Pet Memorials
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6/23/2005 - 3/26/2020Our sweet maddi girl, I miss you so much already. I miss hearing you walking around the house and even your loud snoring. You were always by my side, my little shadow. When I was feeling down you always knew and would sit right next to me. The girls keep asking where their maddi is. I hope you're running free and your legs aren't holding you back anymore ❤Christine GreenRolling Meadows, IllinoisMarch 27, 2020
5/1/2009 - 3/26/2020We found Freddy by looking through Petfinder I believe. He was just the cutest boy that we'd ever seen. He was in Harrodsburg at the Animal Shelter. Rat Terrier through and through. We made the trip from Lexington to go visit him. He was literally the doggy in the window.He was crated in their front window but we missed him as we passed. As soon as they took him out he jumped in Cristy arms. That was it. He was sweet and so full of love. Freddy didn't much like other people or dogs. He just loves his close family. One day he started having seizures so the Jessamine Animal Hospital diagnosed him with Epilepsy. He was on phenobarbital for many years. This changed his demeanor a bit but not much. It eventually reduced them to once every several months. Freddy had a love for his people like we've never felt before. We've both had many dogs in our life from childhood to present but never one like him. When I was diagnosed with with a cardio related syncope problem I started passing out several times weekly for a few years. When I came to Freddy was always there right beside me licking my face. That's one of the many times that he came to our rescue. He loves kisses on the head and cuddling more than anything .. well maybe playing fetch at Grandma and Grandpa's at the lake. He was just a lover and had to be close to us at all times. His favorite person in the planet was his mama. He followed her around constantly and watched when she left until she came back. A couple of months ago after many many visits to 3 vets he was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. In that amount of time it has attacked his liver and done irreversible damage. Freddy spent many night in the hospital receiving fluids and treatment. It worked up until this last trip. His kidneys just couldn't handle any more. We had to the make the impossibly difficulty decision to let him go. With all that is going on with Covid-19 all that the vets could offer was for us to drop him off and leave. We could not and would not do that. We contacted Kendra at Laps of Love. She went through all the proper channels and came to our home only a few hours after the call. She was so nice and professional. We couldn't have asked for a more peaceful and warm end. This is will hurt always. He was a special soul. Thank you Kendra for making it as easy as it could have been. We love you Freddy! Sincerely, Chad and CristyChad and Cristy GravittLexington, KentuckyMarch 27, 2020
1/15/2007 - 3/22/2020On Sunday, March 22nd, we said goodbye to our beloved bulldog, Bode. He had defied every odd thrown his way and lived to the very precious age of 13.

We got to spend 10 of those with him.

Selfishly, it was not nearly enough.

Our little gray faced man left this world in as much comfort as we could provide. Laying in his favorite spot, surrounded by most of his favorite people. Snoring away.

He was a giant personality in life. And in death, he has altered our family unit for ever.
Dawn BiningerGroveport, OhioMarch 27, 2020
4/11/2004 - 3/26/2020Thank you Casey for having me as your family for over 16 years. I will never forget you. You always were so patient with your brothers and never asked for attention but was ok bring in the background. I knew you loved attention too though and knew you loved being singled out even when you didn’t ask for it. I will always love you. I know Cesar is with you now over the bridge and you are running together chasing squirrels forever. ❤️❤️❤️Lynn CookeOdessa, FloridaMarch 27, 2020
Lou Jack
8/27/2004 - 3/23/2020In Memory of Lou Jack, my tiny universe, my little love, my baby bug, my buggy. Our entire lives revolved around him, especially the last few years. He had a very bad heart murmur, stage 2 kidney disease, a bad gallbladder and Cushings diease by the time everything was said and done. He fought so hard. He was hospitalized back in October/November. Thats when we discovered the kidney disease, cushings and gallbladder issues. He stayed for 6 days, over $6,000 in bills. People thought we were nuts, he was 15. But to us, he was worth everything. He came home and was on the right track to being normal again with a slew of new meds added to his heart meds. We had a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas with him. He loved to open his own presents. Then in February I got married and both my pups were in it. I am so happy he was there. Then a few weeks later, he started to decline again. Took him back to his specialist and went home with some new meds. So with getting up every 2 hours every night for the past 5 years, we were also giving meds at 3 am, 5 am, 11 am, 5 pm and 7 pm, so you can see where it was all about my sweet boy. He never really got better after that. We had a check up and the doctor confirmed that the kidneys were declining again. He wanted to hospitalize him and we refused. Quality over quantity at this point. So with lots of tears and a discussion between me, my husband and my mom we decided to call Laps of Love. I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible and in my arms. Dr. Kali was so nice and gentle. He went peacefully and I miss him so much. It feels so empty here.Kaley MullenFLEMING ISLAND, FloridaMarch 27, 2020
Penelope (Penny) Carlin
2/24/2007 - 3/22/2020We are so sorry Penelope; sorry that these words won't do you justice.
Sweet Sweet Penelope. You are so deeply missed. The void left in our hearts is felt every day. Who would have thought that the house could feel so empty... But we always said you were a little dog with a big dog heart and took up more space in a bed than we did! Not a moment goes by that we don't think about you. Your licks, wagging nub, cuddles, and smiles filled us with such joy. We hope that you are running with Biggie and Bailey, playing with Stinky Pete , and that you are keeping G-Bob company. Daddy's friend Gloria will take care of you. You will never be alone; you will always be safe. We want you to know that you have been the most amazing dog. We know that your wings got too big for our house so you had to fly. We will look for you in our dreams and one day, we believe that we will see you again. We will love you forever and a day. Sweet Sweet Penny, you are so deeply missed. Our hearts are empty without you.
Beth and Drew CarlinKing of Prussia, PennsylvaniaMarch 27, 2020
5/30/2006 - 3/22/2020Putting a fur-baby down is the toughest decision a pet owner must make, even if it is for the welfare of the pet. Our sweet Gypsy was no exception. She was loved by many and often claimed to be the favorite of the pack. We have wrapped all of our treasured memories in love and sent them with her to the GREAT BEYOND. She now runs and plays with her brothers that have gone on before - feeling no pain or discomfort anymore. We look forward to the day when they will run across the pasture into our open arms and welcome us home.Stefanie SeebauerColumbia, South CarolinaMarch 26, 2020
6/1/2007 - 3/23/2020I hate coming home from work, now that you aren't there to greet me... But so glad that you aren't in pain anymore, and can now run (gallop, really lol) with your ears flapping over the rainbow bridge. Best of all, you are able to meet up with Dad again...after almost 10 years of you looking for him every time that the door opened. We love you so much, and will miss you forever...our dear pup <3 #Pupparoo #Pupparoni #RoadDog #Budman #BestBuddyEverJen BakerMidvale, UtahMarch 26, 2020
9/14/2005 - 3/25/2020We said good bye yesterday to our beloved Riley. He truly was the best dog , with such a sweet and gentle disposition.
He was the Patriarch of our Corgi group. He loved to socialize and beg from everyone, He loved people and people loved him.
His kind eyes were what made Riley such a special boy. He loved to spend time in his backyard and pick strawberries in his own strawberry patch . He was in charge of checking the perimeter of our back field , it made him feel important. He left two pack members in charge Rosie and Ranger. He taught them everything he knew , how to to be a loyal companion and when needed a brave watch dog.
We will miss him terribly but we know we were so blessed to have shared 14 1/2 years with this special boy.
Glenda TofsrudFair Oaks, CaliforniaMarch 26, 2020
10/25/2020 - 3/25/2020Our sweet baby boy Mo went to the rainbow bridge to become a puppy again. He was the best boy doggie any family could ask for and we loved him with all of our heats and souls. We miss him terribly, but know that he is out of pain and running through a field of flowers and his favorite bones with the biggest smile on his face. His Grandma is there to take care of him and will love him the way we love him. Thank you Moey for bringing so much love and happiness into our lives. We will never forget you and you will forever be in our hearts.Randi WeissmanParkland, FloridaMarch 26, 2020