Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/1/2004 - 3/5/2017Sophie was our sweet girl. She was the joy of our home and we loved her so much. From reading the paper on the front porch, have cocktails on the deck, working in the garden, or taking walks to the park, Sophie was with us. We would load her up in the car and take trips together which she loved. Memories must be at the forefront at his time because the sadness of losing her is still so fresh in our hearts.Kathy HoltAuburn, WashingtonMarch 7, 2017
11/15/1998 - 3/4/2017Dreamy has been my discernment,my companion,and my coparent.She's wept with me and for me.She could be supremely aggravating and amazingly gracious..She slipped through the bonds of human /pet connection and became part of the divine in a most profound way.
Eternally Grateful,
Nicholas EnoMansfield, TexasMarch 6, 2017
4/1/2003 - 2/21/2017Ah, what a hard thing to do--write a memorial for my Bailey (BayBay, Bailey Girl, Baby Girl). You were absolutely the sweetest dog ever. You were so loving, gentle and sweet even when you were so sick. We had a birthday party for Lexi a few weeks before you left us. Even then, you were greeting everyone from the oldest to the youngest. You let the smallest of the crowd love on you and kiss you (with me watching closely to make sure she didn't lean on you too much). It was hard for me to let you go because the night before you gained your angel wings, you were still watching out the front window for your family to come home from work and greeting them at the door with tail wagging. You were still doing all the things that you normally did but I knew you were too sick to go on. I know you stayed with us for several days after you were gently helped to gain your wings. I could feel you. I was constantly looking around to see if you were there. Jake heard your collar jingling, Elaine heard you panting, Lexi heard your toenails on the floor and Scottie saw you in the playroom 2 days later under the dart board.
So sweet Bailey, it's now time for you to go find your buddies (Dixie, Sam and Gus) and run free and have fun. Your family will be okay and we are glad to know you are whole again and not suffering. Love you more than words can express. Mom
Barbara ThompsonEvans, GeorgiaMarch 6, 2017
Sam The Man From Hinkley
1/18/2004 - 11/12/2016Sam your where one of a kind. Big, strong, wise boy. You watched over me like no other. You where the most gentle soul I have ever known. We only had 7 years together but they where the best. I spent more time with you than any human. I miss you so very much. It's been almost 4 months since you left for the Bridge. I still cry everyday because life seems so empty without you. Miss you more than you will ever know.
Jo Ann KemberlingWrightwood, CaliforniaMarch 6, 2017
2/22/2003 - 11/26/2016SWEET GRACIE GIRL-You were so brave and loyal right up to the very end! we hated to see you suffer but just couldn't imagine our life without you so we kept hoping that "things" would change, even though Dr.Ron explained that congestive heart failure doesn't get better. True to your Labrador nature, you even ate some steak the morning that you died! At first, we thought that meant that you had more time but as the day went on and your paws swelled more and more and you couldn't lay down by the fire, we knew that we had to let you go to end your suffering. That was the hardest call ever!! I really kept hoping that this was all a bad dream that I was having.

you were the BEST GIRL EVER and we will LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Everyone on our street loved you, too. And you loved everyone, even if they didn't want to play with you!
carol Hoefercrystal lake, IllinoisMarch 6, 2017
9/2/2002 - 3/2/2017We miss you Nemo,.Thank you for the infinite love and protection you gave us.Cam NgoSt.Petersburg, FloridaMarch 6, 2017
12/15/2000 - 3/4/2017Brutie, we will miss your "cat like dogness". All you wanted was your water bowl full, your food bowl full, to be let out and in when you wanted and then to go away and leave you along. You always thought more than three humans in your house was a crowd and you didn't like crowds. We will miss sitting on the patio watching you watch everyone on the bike trail. We are certain a lot of the regulars will ask about you this spring. It's going to be difficult to tell them you will not be "greeting" them any longer.
But you are pain free and you are running and jumping and you no longer will be on a lead. Go have fun, Brutie Boy. Have fun and run like the wind! Run through the woods and through the creek! One day we will be together again, over the Rainbow Bridge.
I miss you so much my heart hurts.
Love you,
Pamela CongerLebanon, OhioMarch 5, 2017
1/1/2010 - 2/27/2017My sweet StellaBella. I have never known a soul so pure, kind and loving.Valerie MonismithGermantown, TennesseeMarch 5, 2017
12/17/2002 - 3/3/2017To my beautiful Savannah. I am sorry we are not together. You were in so much pain, I could not watch you go on and know I could help you. We always called you "The Best Dog in the World" and you will always be. I miss you more than you can imagine and I would give anything to have you laying on the coach with me. I love you forever.Susan ShomperOviedo, FloridaMarch 5, 2017
5/13/2004 - 3/2/2017In loving memory of my DEAR Sweet Cozmo... You have held a special place in our hearts & always will! Although you had your share of health issues over the years, you always had the most happy , caring nature over your almost 13 years here with us.. We dealt with all your allergies, over the years, & managed to find foods that you could tolerate.. Venison being your favorite, and your duck jerky treats. and your daily benadryl hidden in a piece of turkey to help with your seasonal allergies , but took it all in stride giving daddy his nightly BIG hug on his chair watching tv & my every morning kiss on my ear telling me it was time to wake up & go out to pee.

Then came the heart murmur.. for a few years all was ok, but then saw you tiring so fast, then the cough. put you on the medications they use for this, but know that you being you could not tolerate these meds. As we tried but soon found I was right... No eating, etc. & constant itching.. You were too sensitive & special to us to see you suffer with all the allergic reactions, & know we did the right thing... You gave me that "Look" in your eyes & my kiss on my ear that day & I know you were telling me , although you would try to keep up the best you could, you were VERY Tired..
I will love you forever, as I have had such an emotional connection to you since we or I should say YOU picked us out way back when , when you we only 2 days old.
Maureen SousaTewksbury, MassachusettsMarch 4, 2017