Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
9/28/2006 - 7/24/2020Sadie was my first dog and the best dog one could ask for. She loved her walks until the very end. She even insisted on a 1 mile walk the morning of her passing even though I could tell she was in pain she did what she wanted. Sadie had lymphoma that had wrecked havoc on her body but she always tried to hide her pain and make sure I was ok! I stayed with her and scratched her ears while she crosses the rainbow bridge! Thank you for being the best dog anyone could ask for! I will miss you and all the adventures we used to go on!Carrie TomlinsonWheaton, IllinoisJuly 25, 2020
1/1/2005 - 7/24/2020In memory of Lydia. She was so kind. She had limitless love. She could comfort you with a stroke of her soft head, and she always happy to do so. Every moment I was home, she never left my side. She always wanted to be around me. Lay in my lap. Sleep next to me. Her quiet purrs comforted me through life. The loss of her has devastated me greater than I could have ever imagined. The house is so empty now without her presence. But she will always be in my heart. The impact she had on my life was so great. I will carry her memory with me for the rest of my days. Even though I cannot see her or touch her, I can feel her in my core. In my soul. Goodbye Lydia. I love you so much, and I will never forget you.Jason CallahanJenks, OklahomaJuly 25, 2020
7/8/2014 - 7/24/2020Golden Eyes

When golden eyes no longer glow,
and we both know it’s time to go,

Don’t look at me with eyes so sad,
but think of better times we had,

When sunlight did upon us shine,
and happy days were yours and mine,

And through the grass we both did run,
and on our backs we felt the sun,

Think not of this dark final hour,
think not of when our lives turned sour,

Think not of hopelessness and pain,
but think of joy and laugh again,

For in that final act of love,
you released me to heaven above,

Where finally from pain I’m free,
where one day you will join with me,
Where together again we will rejoice,
and you and I as with one voice,

Will in perfect harmony sing,
of the joy and pain that love can bring,

And remember me just as I will,
always think of you until,

At last again I see your face,
grieve not, I am in a better place.

Carol Walker
Gissela Pietko PIETKOBoynton Beach, FloridaJuly 25, 2020
11/27/2009 - 7/23/2020Jake was such a good boy! He loved his family and everyone we let in the door! Even if he just met you for the first time, as soon as you sat down, he would sit with you and love on you! He was the comfort so many of my friends needed in times of sadness or distress. He just seemed to know when you needed some lovin'! He greeted me joyfully when I came home from work every day. He loved to play ball and tug of war. He had a special friend in Gold Rush, a friend's golden retriever who came to live with us for a while. They quickly became "brothers from different mothers!" During the height of the pandemic, when everything was shut down, Jake would "go" to Mass with me as I watched it live-streamed. He was a nightly participant in my Zoom rosary family as well. The lymphoma appeared so suddenly and was just too aggressive for him. The house is painfully empty now, no Jake waiting for me on my bed where he loved to sleep in his later months. No more "bed hog" where I'd tell him to "move over Jake, Mama needs some room!" See you in heaven, sweet boy!Chrissie YeschkePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaJuly 25, 2020
3/15/2002 - 7/22/2020“Giacomo, Giacomo King of Jesters”stephen MerrillPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJuly 25, 2020
9/15/2009 - 7/22/2020Our sweet Penny Lane crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the comfort of her own home surrounded by her loving family.Doggie heaven gained a beautiful new angel! Once in our hearts, always in our hearts!
"Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes..."
Natasha ErpenbachKnoxville, TennesseeJuly 25, 2020
9/16/2020 - 7/23/2020My beautiful, soulful girl meant the world to me. I will always and forever love her and miss her.Linda ManningWaterford, MichiganJuly 25, 2020
7/2/2007 - 5/6/2020We can hardly believe that we have been without our sweet Pixie Lou for three months. We lost her on May 6, 2020 to cancer. Many times we started to write her memorial and have been unable to fight through the tears and anguish over losing her. Writing it means she is truly gone and we are without our best friend and soul mate.
Pixie Lou, we had you for 12 wonderful years and we would give anything to have you for another 12 years. A better dog and companion will never be found. You passed over at home, quietly and with dignity; surrounded by those who loved you more than anything in this world. You are at peace now and no longer in pain. Wait for us, sweet girl. We want your face to be the first face we see when we cross over. Love you!!
Terri SmithsonLititz, PennsylvaniaJuly 25, 2020
Layla Ann
11/14/2009 - 7/23/2020Always and Forever in our hearts Layla Ann.
Rest in Paradise Sweet girl!!
Kylee DuddingRoyal Palm Beach, FloridaJuly 24, 2020
9/15/2010 - 7/22/2020Buddy was the heart of this family. He was a goofy big 107 lb Black Lab who thought he was the perfect lap dog. Buddy loved going to work with his mom daily (she works from home) and he was always ready, willing and able to assist her with all of her work tasks, but not before napping under her desk for most of the day. He was perfectly amazing, loving, caring, compassionate and the best friend a family could ask for. He was so loved... but maybe not as much as he loved stealing the remote for some extra attention.Christine MyersVirginia Beach, VirginiaJuly 24, 2020