Pet Memorials
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5/17/1999 - 6/10/2017Message written as part of her story.Winthrop Harbor, IllinoisJune 13, 2017
4/30/2005 - 12/15/2016So I still have such an empty place in my heart. It has been almost 6 months and I miss my little guy each and every day. I know his sister, Daisy also misses him terribly. Life will never be the same without my dearest friend in the world. I can't wait to see him again:) and hope he is enjoying all the goodies over the rainbow bridge. Love you little guy:)kim rozakisnorthampton, PennsylvaniaJune 13, 2017
12/11/2003 - 6/11/2017Lennon was a wonderful and sweet pup. Lennon loved playing chewy and running around the yard. Lennon's favorite place to sleep was sprawled out on the tile. Lennon loved treats. Lennon was intelligent. Lennon had a large vocabulary and knew exactly what you'd ask him to do. Lennon knew when you were sad and would sit by you. Lennon was so loving and sweet. Lennon was loyal. The neighborhood loved him and so did other dogs. Lennon was my very best friend and I miss him so much.Nicole ChristiansenTampa, FloridaJune 12, 2017
6/10/2017 - 6/10/2017MIYA was a sweet girl, and our time with her was far too short. We adopted her in September, 2015. There is definitely a raw emptiness in our home.David CannDURHAM, North CarolinaJune 12, 2017
Aranel Aka Boog
5/2/2002 - 6/6/2017Our sweet girl will forever be missed. It has been almost a week and I can't stop thinking about you and all the love and joy you brought to us! We were so lucky to have you for 12 years - you made us so happy! I think of all the things you did and it makes me ran like a reindeer, you were the only one who would sit on my lap and watch reality tv with me, you would sleep on my pillow and just purr and you followed me around like a little shadow. Thank you for picking me to be your mama!

RIP my sweet Boog Boog.
Amy LittletonArnold, MissouriJune 12, 2017
My beautifull baby rest in peace. Allways remembered and never forgotten. Thinking of you today and allways. Love you forever.
Love gramps, mama Dolly. Mama Betsy and auntie Becky
Koren chesneau BettsworthMiami, FloridaJune 12, 2017
12/4/2004 - 6/9/2017Thank you Chase for bringing our family so much love, light and happiness. Your gentle energy filled our home and our hearts. We will think of you everyday, and cherish the many memories we have together. You were a best friend, constant companion, to us all and the best big brother to your canine little sister. Thank your for the walks, the secrets shared, and the snuggles. It was an honor and a privilege to be your mom and dad. We love you dearly and take comfort in knowing we will see you again.Lea WalbornGrayslake, IllinoisJune 12, 2017
5/19/2002 - 6/8/2017Charla was my best friend since I was 12 years old, and she was the most precious chocolate lab in the world. I feel so numb and empty without her. I love you baby Charla and I am so thankful to have had you for our amazing 12 years together.St. Louis, MissouriJune 11, 2017
3/8/2003 - 6/9/2017Dear Raisin
You were my life my sweet pug. You captured my heart within seconds of meeting you. Raisin, you changed my life. I was taught how to love something so much that my heart would explode just thinking about it. I wanted only what was best for you and LOVED making you happy. There are endless memories I will have with you. You were THE most special, loving, sweetest, docile, dog. I loved bringing you on all my trips to and from school, I loved coming home to you after very long hours during my internship, I loved coming home during my lunch break at work to see you and take you for walks. I loved your snores that kept me awake at night. I loved your cuddles on my legs when we would lay on the couch, I loved how we would fall asleep in front of the space heater together at night, I loved how you claimed your spot in any house we moved to. I loved how accepting you were when I fostered other dogs and eventually kept one for good. I loved how you LOVED carrots and cucumbers and would run into the kitchen the second you knew I was chopping them. I loved you because you are the best dog I will have and I know this. I will love you even when you are not here on earth with me. I want nothing more than for you to be peaceful now. .I don't want you to leave but I understand you must. And I cannot wait until I see you again. I know right where you will be. You will be running through open fields, with sun and fresh wind on you face. And I will come one day and I will call your name and we will reunite like we used but It will be even better. This time it will be for an eternity. There will be no more good byes. I love you my sweet Raisin and everyone that has ever met you, has loved you too.
Michelle MichaelOrtonville, MichiganJune 10, 2017
11/17/2002 - 6/9/2017Our hearts still ache in sadness,
And secret tears still flow,
What it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know,
Your spirit lives within us,
Forever in our hearts,
Loving you always,
Forgetting you never
Joe ButtersRaleigh, North CarolinaJune 10, 2017