Pet Memorials
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Nixie Gustava Merchant
7/4/2016 - 8/19/2016Nixie Gustava Merchant was a tiny puppy when I first saw her in 2001, August. She was in the middle of the street and of course I stopped and picked her up and said, "Little Dog...What are you doing in the middle of the street?" The lady who lived there thanked me for stopping and asked if I wanted her. My travel situation and the fact my wife was scared of dogs prevented me from taking her home with me.
Fate and God intervened as nine months later the lesbian couple that had adopted her broke up and Nixie became our dog. Part German Shepherd and part Chow she had my heart from day one. About six months later she had Cindy's heart.
She gave us more than fifteen years of absolutely unconditional love.
"You are our Sunshine Nixie," and we will love you forever.
Mark MerchantStone Mountain, GA, GeorgiaSeptember 9, 2016
4/25/1998 - 9/7/2016We said goodbye to our dear Tori Marie yesterday and the pain of losing her is still raw. I think she's here with every sound I hear in the house. I miss her soulful eyes and her devotion. I hope you are free from pain and running with the wind flapping your ears backRuth PaganCoral Springs, FloridaSeptember 8, 2016
3/7/2003 - 8/28/2016First, I just wanted say thank you to Dr. Kim who was so wonderful and compassionate and her kindness made the whole heartbreaking process as bearable as possible.

Kelsey was the most incredible pup and she brought a smile to my face every single day of the 13 1/2 years that I was so fortunate enough to have her in my life.

Also in this picture is my beloved Dakota who I lost on March 16, 2016 after 14 1/2 years.

They both loved going to Jupiter beach every weekend and I just hope they have found each other over the rainbow bridge and are rolling in the sand and swimming in the ocean together.

I know they are in a better place now but I still miss them so much!
NATALIE GARLANDJUPITER, FloridaSeptember 8, 2016
M May Peluso
9/9/1999 - 9/6/2016Ashley was the sweetest, dearest little cat I ever knew. She was so gracious. I called her gracious lady. She never got angry even when our new kitten bothered her immensely. She was just tolerant and gracious. I feel as though my heart has been ripped out this first day without her.Mary PelusoPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaSeptember 7, 2016
3/16/1999 - 9/2/2016Our little Lucy passed over Rainbow Bridge still looking like a kitten. She was part of a team, her brother Linus leaving us in 2014. After he was gone she became a little princess.!! Anything she wanted my husband and I did. We would have multiple cans of cat food trying to see what she wanted if she walked away from one she just loved the day before. She slept in all different places and I slept on the couch to see if she needed me because she was just getting old and confused sometimes. Our house was lit up all night and she decided she liked her water from the Brita! Never being a cat who got on the cupboard, that is where she decided was her new place for the past few months and that is where she died at the age of 17.5. Lap of Love is a wonderful experience and we are so grateful to Dr. Steven Schultz for helping our Lucy pass on. We miss her and feel our little girl all around us, but we know it was her time. Love you Lucy, go find Linus and all our pet cats!!Patricia DoaneTonawanda, New YorkSeptember 7, 2016
1/25/2002 - 9/3/2016RIP sweet Nemo. You were my first baby, my ride or die best bud. We moved thru 8 houses together, 2 cities, countless road trips, a marriage, another doggie brother and 2 kids. I have more precious memories than I can list here but my favorites are those of you staring up at me with your sweet angel eyes. I'm so thankful I got to be your mama and there will never be another you. I already miss you buddy but know you're running up trees and chasing squirrels without pain. Wait for me at the bridge, baby. I love you.Kelly WheelerKaty, TexasSeptember 6, 2016
3/14/2005 - 9/1/2016Our sweet pom-poo Mia was the smartest, most loving, constant companion we could have asked for. She learned very quickly, she was obedient and loyal to the end. Everyone who met her fell in love instantly. We took her to Lowe's and Home Depot and she even walked into Target one day not knowing any better. Big, grizzly guys on a mission to make their purchases and leave the Home stores would see her, get a huge smile on their face and stop to pet her and say hello.

My husband took her to work with him, she slept with us and would insist on laying right next to you on the sofa. She needed to be in constant contact.

We lost Mia on September 1st, 2016 and as she began to decline we contacted Dr. Brad who supported us, showed genuine compassion and empathy and a true understanding of our heartache and need to hold onto her for as long as possible. Although we didn't need ultimately need his services. He was there for us. Mia ultimately died at home in my husband's arms. We love her and miss her dearly.
T&J BPhila Area, PennsylvaniaSeptember 6, 2016
9/4/2016Sammy loved the water but not the rain. We took her camping on Memorial weekend the first year we had her. The rain fell in buckets. My husband Jesse opened the truck to get something and Sammy jumped into the front seat and whimpered. She would not get out until we went to bed in our tent that night.

Sammy loved camping, swimming, catching balls and sticks in the water and in a field. She loved going on Boy Scout outings, Camp Fire outings, the beach, chasing balls, taking walks, and she always got muddy helping us pick out our Christmas tree. As long as she was with us she was happy.

Sammy suffered separation anxiety but after a few month with us and constant reassurance she felt better.

Sammy protected our children and gave us so much love. She was patient and forgiving. The decision to let her go was for her not for us. I know she is in heaven with my dad and grandparents.
Loretta SmithSalem, OregonSeptember 6, 2016
8/14/2003 - 9/2/2016In loving memory of our special whippet, Monte. Words cannot describe how much we love him. We will miss those eyes, his goofy ears and his big heart. I will miss hugging him and smelling his special whippet smell (only sighthound owners know what I mean). He will be reunited with his brother, Rudy in heaven along with all his other former cat siblings.Laurie FrickVentura, CaliforniaSeptember 6, 2016
9/14/2005 - 9/5/2016Today we said goodbye to the best dog one could ask for. You were smart, gorgeous, independent, yet loved your people greatly. As sad as we are, we will always have great memories.Diane SchillerParsippany, New JerseySeptember 6, 2016