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2/14/2001Bear was my companion and best friend. He was my son’s best buddy! Your heart melted as soon as you met Bear. His face was so loving and kind. I am so thankful for the years we spent together.Elizabeth NagyChicago, IllinoisJuly 3, 2020
5/23/2005 - 7/1/2020Checkers, 15 years old, passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. He was born on May 23, 2005 and joined our family on July 23, 2005. Our family grew up with him. Joey was 6 years old, Bobby 8, and Jamie 10 when Checkers first came into our lives. Joey was afraid of dogs, but he fell in love with Checkers, as we all did.

We are so very sad to let go, but it was his time and we will cherish the many memories of him.
Elk Grove Village, IllinoisJuly 3, 2020
7/8/2006 - 7/1/2020Galileo taught us to pause when you find a "sunny spot" - Take a minute, feel the sun on the belly and appreciate what is all around.

It was entirely our pleasure!

-Mom and Dad (Boo & Dave) & Chaos
Rebecca "Boo" AutenParrish, FloridaJuly 2, 2020
3/28/2020Kody, thank you for such a wonderful life we had together!! You brought so much joy and happiness to my life! You were there to lick my tears during sad times in my life! You were my best friend and protector and I will always be grateful to you for your loyalty! You were such a sweetie lil friend that everyone who met you grew to love! Just know my dear little Kody that life will be difficult to live without you, but knowing you are no longer in pain, nor having any more breathing issues, it makes my heart content! Everytime I pass a McDonald's, I will always think of you and your love for French fries! I hope you enjoyed your French fries and hope that you are having a wonderful time in heaven!! I look forward to seeing you again my special little angel! Until we meet again, run free buddy! I will always love you Kody❤️ with all my heart!! Love daddy!!Mitch ReedClearwater, FloridaJuly 2, 2020
2/14/2009 - 6/25/2020Louie will always be remembered for being such a loving, caring, playful and all around wonderful boy! His eyes of golden copper could light up a room!Jeffrey RandellApex, North CarolinaJuly 2, 2020
9/20/2008 - 7/1/2020“End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it... White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.”

I know that he’s just run ahead of me on this walk, and that he’s waiting for me up ahead, enjoying the warmth of the sunrise. I will miss him terribly until I catch up to him.
Julie and Jeremy StaffordSimi Valley, CaliforniaJuly 2, 2020
11/23/2007 - 7/1/2020Zee was the sweetest cat. Every person who met her said so. She brought so much love to my life and the life of my friends and family. She’ll be my baby forever.Sammy RiderCasselberry, FloridaJuly 2, 2020
7/1/2020Heartbroken... Today we lost our beautiful and beloved Basset Hound Sugar E Cookie. Anyone who knew her loved her. She was gentle, sweet, loving and certainly the life of any party! Thank you for 18 wonderful years, all the beautiful memories and your unconditional love. Forever in our hearts... Love you sooo much Sugar E!Lynn InerfeldDavie, FloridaJuly 2, 2020
I love you monty happy Birthday babyMadison RussellHarbour Grace, New YorkJuly 2, 2020
9/12/2003 - 7/1/2020From the moment I saw your picture (Oct 2003) I knew this was gonna be one if the most amazingly beautiful roads we could possibly share. The moment I got you in my arms, you told me your name; It wasn’t even in my thoughts - then it was clear as day.
We’ve shared a million wonderful moments, car rides, moves, new friends, your babies & almost 17 years together. You will always be my baby. Always be my bestest friend. The only one, besides myself, who knows me for everything I am & always loved me as unconditionally as I love you.
I knew something happened two weeks ago,,, I could feel it in my soul,,, that this time you wouldn’t get better from whatever was making you sick. You slowly gave up on eating food. & in my restless sleep Sunday night, you came to me in my dreams and told me it was time. I made the call this morning so you could finally be laid to rest.
Brianne DentonTacoma, WashingtonJuly 2, 2020
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