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Buddy Love
5/2/2016 - 7/7/2020Our darling Buddy Love was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston when he was 6 months old.

He was the light in our eyes. He never disappointed us. He never got mad at us. He never saw anything but good in everyone and since the world needs more of the Buddy Love magic, God has chosen to bring him home to God out.

His unconditional love got his dad through so much. And the way he loved his grandmother will never be matched. And no one else could have ever tolerated sisters like he did. Emma Theresa Ann and JJ Olivia Sophia are as loving and good as they are because they had him to show them the right way.

Mr. Love, Mr. Love, oh Mr. Love touched everyone he ever met and his heart will live on forever with all of us.

Run in the waters Buddy Boy and chase those geese!!!!! Get the ball, get the ball, get the ball.

Forever in our hearts - our lives will never be the same.
Lise Ann Ruggeri-KalilSouth Boston, MassachusettsJuly 15, 2020
7/20/2003A Poem for JayVyn

I’ll always reflect on the laughs and smiles
And not the pain you had in the end.
You were indeed a light in my life, my fur baby, and my best friend.
Our days when we danced and played, those were the best for me.
And now my heart just breaks in half because I have to set you free.
I’m so happy you chose our family, the evening when we first met.
I’ll have to be honest with you now, I wasn’t looking for a pet.
You must have known more than me, that you were needed here.
And when each of us needed the most comfort, you were always near.
A tough day at work or school? You always seemed to know.
You would greet us at the door with a wag, as to say,” just let bad day go.”
Football days was your time to snack, and cheer with dad sitting on the floor.
During the Buckeyes, or better yet, the Browns Touchdowns, I can’t tell who would yell more.
Words cannot express the pain and how I’ll miss you so.
I love you, I thank, I’ll cherish all our memories…but now it’s time for you to go.
Columbus, OhioJuly 15, 2020
2/27/2007 - 7/13/2020My beautiful Border Collie, Rio, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge entering heaven to once again romp with his beloved brother, Ripley. Rio’s striking looks and even more colorful personality attracted friends wherever we went. Not one single time in his life did he ever growl, menace, or mean teeth at anything. His love of tennis ball fetch will never be rivaled. Rio created happiness wherever he was, for whoever he was around. He was literally by my side through my darkest moments, managing to make me smile or laugh out loud. I am grateful Rio picked Ripley, my kids, and I to spend his 13+ years on Earth entertaining us. Rio was truly loved and will be greatly missed.

Rio El Loco Diablo Royale Kovacs - such a good boy!
Jeanette KovacsIndianapolis, IndianaJuly 15, 2020
7/12/2010 - 7/13/2020From the moment we met Olly in his cage at Petsmart up for adoption, there was an obvious connection even though at the time, we were not looking to adopt another cat at that time. He put his little paw through the cage, gripping our fingers holding on tight, almost pleading to say, "take me home." We left and came back, and we adopted him, and from that day, he was our best friend. He was an absolute light of sunshine in a crazy world and always made sure he made his dad's feel better. In his first week with us, he had a respiratory infection that meant late nights in the shower room to get steam and breathing treatments. Every time he heard a sneeze after that, he cried and ran to be sure we were ok with a concerned look on his face. He loved sausages, bread and butter, and olives. He was a close companion to his grandmothers and spent time with them on vacation, making friends and keeping them safe during the day while his dads were at work. He was a great companion to his sister, Lulu. When we received a terminal diagnosis two weeks ago, two weeks before our ten years together, our life fell apart. Our little buddy was sick and needed everything we could do to keep him comfy. He was a trouper during his last days and was adamant he continued to give all the love his little body was able to. He was our little lad and will always remain in our hearts forever. We were lucky to have you in our lives, and we can't wait to see you again. Our hearts will always ache, but the memories will help us through the pain. You showed unconditional love and asked for nothing but the same; for that little man, we thank you. We will move forward, and we have room in our hearts and home to do the same for another friend or two, just like you. Thank you, Olly.Michael RichardsonFort Lauderdale, FloridaJuly 15, 2020
Orville Schneider
2/1/2004 - 7/11/2020Orville Schneider, age 16 (give or take) passed peacefully in the morning on July 11 at home in his back yard surrounded by his human family. Orville, a JRT mix, was a big wonderful personality wrapped up in a small dog package. He was the dog who made his mom fall in love with small dogs.

We, Orville’s family, were blessed with the experience of his peaceful passing at home, on his momma’s lap, aided by Dr. Amy from Lap of Love. We are grateful for the 3 years we had with him thanks to Robin with Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue who gave him his freedom ride. Orville was such a gift to us. He is and will be greatly missed. We love you sweet Orville. You were most certainly one of a kind!
Becky SchneiderINDIANAPOLIS, IndianaJuly 15, 2020
12/11/2010 - 7/2/2020A Poem To Our Beloved Cole 🐕

The best Christmas gift that we ever had,
Arrived one snowy day, our NEW little lab!
You were curled on a blanket, our 12 week old pup,
We all started petting you, and your sweet eyes opened up.

Out in the snow, you jumped and were merry,
There was no doubt in our minds, that YOU were a Perry!
You knew not to go in, without your paws being wiped,
And when we weren't looking, a sock or shoe would be swiped!

The living room window was yours from the start,
But Mama Perry's bed, was where you kept your heart
You stayed very little, you didn't really grow,
Were you a lab? We really needed to know!

You were bow-legged and short, with a lab face and tail,
And when dogs passed you by, you barked loud without fail.
We called you our Coley, you were protective and sweet,
And when Papa Perry wasn't looking, we snuck you food for a treat!

You loved licking our faces, and snuggles in bed,
You were taught a certain bark, for when you wanted to be fed!
We found out you were a lab, and also part Chow,
You had grown all you could, it's all your breed would allow!

Usually at Christmas, getting coal means your bad,
But we got our COLE for Christmas, and he's the best we have ever had.
We will love you forever and always COLE! 🐾
Susan PerryNorwood, MassachusettsJuly 14, 2020
10/14/2001 - 7/6/2020My heart has never felt heavier, I’m absolutely devastated that after nearly 19 years of companionship I had to say goodbye to my dear sweet Georgia.

I was a month shy of 16 when she was born under my Grandpa Mac’s deck in Mississippi. I always said I wanted a black lab puppy that would never grow up and I’m still convinced he sent her to me. I named her after a sweet lady to taught me how to make blackberry pie who I hadn’t seen in years until my Grandpa’s funeral a few weeks after she was born.

She was with me through high school, college, and my entire adult life until today. We grew up together. She was my world for over half of my life. I’ll never get over this loss and I’m forever grateful for the love she gave me, and everyone who ever met her.
Katie McCartneyNashville, TennesseeJuly 14, 2020
7/16/2005 - 7/11/2020She was so friendly and loved everyone . She would truly be your best friend if you were eating she loved to eat. We had lost our Yorkie last year whom she loved last year . On the holiday as we were opening gifts She would play with all the paper like a puppy which appeared to us she want everyone to be happy not sad. She has been with us thru thick and thin always standing by our side. We will miss her dearly she was a big party of our family. Everyone loved her !!!Sue and Steve SummaNesconset, New YorkJuly 14, 2020
11/12/2007 - 7/9/2020Louie you are really, really missed. Your SPOT is empty and so are our hearts. You were a sweet and gentle man and a big one at that. You had to be big just to house that heart. We love and miss you . Give Thelma some kisses.Michael BarczewskiImperial, MissouriJuly 14, 2020
12/9/2008 - 6/12/2020Petey came to me later in his life and with advanced Cushing's disease. I wish more than anything we could have cured his Cushing's and had more time together for he was a special little dog. I didn't have him as long as other dogs I've owned but he has a very special place in my heart for he was my heart dog. Letting him go broke my heart and thinking of that day still brings tears to my eyes.

Everyone loved Petey from my family to the employees at our local pet store to all of his vets and vet techs at every practice we visited. He had big brown eyes and a sometimes comical expression framed by wild hair--what was left thanks to the CD. He loved walkies and food and his people. He loved life and he was taken far too early. I would give anything for more time with him and hope we meet again one day.
Suzanne RzewnickiLeesburg, VirginiaJuly 14, 2020
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