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5/21/2006 - 1/20/2020In Loving Memory of our sweet Boomer.
The patriarch of our home. You are missed so much. The house is so quiet without you and my heart is broken.
You will always be in my heart and I can only cherish our wonderful memories and know that you are pain free and in heaven chasing balls and swimming and eating good food!! Rest easy my friend. Mommy loves you.
Leigh Ann KrohmerWinter Garden, FloridaJanuary 22, 2020
1/27/2009 - 1/4/2020To my beloved Bella, my sweet Bellagirl, my Bougioe boo, you were so sweet and loved everyone! I miss seeing your cute face! You were such a good dog, the best! I miss you more than words can say, and I think about you everyday. I hope you and playing with Zoe and keeping your dad, TJ company. I love and miss you Bella.Nicole GershPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaJanuary 22, 2020
3/15/2005 - 1/20/2020Your Passamaquoddy name was Mejuard which means "messy hair" We thought that was a lot of name for a 2# terrier mix pup, so we called you Mejee ( rhymes with wedgie.) You grew up to be 10#, and you were the sweetest and most loving little dog who came everywhere with us, You loved being in the boat on the lake. You would stand on your back feet in the bow, and your ears would be flying back in the wind. You went on long walks with your Daddy who had an attachment to you, unlike any he had ever had with a pet. We both miss you, little one, You were a trooper and endured tests and medications for Cushing's for more than 4 years to give us more time with you. Thank you for loving us, Mejee. You will always be in our hearts, and we are so grateful that you were able to leave us peacefully.Frances BetzEaston, PennsylvaniaJanuary 21, 2020
4/1/2005 - 1/20/2020Rosey will be so missed in our home and our hearts. Thank you Rosey for bringing so much love and light into my life.Stephanie VittitoeGeorgetown, KentuckyJanuary 21, 2020
1/17/2001 - 11/8/2019Our beloved Cali. The joy you brought us will FOREVER be in our hearts. You came from being timid and scared to being Momma's Princess. Our heart is so empty without you. We miss you so much baby girl.Shawn YoungTampa, FloridaJanuary 21, 2020
4/14/2005 - 1/18/2020Angel you were such a sweet and lovable girl. We were so blessed to have 12 wonderful years with you. You are missed so much already. It's so quiet not hearing the tags on your collar and your nails on the floor as you walked through the house. Not being greeted at the door as we come home. Your nose art still on the back door, where you loved to sit and watch outside, looking for squirrels, bunnies and your neighbors to come out to play. We know you are at peace now cancer free, running and playing in the grandest yard of them all. You just loved being with your people, when everyone was home at the end of the day you could finally relax. Also would proceed to make sure you got your much needed attention from each of us. You will forever be our sweet puppy! We Love and Miss you!Ken, Kathy and Kirsten RoeGalloway, OhioJanuary 21, 2020
1/19/2020Lucy, you were the best girl. So patient and kind. Even when my aged mother thought you were a horse. You loved to run, and I hope you are running free as the wind in Doggie Heaven.Karen GrundyTulsa, OklahomaJanuary 21, 2020
9/27/2008 - 1/19/2020R.I.P Gunner, you helped our little family in the good times and bad, and we will remember you always for it!!Nathan and Rebecca SmithKNOXVILLE, TennesseeJanuary 20, 2020
8/20/2005 - 1/15/2020Diamond dear, we miss you so much. When you were born, no one thought you would survive. You were the size of a bumblebee. You looked frail, but you were so much tougher than anyone would believe. You not only survived, you became the sparkling princess of your household, commanding your brother and your people to do your will. And we were happy to serve you! We miss your woo-wooing and stamping hop to go out or eat. We miss you snuggling against us, taking up more chair or bed than such a tiny puppy should be able to take. We miss you trying to keep up with your brother's zoomies. You were an eternal puppy until your very end. We will always miss you. No one will ever be able to make our lives sparkle like you did. But you are with your brother now. Find a nice patch of grass with plenty of crickets to hunt. Until we can see your wagging tail again...we love you.Lexington, KentuckyJanuary 20, 2020
1/15/2009 - 1/18/2020Only 3 days after her 11th birthday, we had to say goodbye to this beautiful baby.
Thank you for rescuing us, as we rescued you.
Thank you for all the love you gave to us.
Thank you for accepting our love.
Thank you for all the silliness, and for all the goofy stunts you pulled.
Thank you for your strength.
Thank you for always being there.
Thank you for keeping all my secrets.
Thank you for all the licks and kisses...a little wet, but great
Thank you for all the playtime's you insisted on everyday.
Thank you for your stubbornness.
Thank you for being the best teacher to Daisy.
Thank you for every moment.
I have a heart full of memories.
So to my special bulldozer, my gummy bear, bubbles. our special one, our magnificent one.
Sleep with the Lola
Go run and play... until we meet again.
Debra & Bob MancusoBoynton Beach, FloridaJanuary 20, 2020
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