Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Dixie Clarabell Maynard
5/11/2004Sweet Dixie,
May you run free, run fast and catch lots of frisbees.
You are deeply missed not only by your humans, but also by your adopted furry siblings; Lexie and Thor.
May you rest in peace and always remember how loved you were.
Your Humans,
Mary, Russell and JohnWilliam
The Maynard FamilyLongwood,, FloridaSeptember 12, 2020
Bub Chubs
2/26/2004 - 9/9/2020Our sweet boy Harley, who we never called by his official name, was affectionately called Bub Chub. He was a big boy, both physically and in spirit for much of his life. At 17 pounds, he was our gentle giant who would lovingly sit on our chests and bellies when we were lying down. I imagine he thought of himself as a tiny little kitten while his weight pressed down on us (and we loved every minute we were blessed with his affection) Seeing his sweet face and holding him was always the perfect end of any day - to give him love and feel it given back to us in return. He was the first thing on our mind when waking (him meowing and crying to "feed me! :-) and the last part of our bedtime routine to say goodnight to him.

The last year of his life was so hard. We saw his health declining and tried to pamper him as much as possible with treats, toys, beds and any and everything that could bring him pleasure and comfort.
Valerie and Jimmie HernandezWest Palm Beach, FloridaSeptember 12, 2020
3/3/2003 - 9/11/2020To the greatest cat that ever lived:

Bruiser Fats will forever be nestled like a cushy cloud on top of my chest, kneading the day’s pain away with his perfect pink healing pads. He was a master of solace in the shape of twenty-four pound regal sphinx. The perfect little companion that sat patiently at the landing of an old creaky wooden staircase, greeting me each day with a peaceful purr that hummed throughout the house and warmed every inch of it. Two twinkling emerald rings gazed at me with innocence and adoration, even in my most vulnerable and ugly moments. They searched the depths of my soul, his pupils growing with the intensity of an expanding universe. It’s as if he saw me as Jesus sees me — whole — not broken. I’m immensely grateful for the seventeen years we had together, for the lessons of patience, loyalty, and unconditional love, the countless belly laughs, and hours of entertainment he gifted us. It’s always seemed crazy to me, how desperately we attach ourselves to our pets, but it’s been nothing but beautiful and healing in my experience. For anyone who’s lost a pet, I get it now. I’m so sorry for your loss, because it’s a great one.

Bruiser was an extraordinary cat who possessed the unique ability to make us all feel seen, loved, and accepted — he was a true gentleman. It’s oh so quiet, it’s oh so still with out him here.
Papa and I miss you, bud. 😭
-Tummy Crumbs, out.

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Our most sincere thank yous to Dr. Charlie, who helped make Bruiser’s farewell a beautiful and peaceful experience for our family. You have a special anointing on your life and we’re deeply grateful for your compassion and kindness.
Alicia & Travis LefebvreAnaheim, CaliforniaSeptember 12, 2020
11/18/2015 - 9/8/2020Never was a dog so loved as our sweethound. Johnny you were the kindest most gentle soul ever. You were always so patient with everyone - Matilda, Bo, Daisy, Kitty, all the kids and dogs in the neighborhood. We would give anything to have one more day of walking around the yard with you and feeding you your favorite foods. You were only with us for a few years but we felt so blessed to know you. I will never understand how a sweet boy like you ended up a stray in a shelter but we were so lucky to be the family that welcomed you home. We hope you enjoyed your life with us as much as we enjoyed having you in our family. We miss you terribly but feel so blessed to have known you. We will love you always.Nancy StedmanLutz, FloridaSeptember 12, 2020
3/12/2004 - 9/7/2020Pebbles

As some of you know, this is Pebbles. On Monday we had to say goodbye and let her cross the rainbow bridge. In her 16 1/2 years in this world, she never gave less than 100% unconditional love to us, and anyone she met. As dogs lives go, I believe we gave her an incredible one. Even as an “old lady” she will always be my baby girl. I will forever miss the nudging on my legs 10 seconds after walking in the door until I agreed to go for a walk. For that 10-15 minutes it was her and I relaxing, unwinding from the world of work. The second she got her treat she went into guard mode, protecting Dena from anyone and everyone who may want to get close to her for any reason. I loved that game.

Pebbles, when you left you took a huge piece of our heart. It hurts now and always will, but you deserve it.

Pebbles, we will love and miss you unconditionally, until the day we are together again.

I love you Baby Girl

March 12, 2004 to September 7, 2020
Rest In Peace
Mike BensonHintersville, North CarolinaSeptember 12, 2020
Elly May
6/1/2002 - 9/10/2020To the sweetest baby girl-Pamela WoodardKnoxville, TennesseeSeptember 12, 2020
5/8/2007 - 9/10/2020Everyone used to tell me they wanted to take her, she was the sweetest most affection purring kitty. My pretty girl, best baby nanny, and forever loved.Maria StengelFort Lauderdale, FloridaSeptember 12, 2020
8/5/2006 - 8/28/2020frosty was the best - we love him so much. he will forever be in our hearts and part of our family. he was such a special dog with such a heart of gold. we miss him dearly - but are so grateful that he isn't suffering anymore. we were blessed to have frosty - i'm so glad that he chose us and we chose him. love you frosty bear. ramssan clemente, CaliforniaSeptember 11, 2020
2/14/2003 - 8/27/2020I was blessed to have Sparky for 16 years of his 17.5 years of life. He was a high energy companion and loved exploration and adventure, never a dull moment with him. He's now peacefully with Luiggi, Aldo, Luciano, and Jackson, all living with me in spirit.Nancy SchaakSanta Barbara, CaliforniaSeptember 11, 2020
1/23/2010 - 9/10/2020Rocky,
It feels as if just yesterday I locked eyes with your tiny bright green eyes and fell in absolute awe. I remember the endless bouts of energy that followed each step, glide, and tumble you took when retrieving balls only to bring it back to me and do the same thing all over again. Those insignificant, yet memorable moments are the ones that made me realize you were meant to be apart of our family. You blessed us with ten amazing years full of love, security, wet kisses, cuddles, and we will cherish every single one of those moments. We had our gloomy days, our sunny days, and plenty of emergency vet scares, but we made it though them all! You were always so friendly, loving, and playful: you touched many hearts, made lots of friends, and for these and many other reasons you will greatly missed. You will forever have a special place in our hearts. We love you. Rest in peace baby boy.
Victor RamosBLUE ISLAND, IllinoisSeptember 11, 2020