Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
7/20/2001 - 12/8/2016Boo was our first scardy cat. He spent the first few months of his life in a cage at the vet's office. Adopted as a Christmas surprise 15 years ago, Boo was so scared he spent his first few months days with us hiding under the Christmas tree before he was brave enough to slowly venture into the rest of the house.

This morning, Boo was hanging out near the tree as if to complete his circle of life. It wasn't one of his normal hang out areas. Later, Dr. Dawnetta confirmed that his search for new resting spots was one of the signs that his time was coming. The one thing we wanted to avoid was pain for Boo. I pray we achieved that goal for him.
Jan Hutchinson-RoederManchester, MissouriDecember 10, 2016
2/6/2011 - 12/6/2016Darla came to us scared and insecure. The first night in our home she wouldn't let any of us get near her. We'd adopted her for the kids and it just wasn't working. Not to be deterred, through patience and love, my wife finally broke through her fear and helped her know that we just wanted to love her. One by one a bond was formed with each member of the family; that bond grew stronger and stronger each day. Mom was always for love, every morning she would get up from her sleeping spot to nuzzle mom, and oh how mom loved that. It was beautiful. Suzy, her oldest sister brought her a puppy to play with; Minnie her niece was always Darla's favorite four-legged playmate. They played loud and long and irritated everyone. Lucy, her youngest sister, was truly her litter mate. They were like two peas in a pod, always up for anything, running, playing, anything no matter how crazy. Olivia, her middle sister, would play or just hang out, or take her for runs, and running was her favorite game of all; she could run all day. Not to mention all her other adopted sisters: Laura, Bethany and so many more. And me, I got all the rest of Darla. She was pretty much my constant companion. Although it started a bit rocky, I feel so blessed that we got to have Darla, even for a short time. Unfortunately, her years were cut way too short by Kidney disease, and all of us are now left with a big hole in our heart. The night before she passed, she had a happy dream, wagging her tail and yipping. Thinking back, that dream was gold, it left me to hold on to the fact that we had made her happy. We'd all given her so much love and although she came to us scared and alone, she passed, in her house, her happy place, secure, happy, loved and adored.Nick BresciaChester, VirginiaDecember 9, 2016
Prince Eli
11/26/2014 - 12/6/2016Prince Eli was a very special puppy from the start. My son brought him home. Now this lil tiny baby boy just stole our hearts from the day he entered our lives. His eyes just got got to your heart. He was so cuddly, yet so full of puppy mischief. Eli has a big sister named Princess Sophie. Now Sophie scared Eli so much by her size strength and ability to intimidate him. It didn't take him long to "give it back to her" so to speak. He then earned the nickname Scrappy. Princess Sophie began to be the walking toy for Lil Prince to annoy and thrash. Those two became inseprable. They never did well apart. Actually none of us do well without the others. We we're all a team. Price Eli was just like the one who brought him into our lives, my son. So Eli became my STUBBORN GRANDSON. Headstrong n STUBBORN just like his daddy.
Prince Eli had a great life for he travelled all the time. He went more places than most humans go in their lifetime. He was a protector, a brother, , a friend, a lil lover and a A GREAT TEACHER. His eyes were definitely a window to his soul.
Amy andersonSacramento, CaliforniaDecember 9, 2016
1/30/2017 - 12/6/2016Jesse was such a wonderful girl and the perfect nanny pup. She is loved and missed today and will be loved and missed for the many tomorrows to follow. Go to your mama now, Jesse. I love you.Margot BernalLos Angeles, CaliforniaDecember 8, 2016
5/25/2004 - 11/29/2016Dominic lived with Sam and Jane Agrusa and was loved by the Agrusa, Gojcaj and Pellerito families. Dommie was brought into the family by his mama, Aubrey (Agrusa) Gojcaj in 2004. He lived a wonderful life of 12 1/2 years in Macomb, Michigan. He taught us about love, patience, forgiveness and faithfulness. He will forever be loved and missed by his human family and his puppy little brother, Louis. We will always love our little Manny, Dom-Dom, Dommie Bear...thank you for all you gave to this family...our hearts will never forget you. xoJane AgrusaMacomb, MichiganDecember 8, 2016
12/19/2016 - 12/6/2016In loving memory of our dear Bodie. Always full of love for everybody he met. He loved to go for walks, swim and play. He has 2 brothers, Kipper and Dakota who are missing him. His tail was always wagging up until his final moments. We love you and will always be thinking of you.John LennonSmithtown, New YorkDecember 8, 2016
9/21/2001 - 12/6/2016To my dearest Bridgett,

You were always my best girl, my heart, my soul dog. You gave me your entire heart and were there through everything; good times, bad times, fun times, sad times. You were so full of life. You were always tricky and quirky, but I hope you know that you were so worth it. I wouldn't have traded you for the whole world. You were my shadow, always by my side (remember how I always called you my little tumor?). You would follow me up the stairs at night, until you couldn't. You would jump up on the couch to be with me, until you couldn't. You would go outside and run around like crazy, until you couldn't. You would play with your brother and chew on your favorite bones, until you couldn't. You were always beautiful and stayed beautiful until the end. Even though you couldn't eat solid food, your back curved so much that you could barely walk at all, you couldn't control where you went to the bathroom and you no longer knew who we or you were. Finally, almost overnight, your spark was gone. Even your brother Chili knew. He wouldn't leave your side, and neither did we (but I'm not sure how much you noticed, but just know you were never alone your last days). You gave me SO much over our 9 years together, it was time for me to give you one thing back. I hope I made the right decision for you. I hope you are wild and free and prancing around somewhere. I hope you know how much you are loved and missed. You will NEVER be forgotten. I love and miss you so much. I would give anything in the world just to pet you again. You will be forever loved and never forgotten.
Until we see each other again,
Your dearest mom
Laura WareRaleigh, North CarolinaDecember 7, 2016
12/5/2016Kodiak, our beloved family member took his walk on the rainbow bridge yesterday. We will miss his conversational barks, his intense loyalty, friendship and his love for his family. He had a lust for life and a will to live that was insatiable. We are so sorry he had to leave us but his presence in our home will be remembered fondly and with much love.
Play in Peace my Buddy! Run Kodiak Run!
Chip and Cathy BrinksHobe Sound, FloridaDecember 7, 2016
Sweet pea
10/4/2003 - 12/5/2016You were such a significant part of our lives. We'll cherish the memories you gave us forever.Don HaydelPrairieville, LouisianaDecember 7, 2016
12/5/2016I am so heartbroken without you my darling Shaddie. Thankyou for always sharing "your" hotdog with me at the horse shows you accompanied me too. I will never stop loving you and pray I will see you again. My life is so sad without you here. You were the best dog and friend anyone could ever hope to have. When we adopted you, it was us that you rescued.Lynn BatesSpeedway, IndianaDecember 7, 2016