Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/20/2006 - 1/16/2017Sweet George, oh how we terribly miss you! You were the best friend that anyone could have ever asked for. You were always full of energy and excited to greet anyone and anything that walked thru the door. You were a great big brother to you furry brothers and your human brother and sisters. When daddy was deployed you were my main man...always there to comfort me in my time of need or to give me a big slobbery kiss to let me know that you loved me and were there for me. You guarded and protected your family and made us all feel safe and sound. Although this has been hard on all of us because we never suspected cancer would take you away from us this soon, we know that you are no longer in pain and that you are running, jumping and barking happily while you wait for us at the rainbow bridge. Until we are all together again Georgie, you will always be in our hearts. We love you sweet love!Renee and Michael MecomberAurora, ColoradoJanuary 16, 2017
2/20/1999 - 1/15/2017To the best friend a grieving family ever had....Barbara Herbel HendricksEnglewood, ColoradoJanuary 16, 2017
1/16/2003 - 1/11/2017Coco was the best companion anyone could ask for. He was loving, patient with other pets, and an old soul. He loved chasing his tennis ball and was always excited to take a walk. He was always excited to see us when we came home from work. He also got excited for his dogfod, morning and night.Mike & Michelle TothValrico, FloridaJanuary 16, 2017
12/1/1999 - 1/12/2017My dearest Pickle, Your mom, dad and your sister Pearl miss you so much. Pearl wonders around meowing all day and night. We were fortunate to have 17 years with you and have so many wonderful memories. You were the best sleeping buddy at night. Your space beside me at night is empty my heart is breaking. I felt your presence of you walking across the bed last night to let me know you were there.Your dad misses you cuddling with him and the kisses you always shared with him. Pearl is restless because she misses you too. We will never forget the joy you gave us. I know you are at peace now. We love you my precious, handsome boy.Tony and Donna CarnesAiken, South CarolinaJanuary 16, 2017
8/15/1999 - 1/12/2017Dear Ruskin boy, we will miss you terribly, and we miss you right now, and yes, even Sylvester misses you, as he has been looking around for you. We are so lucky to have had you rescued to become part of our family and so grateful to you for immeasurably enriching our lives. You were the ultimate Good Boy your entire life, never once hissing or raising a claw to anyone, instead spreading love and affection and cooperation to everyone you met, from our friends and family all the way up to the vets and vet techs of your last weeks, to all of whom you made such a positive impression. You were a gentle, innocent soul to all people, yet simultaneously a strong willed cat full of endearing personality who loved life to the fullest, and we know you had a very happy 17 and a half years in our home and that you loved us very much. You have provided us with countless wonderful memories, whether it be the many road trips you took with us out east to visit my mother and how you loved hanging out in front of her fireplace or with all the flowers on sunny days in her solarium, or how from the time you were a kitten all the way through your last month you would always drape your head over Marquita's shoulder whenever she picked you up, and snuggle the top of your head against the back of her neck and down her hair, or simply the unique combination of noble serene demeanor and playful mischief that you always exhibited as you asked for and gave out unlimited affection every day. I'll always remember how you came down to the basement door to greet us with loud meows when we came home from any absence of more than an hour. I'll always remember your confident swagger as you walked down the hall approaching one of us for a rub and greet several times a day, with your tail undulating high in the air above you. I'll always remember your happy sleeping pose when you curled up and turned your head upside down and paws outstretched to your hind legs, with your two little fangs visible over your white chin fur. Those were happy days of mutual unconditional love and comfort which lasted for over 17 years. You were and always will be our number-1 cat. You were a true one-of-kind - there will never be another Ruskin, and we will cherish you the rest of our lives. We are so glad that you were able with our help to revive that good ole Ruskin life energy for a few more months of quality time after you became sick last September. Fare well my sweet friend and constant companion, and may we meet again in another life down the road. With love always from your special pal, - Brian

Dearest Ruskin, you'll be in my heart forever. When first seeing your pic in an email from a friend who found you, I knew Brian would have to see you and would want you in our lives. That was the start of 17.5 wonderful years together. You gifted us with love and playfulness and all the more love. Even peeps who said they weren't into cats, upon interacting with you, changed their minds. You won everyone over. You knew how to comfort--when my dad died you stayed by my side--and how to provide warning--when I overflowed the kitchen sink and water leaked into the basement, you came loudly meowing to me. It's hard to imagine not seeing you walking throughout the house anymore, but I can indeed imagine you walking throughout the Heavenly house above (the Pope says our pets go to Heaven and I believe for sure). I vow to always have fresh flowers in the house. You never stopped enjoying the fragrance of flowers, nor did you stop pulling some out of any vase I put them in. I remember one time in particular, the morning after Brian finished our tax returns, Bri had all the papers arranged on the dining room table. As usual, I had a vase of flowers on the table. Upon entering the dining room, to my surprise, all the papers were wet and the vase was knocked over. Yep, you did it. I let out a gasp and quickly got the hair dryer to resolve the problem. After all that, I still wouldn't stop having flowers around. I can't say I wasn't upset whenever you did such things, but it was never malicious on your part. You wouldn't know how to be mean. Oh sweet Ruskin, you are loved forever. God bless. Love always, -- Marquita
Brian SweneyChicago, IllinoisJanuary 16, 2017
Mr. shinji pink
12/1/2004 - 1/14/2017Mr. Shinji Pink was my best friend since the day we brought him home 12 years ago and we loved him and will continue to love him for as long as time will let us. We lost this perfect kitty to cancer two months after his diagnosis. With the help of our veterinarian, we were able to spend one more Christmas with the best gift we were ever given before the chemo treatments stopped working. It was as if Shinji wanted one more Christmas with us as well because he fought so hard to spend more time with us before it was time to say good bye.

We will miss his "barking" as he watched the leaves fall from the trees. We will miss the way he gracefully made his way on to on our laps for a kitty nap. We will miss his soft fur that would tickle our faces when we would kiss or snuggle his face. And mostly, we will miss his kind and gentle nature. He never held any grudges or ill will towards anyone or any other animal. He was the perfect kitty companion.

When ever I was feeling distraught, Shinji would always come to me and sit on my lap and nudge my hands as if he were trying to comfort me. I became dependent on his touch and purs to soothe my sadness and now that he is gone, trying to find another way to ease my sadness has been difficult. All I can do to help make this loss easier is to remember that we will see him and be able to snuggle his face once again. We will meet at Rainbow Bridge and move on together.

I love you, Shinji, my Momo. Always.
Tracy CSeattle, WashingtonJanuary 16, 2017
Bolan J. Dog
1/15/2017 - 1/13/2017Travel well Bolan J. We'll meet again where the dogs roam free.Cincinnati, OhioJanuary 15, 2017
1/15/2005 - 1/6/2017In memory of Bay, our beloved eleven-year-old border collie, on what would have been her twelfth birthday. Your two human guardians Pam and Troy, your canine friend of ten years Dinah, and your feline friend of five years miss you so much, but we know you are beyond the touch of age and illness, glossy and fast and strong as you were when we first met you and as you will be in our memories.Troy BoonePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJanuary 15, 2017
6/14/2005 - 1/13/2017Smokey, our sweet, sweet boy, there are no words to describe how much we love and miss you. We know that you were an angel on earththat shined so brightly but you have gained your angel wings to fly high. There is no more pain, we know you are comfortable and at peace. You may no longer be with us physically but you are forever in our hearts. No more ear nibbles, paws on our feet, howling, flipping your bowl or snuggling, The end came way to soon and very unexpected. Please know this was the hardest decision we've had to make but we knew the time had come to let you free and take away the pain and let you be free, but we couldn't bare to see you in pain.
We know that you are in a better place and at peace feeling youthful and vivacious.
Mary KaiserDuncanville, TexasJanuary 15, 2017
Stray Cat
3/30/1997 - 1/14/2017My little Stray , with your half tail and squaky meow, you will surely be missed . You were always independent and self assured,even though you barely weighed 8 pounds. Your demeanor was that of a true female. You wanted love, but on your terms. And then you returned the love ten fold.
You traveled the farm and enjoyed the country air. You didn't fear the chickens, donkeys, or horses. You would roam and play, and return safely for a night's sleep.
Your resilience was evident when we traveled across the country, and you adjusted so well. Many thought it would be difficult for a cat of almost twenty years .But you and Tiny easily adjusted and made this your home.
You purred loudly, and always wanted to bump heads. I felt your warmth when you were in the bed.
I pray that you are with the others that have gone before you. And that you are once again sitting in a field in the sunshine, waiting for a mouse.
You will be missed by many.
Nancy ZLas Vegas, NevadaJanuary 15, 2017