Pet Memorials
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1/22/2006 - 11/11/2019He was the love of my life , he saved me in every way someone could be saved..he loved me & i loved him inconsolable ..i miss him every second of every day.Kate TonettiWpb fla, FloridaNovember 15, 2019
5/17/2006 - 11/14/2019Today is our first day without our buddy, Nanook. He was such a good boy and a good friend for many years. We are fortunate to have had such a lovely baby for as long as we did. We did everything we could to keep him happy and healthy as long as possible. We will miss him so so so much. Forest, his kitty sister, is walking around the house meowing today. :-( We have so many funny stories about this crazy boy. Lots of things to look back and laugh about once the pain subsides a bit.Andrea HanesLutz, FloridaNovember 15, 2019
5/8/2016 - 11/13/2019Pumpkin was quite a character! A beautiful girl with lots of weird quirks. She had an obsession with showers and sinks. Whenever she heard water running, she would always come running and sit next to us, waiting patiently until we were done, at which point she would lap up all the water droplets. For some reason, she preferred to drink water from sinks and showers over her own water bowl!

She also loved to sleep in the sink! Why she preferred a rock-hard marble sink over a soft bed or carpet is beyond me. Like I said... quite a character!

She was also very nurturing. She carried a little stuffed fish and frog around with her as if they were her children. And she would frequently groom Penny, our puggle, and her two sibling kitties. She would lick humans a lot, too, but her sharp tongue hurt like crazy, but we would tolerate it because she was so sweet!

She was a super snuggler. She often sought out a nice ward human lap to snuggle on and park herself there for hours. She was such a love!
Mike LongtinOrlando, FloridaNovember 15, 2019
6/25/2006 - 11/12/2019The thing they don't tell you about rescue dogs, is who's rescuing whom? Jack brought us years of love & laughter & taught us the power of patience, kindness, consistency, & gentleness. He overcame so much, from rocky beginnings before he came to us, to battling glaucoma which ended with bilateral enucleations, to finally enduring cancer. He let us know it was time, & my family is so grateful that we were able to give Jack a peaceful, pain-free passing with the help of Dr. Jen from Lap of Love. Rest well, sweet Jackie. You were loved & loved us well in return.Joyce LoveCharlotte, North CarolinaNovember 14, 2019
4/1/2005 - 11/13/2019The Morgan Family was blessed and lucky to have ole Lucky dog in our lives for 12 + years.Anna MorganMarietta, GeorgiaNovember 14, 2019
4/9/2005 - 11/11/2019On November 11, 2019, my mom had to finally bid her 14.5 yr-old, half black lab - half german shepherd, Rambo, farewell. He was surrounded by loved ones and drifted away peacefully, but he is sorely missed by those of us left behind. He was a gentle giant, with such a sweet face, and I know my kitten, Merry, will miss hanging out with her buddy. In the meantime, I’m sure he’ll be romping around in a giant field with our family dog, Benny, who went before him just a few years prior, until we see him again. *Sigh* Rambo, you will be with us forever in our hearts and will always be remembered fondly. Love you forever, big guy 💕🐕‍🦺Priscilla RoBurke, VirginiaNovember 14, 2019
4/27/2009 - 11/12/2019My most perfect boy, finding you was the best day of my life and losing you was the worst. We experienced so much together, moving across the country, watching you grow up and become the smartest boy there ever was, getting through your mom and my divorce... no matter what, you were by my side, reminding me that you needed me and that I mattered to you, even when I felt like you were the only one. You were my whole world, and I will never love anyone as much as you. I hope more than anything that we find each other again - I will never stop looking for you.Kat MatthewsSacramento, CaliforniaNovember 14, 2019
Max Wolfe
10/10/2011 - 11/11/2019Max was a handsome 120lbs German Shepard and with his dark coat he looked mean and nasty but the truth was he was acted like a puppy his whole life. He was always playful and silly. Max had different barks for different people. When Dominica, Natasha, Claudia or Zach came home he would he would bark like he hadn't seen them for years even if they only went out to take the garbage out. When strangers came to the house it was a loud deep warning bark to let them know his family was in the house and he was on patrol. He was the kind of dog that was always ready to go out and play, it was next to impossible to go out of the house and not have Max knock you over while you were walking out the door. Max would greet everyone in the family when we got home no matter what time it was, school, work, sports late night parties. there was no sneaking in the house after staying out a little too late for the kids. Max brought joy, fun and lightened the load to all that knew him everyday. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. I'm sure he's catching lacrosse balls and chasing squirrels.Eric Wolfemount Sinai, New YorkNovember 14, 2019
2/15/2019 - 11/4/2019In loving memory of Raven
February 14, 2009-November 4, 2019

We helped our beautiful girl Raven cross over the Rainbow Bridge after an 18 month battle fighting cancer. We are so grateful that we chose to have Lap of Love came to our home where Raven was surrounded by the love of her family as she peacefully crossed over. 🌈

We are grateful for the 11 years Raven gave us unconditional love, friendship and joy that she brought into our lives. Her love and spirit will remain with us always.

Rest in peace sweet Raven, you are in a happy place now where you can chase and catch your favorite ball again and no longer in pain. We will see you on the other side. 💔🐾❤️

We all Love you,

Mommy, Daddy and your best canine friend Oso.
Valerie BuchananHenderson, NevadaNovember 14, 2019
10/10/2011 - 11/12/2019Max was a loving, goofy, silly, playful pup. Although max was a good 120 pound German Shepard he thought he was an 8 pound lap dog. He had the personality he had as a puppy and I’m so greatful that never changed. When your day was bad, Max’s goofy personality without a doubt would make any problem or worry you had go away in the matter of moments. Weather he was playing with lacrosse balls, picking up sticks barking at the neighbors dog or chasing squirrels maxi boy loved to be outside. He was so fast! Like the rest of the family, Max’s main sport was lacrosse. His bark was the deepest most scariest bark you’ll ever hear. In this case the phrase “your bark isn’t as big as your bite” kinda holds true to max in The sense that he was afraid of his own shadow, but he would never let you know that. There was only a select few people outside of my Mom dad Zachary Claudia and myself that max truly felt 100% comfortable with and if you were lucky enough to know max like we all did you know how much he was loved and want an amazing loyal loving baby boy he was. Thank you to all who have reached out during this hard time. It’s comforting to know how many people max had an impact on.Natasha WolfeMt.sinai, New YorkNovember 14, 2019