with us.

On January 4, 2011, Emme entered our lives when she was 11 ½ years young with boundless energy, wit and charm. We were blessed with Emme for the last 6 ½ of her 18 years. Emme was very loving. She loved being held and she loved being cuddled, and she loved to snuggle under blankets. She loved being groomed, and she didn’t even mind the occasional bath. Her favorite food was lamb chops. She was also easy to medicate; from pills to subcutaneous fluids, Emme took everything in stride. Emme was whip smart, sweetly bossy, very comical and very determined. When her back legs began to fail her from arthritis, she persevered. When little by little her limbs began to weaken due to kidney disease, she still persevered. On May 25th, we had to start feeding Emme her food and water through a syringe because she was too weak to eat or drink on her own, but Emme eagerly took to the syringe as if it were a bottle, and she enjoyed her food, water and bone broth. On May 27th, Emme even enjoyed some vanilla ice cream.

6 ½ years was not enough time with our little one. The time passed too quickly. Emme was so very, very special and she is so very, very, much missed. With each passing day, she is missed more and more. We wish we could go back in time to the day she was first placed in our arms. We wish we could relive ever single minute with her. It was so difficult to say good bye to our little one. Our hearts are broken and our home and our lives are so empty without our little Emmelina. But we believe Emme is at peace and we believe she has been reunited with her Momma Jan, and I can picture their happy reunion. My mom and I look forward to being reunited with our Emme again someday, someday and forever.

We thank you our dearest Emme. You are our very special, courageous little kitty. Thank you for all the love and the laughter that you brought into our lives. God bless you little one. I love you Emme. Momma Rose loves you. Cousin Megan loves you. We love you, we miss you and we mourn your passing. Rest in peace our sweet baby girl. Rest peacefully with your Momma Jan. We look forward to holding you in our arms again someday forever. We send you all our love and our hugs and kisses now and always. We miss you so much, and we are so very, very thankful for your wonderful life. We are so very thankful that you are a very special member of our family forever. XOXOXOXOXO
Karen McGovernBloomfield, New JerseyJune 5, 2017
1/1/2001 - 6/4/2017I keep seeing you out of the corner of my eye. I forget for a moment that you're gone and expect you to show up for one of our daily routines. The demand to be picked up after I get out of the warm shower. The greeting when I walk through the door. You would always come running. I will miss you Kitty. I love you and hope you're at peace.Annapolis, MarylandJune 5, 2017
6/12/2006 - 5/24/2017The most amazing dog I have ever known, whether it being my best friend and going everywhere I went, or to be an amazing family pet to Annabelle, Hunter and Hailey. Those three kids could do nothing wrong to you, whether it be sitting on your back, pulling your hair, or straight up slapping you in the head because they didn't know the meaning of petting you nice yet. I will certainly miss seeing every morning before I leave to go to work, and always being the first one to greet me when I came home. Rest In Peace Kodie, I miss you more as everyday passes.Matt DeyoCoxsackie, New YorkJune 5, 2017
2/19/1998 - 6/3/2017Yesterday at 2:23 I let my epic companion go on his way, free from pain. Today is my first day in 19 years that I'm waking up without his sweet soul in my home. My heart is breaking over and over every minute. I can't even explain my grief, but I wouldn't take back all the years of joy and beauty he gave to me. My little man, please hold a place for me in the light. Someday I will hold you again and forever.Jennifer Janeskokansas city, KansasJune 5, 2017
Polka Dot
3/18/2003 - 5/25/2017Polka Dot. Sweet kitty. Gone too soon.Cyndie HouseWheat Ridge, ColoradoJune 5, 2017
1/1/2003 - 6/3/2017Goodbye, Helo. You will be missed. You were a sweet, gentle good boy. The house is quieter without you. We miss the sound of your toenails tap-dancing on the hard wood floor in the kitchen in search of crumbs. Thank you for being everything we wanted in a dog. Wherever you are we hope there are rabbits to chase, bacon to eat, and blankets to snuggle under.Jeremy and Kelly HartzellRaleigh, North CarolinaJune 4, 2017