Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
4/26/1998 - 11/25/2016Goodbye, our beloved Blackberry.

For 18 1/2 years, you graced our home and our lives with your sweet temper and joyful spontaneity.

Rest peacefully, our SAFEHaven buddy.

See you on the flip side,

K and G
Gary BCary, North CarolinaDecember 18, 2016
Sandy linda
11/10/2006 - 12/16/2016Our beloved Sandy was amazing, good with kid, cats, dogs, ducks, frogs. She just didn't want to hurt nobody. Allways happy and wiggling her tail. The best friends and companion, sweet and welcoming everyone. We will miss her a lot!Claudia SotoMiami, FloridaDecember 17, 2016
6/2/2001 - 12/5/2016Wiley was a smart beloved dog that we miss dearly.

Wiley’s existence made a significant mark in the many phases of our lives. His delightful personality always made the tough times in our lives more bearable and our happy times even better.

If we could speak to Wiley’s soul, we would thank him for teaching us to recognize the joy in the simplest things in life. We would thank him for helping us to be better people and most importantly, we would thank him for his unconditional love and companionship through all these years.

Wiley will always be in our memory and when we think of him we will always remember the pure goodness that exists in this world.
J LDurham, North CarolinaDecember 17, 2016
Baby Girl
12/12/2016 - 11/14/2016Our sweet girl...we miss you so much. Thank you for giving us a wonderful (just shy of )12 years. You were the best friend anyone could have. Your rose lights up every night out back and it bring comfort to our hearts.
I imagine your silly self running all over and playing often.

Dr. Gipson, thank you for having such a loving heart and bringing our baby girl to peace. We will forever be grateful to you.

Baby Girl if love could have saved you, you would have lived for ever..we will see you again pretty girl
Kayla & Chad VinyardMurfreesboro, TennesseeDecember 16, 2016
4/28/2001 - 12/16/2016We will always love you, Hershey. Thank you for being the best dog and friend anyone could ask for. It's hard to imagine life without you after nearly 16 years. You loved us so fiercely - you always seemed to know when I was upset, and there was nothing more comforting than burying my face in your warm fur and being showered in kisses. We will miss hearing your overjoyed yelps every time one of us walked in the door, and seeing your little cotton ball tail wag with all its might. We will miss you curling up to sleep with us every night and hearing your little footsteps follow wherever we went. We will even miss you begging for food during every meal - you were a world class beggar, with a whine that could burst eardrums. You could honestly have been used by the CIA for torture. So you got your way most of the time. You were so very special, with personality and wits the likes of which I've never seen in other dogs. You had a ten pound heart in a four pound body. I'm so grateful for the years we've spent growing up together although it's not nearly enough time, and it never is when you have to say goodbye to someone you love. I will always carry you with me Hershey Pood. Rest easy my dearest friend.Courtney CatlettLincoln, NebraskaDecember 16, 2016
2/20/2001 - 12/10/2016On December 10, after 16 years, we lost our precious baby, Bogey. He was loving, playful, smart and most importantly, he was the fifth member of our family. He lived a long and fulfilling life and we are so incredibly blessed to have had so much time with such a sweet boy.
We still remember adopting him from a farm in Stantonsburg, North Carolina. We went to pick out a puppy from the litter and were torn between Bogey and his brother. But we chose B, because his brother peed on us and that was, in our eyes, fate working its magic.
Since bringing him home, Bogey has lived in 3 different homes, visited many different places, rode in cars, boats, planes and golf carts, given upwards of one million sweet kisses, chewed up hundreds of water bottles, and been unconditionally loved.
We cannot imagine growing up with a different family pet. Letting him go was the hardest decision we as a family have ever had to make, but we know that we made the right choice. Bogey was suffering from cancer and a skin infection for months leading up to his death and we are comforted by the fact that he is now at peace and waiting for us all at the rainbow bridge.
We are so grateful to Lap of Love for making the best scenario out of a tough situation.

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." -Winnie the Pooh
Kris CamachoLake Gaston, North CarolinaDecember 16, 2016
11/1/2016My mom and sister used to pet sit Macy when she was a younger dog, she belonged to a friend of ours. One day he sent out a mass text asking for help rehoming her, she was 10. My sister and I decided that we weren't going to let our sweet girl go to anyone else. We let him know that we would take her, and on May 10, 2010 she came home. Macy quickly bonded to me and I became her person. She was my first dog and she went everywhere with me. A few years later my boyfriend and I had our first child, he was nervous about the dog b/c he had been bitten as a baby by the family dog. Macy was incredible with our daughter and rarely left her side. She was protector, nurse, friend, vacuum cleaner and cuddle buddy. When we had our second daughter, Macy was entering her last year. She proved, once again, to be a loving, patient companion to the baby. I knew when I got her that we had limited time, and I know that I probably got more time than I could have hoped for, but we miss her so much.
When it became clear that it was time for her to pass, we made her a doggie bucket list and spent the week spoiling her. I contacted Lap of Love and made the appointment for them to come out to the house. I picked the spot for her final resting place and dug the grave myself. On her last day I made her eggs, sausage and hash browns for breakfast, snuggled with her in a sunny spot on the front porch, and loved on her as much as I could. When Dr. Stacey came we moved her to the back patio and laid her down in the sunshine. I held her until long after she passed and my sister and I buried her together. My final act of love was to make her final resting place a beautiful little flower bed.
I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Stacey for her understanding and compassion.
Kate StackOviedo, FloridaDecember 14, 2016
8/9/2009 - 12/12/2016Mike our (American bulldog) was the biggest, most obedient, sweet and intelligent dog. People was scared of him because he was so big and looked so strong but he was the most playful and sweet dog you could encounter. We are deeply devastated and we miss him a lot but unfortunately we lost him to cancer and he was only 7 years old. I want to thank Lap of Love because he didn't suffer and we had our chance to stay with him till his last breath.Dolly HernandezHialeah, FloridaDecember 14, 2016
1/1/2004 - 12/13/2016We let our Ashleigh go yesterday, I didn't want to, but I knew it was time. She will be greatly missed, our house is so much emptier today. It makes me smile to think of her running and playing again with all her new friends on the other side of the bridge.James RobertsonDurham, North CarolinaDecember 14, 2016
7/28/2003 - 12/12/2016Dear Cheeto was a good, gentle soul. He wagged his tail and was happy until the very end. Life will never be the same without him. He touched our lives and created goofiness and happiness.Karen EllyLivonia, MichiganDecember 14, 2016